Day Of Discovery

Chapter Twenty Six: Day of Discovery

Two weeks had gone by and I hadn’t seen Amber again. After what had happened, I didn’t want to push things right away. Besides Amber lived about ten miles away and it wasn’t that easy to just drop by; but I was desperate to see her. So Saturday morning I got on my bike and began the long trek.

I rode onto Amber’s street around noon. Her neighborhood was very ritzy compared to my street. My parents could have lived here or even in a more upscale neighborhood; but they weren’t the showy type. As I pushed my bike up the wide driveway beside Amber’s house I heard noise coming from out back by the pool. The Connor’s had a large in-ground pool surrounded by a six foot privacy fence. I thought I heard Amber’s voice; but being cautious I slipped up to the fence and peeked through the opening between the closely spaced fence slats. I saw Amber sitting in a lounge chair wearing a cute two piece bathing suit talking to Frank Armano and my heart sank down to my shoes.

First of all I couldn’t figure out how Amber knew Frank and secondly I couldn’t imagine what Frank was doing in this neighborhood. Frank was bad news. He was at least twenty and to my way of thinking too old for Amber, since she was just sixteen. Although I was big for my age, Frank out weighed my by at least thirty to forty pounds and I had to give him credit, it was all muscle. I knew he lifted weights and it showed; Frank had one hell of a build. Frank also had a reputation as a bit of a bully and general no good. But somehow he managed to stay out of any serious trouble.

Frank was saying to Amber, “I’m surprised you invited me over. If your mom or dad caught me here, they would think I was corrupting their little girl. After all you are a bit young for me. The next thing I know people will be accusing me of hanging around the little kid’s playground.”

Amber said, “I wish you wouldn’t keep harping on my age. I’m not a little girl. Besides no one is going to know you’re here. Dad’s out of town on business and mom’s going to be out shopping all day. Then I expect she’ll be stopping off for a few drinks at the country club.”

Frank said, “I have to admit that you are a real cutie. I thought so the first time I saw you. I guess that part time landscaping job at the Bolton school paid off for me. I would have never met you otherwise. Since no one’s going to be around for a while, I guess we have time for some fun.”

Frank got up from his chair and scooped Amber up in his arms and started carrying her to the pool house. Amber did look like a very little girl in Frank’s arms and I began to get worried about what might happen next. Apparently she had invited him over; but I was sure she didn’t know what she was getting into. In spite of his good looks, Frank Armano was no guy to mess around with. I heard Amber say, “Hey wait a minute.” But by then Frank was carrying her inside the pool house.

Once they were inside, I slipped in through the gate and staying close to the fence made my way to the pool house. I flattened myself against the front wall and eased up to the door. I heard Frank say, “This is some place baby.”

Then I heard bottles rattling. So I knew Frank was rummaging around behind the bar. Taking a chance that he wouldn’t be paying much attention to anything else, I pushed the door open a crack so I could see inside. Frank was getting a beer from the refrigerator and Amber was sitting on one of the bar stools. Frank took a couple of drinks from the beer and sat it on the bar. Then he said as he came around to where Amber was sitting, ‘Just a little fortification before we get down to the business at hand.”

Frank bent over and began kissing Amber and from what I could tell she was responding willingly. I was somewhat disappointed in this; but I guess I should have expected it. Even though he was somewhat crude, Frank was a hunk. When they broke off the kiss, Frank deftly slipped off Amber’s swimsuit top and said, “I’ve seen bigger but I don’t know if I’ve seen better. You’ve got a couple of cute little ones there kid.” Frank began to suck on each one of Amber’s pink little nipples and I believe, in spite of maybe being a bit scared, Amber’s body was responding. I could see her nipples become fully erect as Frank continued teasing them. Then he swatted the beer off the bar and it fell to the floor with a shattering crash. I could see Amber stiffen at the sound of the breaking glass.

Frank lifted Amber off the barstool like she was a feather and laid her out on the top of the bar.
Then he pulled off her swimsuit bottom, dropped it in the floor and said, “Amber you have the prettiest little pussy I’ve ever seen. I just hope it tastes as good as it looks and I’ll bet it does.”

Amber said, “Please don’t talk like that Frank.”

