Wife’s Ass Distress 3

Finally Big Tex started to work. He first gently rubbed her ass, so soft and plush, to warm her up. Big Tex was getting in the zone. Carrie Sue, being anxious and crying a little, was responding to his touch. Tex then brought his hand up for the first spank. He laid it firmly on her posh and beautiful wiggly bottom. She cried out with an “OOOOOOOO” looking back at him with almost an acceptance to continue. Carrie was very confused, she felt the sting and liked it and didn’t like it. After about two are three swats, what she feared started to happen – her pussy was getting wet with the more spanks her ass received!

Huskergirl was discovering a new erogenous zone in her bouncing stinging hiney. It was giving her similar stimulation as her pussy. Together they were ganging up on her to overtake her with passion. And yes her pussy was starting to drip on him.
She felt like protesting but just found herself overwhelmed to present and elevate her hiney for more spanking. Carrie’s skimpy PJ top could not contain her beautiful breasts and they fell free and visible. Another sign of her aroused state was the hardening and sensitivity of her sweet nipples. Then it happened, Carrie could not hold it back, she erupted with a large and prolonged powerful orgasm. Her orgasm kept growing with each blow of Tex’s hand. She was overwhelmed with passion and found herself wanting to rub against his big swollen Long Horn. She kept moaning like in pain but it was not pain at all, it was ecstasy!
Yes her poor husker hiney was hurting, and yes it was red as a Nebraska jersey, but yet it was arousing her. Her pussy really liked her hiney in distress. The more her hiney stung the wetter and turned on her pussy became. This was a problem! She begin to wonder how much her poor cute husker hiney could take because her pussy wanted more!
Huskergirl’s so called protest had stopped. Both men noticed that with each spank her “OOOOOOOs and Owwwwws my poor hiney” were beginning to sound more like moans of passion. And yes that pussy, that amazing little pussy, was dripping and swelling, begging for love. Big Tex and Huskerboy were totally overwhelmed by her awesome pussy musk and both men were sporting massive painful boners.

Tex noticed how red her hiney was and how wet her pussy was getting. The more he spanked this lass the hotter she got! Big Tex started to question if he was punishing her or making love to her. After several minutes of spanking her cute Husker bum, which was as red as her Husker PJ’s, and Carrie having at least 2 maybe 3 orgasms, Tex stopped the spanking.

At this point the passion in the room was as thick as soup, so Big Tex set her sweet red sexy bottom on his knee and said, “There now honey, go fix yourself and all is ok.”

Carrie hugged Big Tex and kissed him on his cheek. She then stood up holding her bottom with one hand and taking Huskerboy’s hand with the other and started toward their bedroom with him in tow. She had left her PJ’s bottoms in the room with Tex. The smell of her musk rose from her PJ bottoms and tormented Tex as he watched her wiggle and rub that red hot hiney of hers all the way to their bedroom. Once there she slipped out of her PJ top and got up on the bed on all fours looking back over her shoulder and rubbing and clinching her red Husker hiney.

Huskerboy was so taken, her ass was so beautiful red and sexy with her pussy wet and dripping he could not have been happier. Huskerboy got Aloe Ointment and started rendering aid to her beautiful red hiney. Huskergirl was whimpering and moaning as he rubbed those crimson red ass cheeks. As Huskerboy continued to caress and nurse her glorious hiney, Huskergirl started to get aroused again. She felt her sweet pussy start to swell and knew she was getting ready for more of those explosive orgasms.

Huskerboy was to the point that he wanted to also complete the fantasy and make love to his hot wife’s hurting hiney.

So after several minutes of rubbing her bum Huskerboy reached down and kissed his horny wife and whispered, “Baby, your man wants you.”

Carrie, already full of passion and ready for another orgasm, smiled and grabbed her red ass cheeks, grimaced and pulled them apart.

Then looking back over her shoulder she told Huskerboy, “Only if you take me from behind, baby.”

Huskerboy could not get naked fast enough and when he did his cock was the hardest it had ever been. He knew she was so wet with pussy juice so he went down on her from behind, kissed and licked her red bottom and performed oral on her pussy. He was feasting on her awesome pussy juice for several minutes when Carrie responded with a strong and long orgasm. While she was in the middle of her orgasm he took his throbbing cock and slipped it into her craving pussy. They both moaned and the game was on. During their hot burning passion sex Husker girl discovered the combination of her sore bottom, coupled with the way her pussy was being loved by his hard cock thrusting in her from behind stimulating her G spot with maximum pleasure, was mind blowing.

