Cummin Back to Life

It was supposed to be a celebration of sorts, according to my friends. They were taking me to a club for a great meal, some sexy chicks, a few drinks, and (also according to them) a “hook-up” for the rest of the evening that would blow my mind, among other things. I wasn’t so sure. This was not a day I wanted to celebrate and I told them so. You see, today was both my fortieth birthday (not good) and the day my divorce became final (even worse). But they thought they could help pull me out of my funk with a night on the town. So, in spite of my protestations they dragged me to a great new club.

The music was good, the girls were lovely to watch (they even bought me a lap dance – my first), and the food was excellent. But by the close of the evening, I was still in a foul mood. All their assistance had failed to produce a “hookup” that was acceptable to me. I know it was me, because the girls all looked fine and seemed OK, but I couldn’t get past the depression. So, I went home to my apartment alone, again.

I peeled off my clothes, stepped into the shower, and was just drying my hair when the doorbell rang. I quickly grabbed a robe and walked to the door. It was my neighbor, Sheila. She’s probably half my age, auburn hair, maybe 5′ 7′, a real nice looker. Wonderful eyes, too. I cracked the door.

“Hi, Sheila. What can I do for you?”

“Could I come in?”

“Well, I’m just wearing a robe, but I guess so.” Opening the door for her to enter, I asked, “What’s up?”

Her feminine smell as she brushed past me made my knees weak. I’m not sure what she said in response, because I was noticing what she was wearing. She had on a thin white halter-type top that was stretched beyond belief over the best set of tits I had seen all night, her nipples raised and well defined, as well as the shortest miniskirt imaginable. I swear, if it had been 1/16th of an inch shorter I could have seen pubic hair.

I finally heard her say, “Could I have a drink of water, please?”

While I was getting her bottle of water, she asked from the other room, “Is this your wife?”

“Was,” I said. “We’re divorced . . . officially today, as a matter of fact.”

She was still leaned over the end table looking at the pictures when I returned to the room. I froze in my steps, mesmerized. Her miniskirt had risen to reveal the most beautiful vulva I’d ever seen. She wore no panties. Her swollen pussy lips were clearly visible just below the edge of her smooth round ass.

I don’t know if I said anything, or just stood there staring. As Sheila turned toward me she smiled knowingly and asked, “So, how long has it been?”

“Uh, . . . What?”

“You know, since you got laid?” she said looking at my erection, that I only that moment became aware of.

Embarrassed, I answered, “I’m sorry . . . actually it’s been almost two years. My wife quit sleeping with me several months before she left and . . . well . . . I couldn’t help it seeing you there just now. It’s been so long. I’m really sorry. Please forgive me. Here’s your water.” I handed her the water and did my best to hide the risen member.

“Thanks,” she said, taking a long drink. “You know, you don’t have to apologize. I kinda like it, seeing you like that” she nodded towards the tented robe.

She stepped toward me, as I drank in her aroma again, and felt the weakness return to my knees.

As she pulled my robe apart and reached for my throbbing cock, she smiled and said, “I guess I’ll have to go easy on you since it’s been so long.”

Sheila’s touch was incredibly soft and sensuous. She stroked and caressed me with great tenderness, squeezing my balls and outlining the veiny underside of my shaft. Kneeling before me she began kissing the pulsating head, sucking my balls into her mouth, and then running her tongue along its length from my scrotum to its velvety head. As she took me into her hot mouth it took my breath away. I thought I would immediately explode into her. But I think she must have sensed it and pulled off of me as quickly as she had engulfed me.

She started kissing, licking, squeezing and stroking me all over again, only this time it was with purpose and abandon. When she once again took me into her mouth it was with a determined sucking action as she pumped me with her hand. I gave no thought to withdrawing from her although it was clear she had no plans for me to do so. When I came it was with an eruption of volcanic proportion which she took hungrily. She drained every drop from me pumping, sucking and licking until I was clean and spent.

As she let my limp cock slide from her mouth and dangle before her, she looked up into my eyes and said with a satisfied smile, “Now that we got that out of the way, we can have some real fun. I hope you’re up for a long night.”

