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“You’ve been bad to me all day.” he grabbed my hair forcing my head back so I had to meet his eyes.
“How?” I was confused it was just like any other day we worked together. I thought I had done fine too. I had feed, watered, rode, and brushed down the horses like any other day.
“You have been highly irritating all day.” I look up at him seeing his face turn dark. He was deadly serious. In a panic I went over the days events. I could not think about what he was talking about but he was twisting my arm around my back with his other hand full of my hair. He pressed against me and I felt a bulge against my thigh. My thoughts swirled around in my head at 70mph. Had he brought 9mm to work today? Was he going to shoot me? What had I done would he forgive me if I just apologized without knowing what I had done wrong? I didn’t want to die. Why was he being like this he was usually so gentle and calm had an alien taken over his body and I was soon to be a squishy meal in a large Gruoble for Grioslios from the 56th planet? The tornado in my head was ebbing to a catastrophe.
“I’m sorry?” My voice sounded weak even to me and full of doubt. He pressed me against the barn door. His body smashed up against mine bruising my back. He held me there still tilting my head up to him.
“Your sorry. Do you even know what you’ve been doing to me all day . . . all year? Working with you has been torture.”
“I’m sorry your right I don’t know what I’ve done. I’m sorry though. I love working with you I don’t want you mad. Please, please I’ll make it up to you I promise. I promise I’ll do anything but please don’t be mad.” I thought back to all the fun Daemon and I had had. I didn’t want to die and I didn’t want Daemon mad at me.
“You want to make it up to me?” He whispered in my ear.
“Yes.” my voice was small but firm. His hands ran up to my shirt. I had three buttons undone. I knew that the tops of my firm breasts already showed. He ran his fingers over the top of them. I looked down and realized in my rush to get to work on time I had forgotten my undergarments. My nipples went hard at his caress. I tried to turn my head away in embarrassment but he wouldn’t let me. He forced me to look at him. I could see the lust and desperation in his dark features. His brown nearly black eyes tried to probe into my thoughts.
“Do you still want to make it up to me?” His intensity was frightening and arousing. I slipped the fourth button of my shirt loose. His eyes widened as my left breast popped out. My nipples still hard. I nod. “How long have you wanted this?” he asked as he brought his large rough hands up to my smooth breast encompassing my entire breast clamping down on it. My breathe caught in my throat. The overwhelming need and the tiniest bit of pain mixed together. He gave my nipple a sudden twist holding it pinched between his fingers. I gasped and wiggled a little but my arm was still pinned behind me.
“HOW LONG?” as he pinched harder.
“Since the beginning. Day one.” he let go of my breast entirely backing away for a bit.
“Why didn’t you tell me?” the confusion across his face. I pushed myself away from the barn door stepping away from him knowing he wouldn’t like the answer but he say I was looking for an exit he grabbed me by the waste this time I my face was against the barn door.
“Because I thought if you wanted me you would have done something about it by now. I thought you didn’t see me that way, just a . . .” I tried to untwist my arm but he held firm sliding his hand up my stomach to grasp my breast, pressing his bulge against my ass. “. . . just a innocent flirtation.” I gasped the last words as he undid the last button on my shirt leaving my bosom fully exposed as grabbed both breasts twisting the nipples with his sandpaper hands, bruising them in his viselike grip.
“You’ve been teasing me for a year because you thought that I liked being tortured? That I wanted to have to work with a woman so open about sex and tells dirty jokes? That I wanted blue balls every time that she made a innuendo or wore her low cut jeans and lower cut tops? Who would on laundry day not wear a bra and I can imagine no underwear? A woman who would push aside my advance like they were a joke? You think I wanted that? I’ve lusted you for a year.” he spoke in a low voice next to my ear sending chills down my back. He pulled my baby blue plaid shirt of my shoulders, taking his hand and tracing his finger down the curve of my back. I felt the my pelvis light on fire with desire. His fingers edged to my pants.
“I wanted you too. I’ll make it up to you. I promise, anything you want.” I couldn’t look at him because my face was still against the barn but I spread my legs a little further apart and leaned forward letting him grip my ass better. His hands lingered a little as he rubbed my clit through my jeans. He turned me around to face me. He took his thumb and index finger pinching my left nipple. I could feel the pain radiate into the rest of my body.
“Are you going to make it up to me, really?” he took the other nipple and pinched it even harder. “I am going to punish you for teasing me for so long. Your going to be sore and aching your not going to be able to walk for days, and I plan on doing this to you over and over and over again for at least as long as you tortured me.” he pinched my nipples hard drawing little droplets of blood. He leaned in towards my ear his voice dropping low. “But you’ll love it.” then he released my nipples to lean down and take them gentle in his mouth licking them and suckling slowly on each one. He stepped back leaving me completely without his touch.