His body would hit her sore hiney and it would stimulate her pussy more until she would just explode with one orgasm after another. During this passion a very aroused Big Tex went to the open doorway of their bedroom where he saw Carrie in total passion having multiple strong rapid fire orgasms. Huskerboy, seeing Big Tex, gave him a thumbs up. Big Tex responded with thumbs up and thanked Huskerboy for the call. Big Tex then left our two Husker love birds to make love until they passed out.

For the first time in his life, Huskerboy had three orgasms during their love making session. Huskergirl lost count after 5 and most of them were squirting orgasms! About noon Huskergirl woke up full of energy and confidence. She saw poor Huskerboy fast asleep next to her. He ended up having to be the one to call in sick, her passion had drained him and put him to bed wet. Carrie thought, ‘I am not going to let Tex down. I never will forget our moment and that awesome spanking he gave me that has turned me on to the best sex ever. I am going to go to work and kick that meeting’s ass; I owe that man that!” So Carrie showered, dressed and went into the office to own the day.

Carrie showed up sexy as usual and went to see Big Tex in his office. Tex was nervous to see her and wondered if he was going to pay for what he did. Carrie set up her laptop on the table in Big Tex’s office then carefully sat down. When her sexy ass hit the chair she grimaced, pursing her lips together then leaning over on one butt cheek while grasping the other. She very erotically looked over at the man that had spanked her. Huskergirl then lifted her skirt revealing no panties and her sweet dripping wet pussy, while rubbing her upturned red butt cheek. Big Tex was in shock! Here was this hot Husker MILF in his office, teasing him with her beautiful wet pussy and rubbing her bare red ass while looking at him with bedroom eyes.
It was at that moment with the air filled with the fragrance of her perfume and amazing pussy musk that Tex realized he had lost all control and was totally overwhelmed.

He figured he was in hot water so he just looked over and said “Carrie honey, I hope I did not hurt you I.”

She interrupted him holding a finger to her lips and said, “Shush.” She then said, “Tex baby, I am fine, I was just trying to getting a rise out of you which I did. The fact is honey, I owe you for unleashing the hottest passion I have ever had. Sitting on your handiwork on the way here caused me to have a couple more orgasms. I want you also to know that I may need you to give me some more of those motivational sessions in the future, you understand, right baby?”

She then smiled again, got up and looked around to see if anybody was looking, walked over to him leaned down and whispered in his ear, “Hope you got some relief yourself, big man. You know I felt that big long horn of yours against me as you spanked my ass. I just wanted to slide that manhood of yours all the way in my pussy, sweetie. Honey as your love muscle throbbed against me down there, you made me cum, cum and cum again, big boy. Tex baby, please, if I can help you with anything do not hesitate to ask. And oh yah honey, the saying must be true that “everything is bigger in Texas!”

Carrie then kissed him on the cheek, turned around, packed up her laptop and looked back over her shoulder giving him a wink as she left his office. Big Tex watched that sweet beautiful ass of hers sway and move as she walked away to own her day. Tex just sat there at his desk with a painful hard cock tormented by the musk and perfume fragrance she left in his office.
All he could think about was how hot she was and how he wanted to be the one to spank her again and watch her hot ass bounce and redden while her pussy dripped sweet love juice. He also wanted to take her from behind and have her ride his Big Long Horn until she screams and squirts with pleasure. Tex wanted to keep making love to that hot Husker MILF until they passed out in each other’s arms. Tex also realized she owned him now and this lady was going to get it when she wanted it and how she wanted it! Wow, what a turn of events. The question now is who’s the boss?

After a while Tex was able to gather himself and walk down to the conference room where Carrie was having her staff meeting. He looked in to see his best manager taking care of business. When she saw him looking in she grinned then slyly shifted on her bottom and made a small grimace expression. She then looked over at him, gave him a wink and smile. Ole Tex sighed and smiled back. He just stood there a while wondering what he had unleashed. And yes it was very much a Carrie Day!


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