She had awakened in me feelings and desires too long forgotten. Eagerly I said, “I don’t know how it could get any better than that, but I’m ready! My god that was incredible!”

Standing she suggested, “Why don’t we begin with some music.”

We walked to the audio unit, my one great indulgence since my wife left. She chose several selections of smooth “bluesy” jazz and turned the volume to a romantic setting. As the music filled the room, she began to move and sway to the sweet sounds. I was lost again watching her sensuous and erotic movements. Her outfit still had me mesmerized, revealing enough to cause my blood to boil with desire, and concealing enough not to give it all away in an instant. She was a goddess dancing before me. My eyes never wandered. I did not want to lose sight of a single nuance in her movements. As she circled me, I turned with her. She moved ever closer with each turn, brushing against me, tantalizing me, enrapturing me in the seduction.

She reached for me to join her. Without hesitation I accepted her invitation and we were moving as one, slowly swirling together in a sultry waltz. The warmth of her body heated my own. Her tits pressed against me. She pulled closer as she caressed my back. My hands began their exploration at her neck and began to work the ends of the halter loose. As soon as I had freed it, she backed away from me and let it fall to the floor, pulling immediately back into me. Savoring her heat radiating into my chest, I felt a new churning within my loins.

She must have sensed my heat returning. She turned away from me, flipping her skirt up in the rear, and backed into me so she could feel my rising cock against her ass. This also allowed my hands to grope at her ample bosom. I kneaded them eagerly but tenderly, then circling them I took her erect nipples between my fingers. All the while she ground her backside against me, urging me to full length.

We stumbled to the couch. My hand slid down and pushed the skirt up to reveal her pussy. She had a small reddish patch that adorned the luscious lips I had glimpsed earlier. Her legs parted quickly as my hand slipped between them. She was very hot. My fingers burned and tingled as if receiving electric shock. My mouth found her nipples as my fingers continued their journey into her wetness. I was astounded at the bath my fingers felt as they entered her. I had never felt such a saturated twat. I was rock hard.

Sheila quickly stood and urged me to stand with her. She pulled the skirt up completely and bent over the arm of the couch, legs apart, showing me the big, beautiful vulva I had seen from behind. I knelt between her legs and lapped her sweet cunt juices. She came immediately adding to the wetness as I tickled her cli
t with my tongue. She convulsed a second time and I was rewarded with another shower of her come.

0;Come inside,” she demanded.

Wasting no time, I stood behind her and entered her liquid hole. It was smooth as silk and hot as charcoal embers. She arched her ass into me to take in my fullness and moaned as the base of my shaft edged against her. I moved slowly in and out of her and felt her pussy squeeze my cock with every withdrawal, making me thrust back into her more forcefully and quickly each time. In short order I was fucking her brains out, my balls banging against her rapidly.

I felt my ball sac tighten and the eruption build as I continued to bang away mindlessly. As the climax burst I gave a thrust that I thought would rip her apart, but she took it with a satisfied moan. I poured about a gallon of seed into her as my pumping slowed and I fell to the floor.


She laid down next to me. “Mmmm. You got that right!” she declared.

“You were fabulous . . . for a guy who hasn’t been laid in two years.”

“That was the best birthday present I’ve ever had.”

“No way! It was your birthday? If I’d known that, I would have brought Tammy with me and we would have really shown you a good time.” Smiling big she said, “I guess there’s always next time.”

With that image in my mind and cuddled on the soft, plush carpet, I drifted off to the sound of Nora Jones singing “Come Away With Me.”

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  1. blowhard

    Very nice story. It flows nicely. Got me hard for sure. A few notches above most stories here.

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  2. Dennis North

    Interesting read. Pretty much a tease.

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  3. Jhonny

    Too Good looking for more. Quite exciting !!

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  4. KL;ASP31

    I enjoyed all the lucious details.

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  5. jerkedbeef

    Fantastic story. Just how I would want my fantasy to happen (adding the other girl would be a triple plus)

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