“Do you still want this?” I knew that I was seeing the less gentle part of Daemon the part of him that lusted and controlled. I had wanted him more than ever now. I was scared but I knew him and knew as much as he hurt me he would make me feel just as splendid. My hands shook but I managed to unzip my pants pulling them slightly off my hip to show him it was indeed laundry day and just like I was wearing no bra, I was wearing no underwear. He took his callused finger tips running them down my sensitive stomach slow to my belly button then spreading his fingers as he entered my barely on jeans. He pushed his large hand down pressing against my clit rubbing it in slow circles. He thrust two long fingers into me suddenly making me grasp his arms. I reached up grabbing his hair to steady myself clawing his back with the other as repeatedly spread my pussy with his fingers. He pulled back his wet fingers licking one. Then putting both his fingers into my mouth making me suck them. He pushed his fingers into my throat making me gag. He only pushed farther.
“Swallow.” he commanded. I did. I felt my throat wrap around his fingers and my juices trying to pull them further into me.
“Now tell me you want this. You, me, tantric sex, and whatever punishment I deal out.” he pulled the fingers out of my mouth to let me answer pulling away from me completely again. I felt a desperation to be close to him again and went to touch him but he held up his hand stopping me.
“I want you. You can do anything you want to me . . . Please.” I knew we both burned for each other. I wanted him I didn’t care what the cost. I was aflame with desire. I wanted all of him in me, pressing deep with only his overwhelming lust for me in his head. I pulled my pants completely down throwing them over a the pipe hitching post. I went down on my knees unzipping his pants. I rubbed his balls while I pulled his large cock out of his boxers. It was larger than I thought it would be even for a six foot five man it was large and thick. I tired to fit him my mouth barely getting half of him down in my mouth. I decided to work up to deep throating him. I licked the shaft of his throbbing cock. Holding his balls in my hands massaging them while I licked the tip of his head. A groan escaped Daemons mouth as I swirled his man hood around in my mouth. I tried again to fit all of his cock inside my mouth failing and gagging, but I tried again and again. My throat closed around the tip of his cock.
“Spit on it.” he groaned. I did, but before I could continue pleasuring him with his mouth he brought me to my feet. He pushed me against the hitching post. I grabbed onto it as he spread my legs. He didn’t bother warming me up. He just thrust into me. I screamed as I felt my insides be split. My heart pounded in my throat as he pounded me. It took him several thrusts before he was in balls deep. He thrust into me several more times. I started to feel the build up in me about to release. He grabbed my ass checks spreading them. I just needed a little more.
“Are you ready to cum?” he asked over the sound of his balls slapping against my clit.
“Oh yes just a little more . . . just a little.” I felt the tingle of an oncoming orgasm. He still had had my ass checks spread. Suddenly I jolted forward. He thrust his thumb inside my virgin ass. He didn’t stop thrusting as I tried to escape. He thrust his thumb in and out of my ass. It was a new sensation that I wasn’t entirely sure I liked. He worked started to groan and moan. Then suddenly I had large finger pressing inside my other hole. I braced myself. I tensed. He just kept up his steady rhythm.
“Relax or your going to hurt yourself.” He thrust inside both of my holes, spreading them. I relaxed slightly but not enough for him. “If you don’t relax I’ll have to punish you.” I relaxed even more. Two fingers penetrated my cherry ass. I felt myself jolt forward. I anything but relaxed. He pressed his cock deeper inside my soaping wet cunt. His cock hardened more throbbing intensely inside me. “I’ll punish you in round two for that.” Then he thrust inside me a last time. He impaled me on his cock lifting me off my feet. His two fingers made me jolt on top of his cock as he rammed them knuckle deep. The pain and pleasure rushed through me as I felt the warm cum fill my pussy making my stomach bulge. Daemon pulled out of me gasping for air. I lay limp laying over the bar trying to catch my breathe while his and my cum rolled down my thigh. Daemon embraced me, pressing against me. He pulled my mussed hair into order. He kissed my check, then pulling me up to lock his lips with mine. I felt protected and cared for as he gently licked my bottom lip, then parting my lips with his tongue he explored my mouth. Wow was all I could think. “Your still getting punished.” and he pecked my lips one more time before he started to pull his pants up grinning to himself. I was standing there in the middle of a barn completely naked with a horse across the way chewing alfalfa like nothing had happen, like I hadn’t had the most incredible sex with a fantastic guy who I had just discovered was just as much a sex deviant I was. I felt a wave something come over me. It burst forward in the form of a large laugh. I just laughed. He looked up at me a full fledge smile on his face as he threw my blue jeans at me.
“Hurry up round twos about to begin.”

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