The Dance – Next Morning

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He was already down for breakfast the next morning and reading his newspaper when his wife came in. Candy wore a different silky sheer nylon blouse to last night’s. This one also had tiny sleeves and showed off the most amazingly girly lacy camisole underneath. As she moved, her bottom swaying because of her sexy stilettos, the camisole’s sheer silky nylon and lace brushed against the glossy sheer silkiness of her blouse and and rubbed  her nipples, already erect to half an inch. Candy’s skirt was very full and button-through, with the bottom six buttons undone. Consequently, the lace and nylon froth of the petticoats which filled the wide skirt so completely fluffed out with such pretty girliness as she walked. When, all perfume and lace, she leaned over to kiss him, on the way to the buffet, she gently touched his cock, through his trousers and, feeling his arousal, said, ‘Mmmm!’ Returning to his seat with her coffee, he found her sitting, facing him, her petticoats falling out of her skirt down across her sheer glossy ivory nylons. He could imagine himself brushing a large handful of petticoat lace over those silky stockings as they made love.

Sitting, with her hand holding his as it rested on the skirt puffed out by delicious nylon petticoats, he remembered how, she’d fucked him for an hour last night, still wearing acres of petticoats, using his cock to make her come again and again. Then she’d finally undressed down to stockings and suspenders. Next she’d renewed her makeup and perfume and then slithered on the silkiest of sheer loose-legged French knickers, followed by a very silky little sheer half slip with the prettiest lace hem, followed by a slightly longer full slip, also the sheerest silky glossy nylon and lace, and then a wonderful sheer nightgown. The lace of knickers and slips all glistened so prettily and daintily under the transparent silkiness of the gown.

He could no longer concentrate on his newspaper now as she ate her croissant. Soon, she leaned over and whispered, ‘I’m feeling so horny! My cami and blouse are massaging my nipples, and this petticoat’s got four very full silky layers of sheer nylon and they slip deliciously over my sheer silky nylon ‘bubble’ panties. I need you to undo some buttons on my blouse, slip my lacy ribbon straps off my shoulders and suck my nipples …’ They left the breakfast room, hand-in-hand and he was soon naked again as she made lacy silken love to him.

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