Day 1 At The Resort, A Fantasy

We were young, newly married, and horny.  You were the hottest woman I ever knew.  Your tits stood straight out; your ass was awesome and firm and your overall look and flirtatious nature was what men lusted after.  You dressed to accentuate your sexiness.  You wore a tight T shirt and I could see your alert nipples pushing out and you were braless.  You had on a short white tennis skirt and when you moved I could see your underwear.  Your skin was flawless and you liked showing a lot of it off.  We booked a trip to Jamaica at a luxurious resort.  At the airport we were met by a young Jamaican man to take us to the resort in Negril.  He was playing reggae music and talking to us about the resort and some of the hot local clubs.  He also said he could get us some weed.  Once we checked in he said maybe I’ll see you later.

Our room was fabulous with a huge bed, a balcony and a master bath with a large Jacuzzi.  Our view was the nude beach.  We had a glass of wine and changed.  You put on the skimpiest bikini, two small white triangles with a string around your back and a white see through patch for your cunt.  You put a colorful pareau on to cover up.

We headed for the beach.  Once there we found a patch of sand and you immediately took off your suit.  I took off my suit and lay down beside you.  I mentioned you would need some suntan lotion and you rolled onto your stomach.  I started at your feet rubbing slowly, up to your calves, taking my time, you were softly moaning when I got to your thighs.  I put more lotion on my hands and started on your ass, down between your cheeks.  I moved up to your back and shoulders.  Then you rolled over.  Once again I started at your feet, up to your calves, then your thighs.  You blocked your eyes and spread your legs.  I reached your cunt and lathered it with lotion, occasionally slipping a finger into you.  You were very wet.  I reluctantly moved on to your stomach.  Then I reached your tits.  Your nipples were erect.  I took each one and squeezed gently and circled your nipples with my fingers.  I was kneeling over your and I could see we had attracted an audience.  By this time we were hot and needed some relief.  I asked if you wanted a drink.  I went off to the beachside bar leaving you glistening and naked.

At the bar I ordered two fruity cool drinks and chatted a bit with the bartender.  As I walked back to you I could see two young Jamaicans kneeling by you and chatting.  You had moved up onto your elbows, tits jutting out.  When I got there you introduced me to your new friends.  They smiled and said what a lucky man I was.  We finished our drinks and when you stood up they brushed some imaginary sand from your body.  Once we got back to our room we pounced on each other and had wild sex while I whispered to you about flirting with the two young men.

That night at the resort nightclub there was a “pajama” party.  I wore a light caftan and you wore a long clinging, see through nightgown with no underwear.  The music was pounding and the dance floor was packed with people in various states of undress.  We started dancing with you humping my leg and your tits swaying.  When we slow danced you pressed into me and I was feeling you up.  Once again I asked if you wanted a drink.  I had to wait a bit at the packed bar to get served.  I got the drinks and headed back to our table.  You weren’t there.  I looked around and saw you dancing with the two young men from the beach.  You were sandwiched between them and they were grinding into you.  Your face was flush and your nipples erect.

When you looked around and saw me at the table you grabbed and pulled them over to our seats.

You said, “Do you remember these boys we met at the beach?”

They insisted I dance with them.  I was sitting there with an erection in my caftan.  The music was pounding and the dance floor filled with people sexing each other up.

You said to the three of us, “It’s too loud and crowded here, let’s go to our room for a nightcap.”

We left the club and walked back to our room with you leaning into the two young men. Once we got there you sat on the couch between them.  I got up to make drinks and heard you giggling.  I turned around and saw them getting out an enormous joint.  Soon we were all buzzing and you were flirting with everyone.  Then we were all dancing with you and feeling you up.  You excused yourself and went into the bathroom.  Water started running and you yelled out who wants to take a bath?  We three walked in and you were naked and getting into the Jacuzzi.  We got out of our clothes quickly, everyone sporting an erection.  You were lying on your back and I moved up and started sucking your tits.  The young men started caressing you and all of our hands were all over you.  You sat up and moved to one of them and sat on his prick.  You started to move up and down and making sex noises.  I could see your wetness on his prick.  We all stared to caress you and suck on your tits.  Soon he came in you and you came on his prick.

The next man gently turned you over onto your hands and knees with your ass up and your cunt wet with cum.  You reached around and put his hard prick in your cunt.  He entered you slowly but soon both of you were pushing into each other and moaning.  Your tits were flush and I started sucking them while the other young man ran his hands all over you.  After he came in you, I took you into the bedroom and put you on the bed.  My erection was so hard it hurt.  I pulled your legs over my shoulders and put my prick into your cum filled cunt.  We were both frantic.  The young men watched and stroked their cocks back to hardness.  One of them started caressing your cunt where I was fucking and the other started sucking your tits.  My prick was about to explode and the two young men were stroking over your body.  We all came at the same time.  We said good night to the young men.  Once alone we relived the night while I licked your cunt.  Day 1.


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