Frank responded in a mocking falsetto voice, “Please don’t talk like that Frank.” Then returning to his normal tone he said with a dangerous edge to his voice, “Look Amber you’re playing with the big kids now. This isn’t some silly teeny romance movie. This is the real world and you’ve got a real man to satisfy. So I suggest you keep your criticisms to yourself or I could very easily get upset and that wouldn’t be a good thing. I’m in charge. Do you understand that?” Amber nodded and Frank said, “OK that’s better. Now let’s see what we have here.”

Frank put his hands between Amber’s legs. I could tell he was spreading her pussy lips and he said, “Yes nice, pink and sweet.” Frank bent lower and I saw his tongue dart between Amber’s legs. There was no question that Frank knew what he was about as he began to suck and tease Amber’s little clitoris. He raised and spread her legs for better access and continued working over her pussy. I saw him slip a finger into Amber’s little love tunnel and start to move it around. At this Amber stiffened and cried out a little. Frank stopped sucking Amber’s clitoris and inserted another finger saying, “You’re really tight baby. It’s a good thing you’re such a hot little number and really wet because you’re going need all the lubrication you can get. It’s going to be tough to get my prick into that tight little box. But don’t worry I’ll manage it. You won’t be disappointed.”

Frank pushed Amber’s legs up until her knees were nearly touching her chest. This rotated her bottom up to a very accessible position. Frank said, “Keep those cute little legs up out of my way for now.” Amber obediently clasp her hands behind her knees holding her legs doubled back to her chest. Frank spread Amber’s bottom cheeks wide and began darting his tongue in around her anus. Very shortly he was moving his tongue in and out of Amber’s bottom hole at a fairly rapid pace and I believe, in spite of everything, she was beginning to respond. Frank stopped using his tongue. Then he spit out a glob of saliva on the tip of a finger and began to massage it around Amber’s puckered little opening. Very soon his finger began to slip inside. Amber cried out a little; but Frank had his finger fully inserted within a very short time.

As Frank slowly rotated his finger in Amber’s bottom he said, “You took that pretty easy. I think this little butt of yours could take a lot more with just a little stretching. I think I’d have more fun popping this cherry than the other one. I think I’m going to fuck you in your tight little ass.”

Amber screamed out, “No!!” and let her legs come down crashing into the top of Frank’s head. Then she kicked at his face as she managed to slide away from him. The impact of Amber’s blows had no effect on Frank; he simply grabbed her legs and hoisted her up over his shoulder. With Amber kicking and screaming, he walked to the center of the room where there was a table with four chairs around it. He pulled out a chair and flipped Amber down across his knees. He elevated her bottom with one knee and began spanking her. As his large hand came down across Amber’s plump little bottom loud CR
ACKS resounded throughout the room. Frank was giving Amber a really hard
spanking and she began to sob and wiggle her bottom frantically trying to get away from the punishment her bottom was receiving.

I don’t know why I didn’t try and do anything to stop what was going on. For one thing the whole scene seemed unreal and then there was a part of me that was jealous and very hurt. So maybe I thought that Amber was getting what she deserved.

Suddenly Frank stopped and said, “Shut up!” Amber continued choking and sobbing and Frank said, “Are you going to shut up or do you want some more?”

Amber stifled her sobs and managed to get out, “Please no more!”

Frank said, “Alright now listen. I told you that you were playing with the big kids now. This may be out of your league but it’s too late to go back now. You asked me come over today. You wanted me here and I’m here. Now there’s one thing I don’t like and that’s a cock tease. I’m not playing games Amber. Do you understand?” Amber nodded her head. Frank elevated Amber’s bright red bottom with his knee and gave her another hard swat and Amber let out another squeal.

Frank said, “Speak up when I talk to you. If you keep acting like a sulky little girl, I’ll have to keep treating you like one. Only I might get tired of using my hand and take off my belt and I don’t think you would like that. So I’m telling you for the last time don’t get me upset Amber. Now do you understand?”

Amber said in a clear but trembling voice, “Yes Frank, I understand.”

Frank said, “Good that’s better. I said that I’m going to fuck you in your tight little ass and now that I’ve made up my mind I’ve got a real boner on just thinking about it. So that’s what I intend to do. I didn’t come all the way over here to be disappointed. Now you have two choices because, in spite of what you may think, I’m actually a nice guy. It can be the easy way and I’ll spend some time getting you ready or it can be the hard way; but I don’t think we want to talk about that. For the easy way you keep quiet and do what I tell you to do. So what’s it going to be?”

Amber said in a still trembling voice, “The easy way.”

Frank raised his knee again elevating Amber’s bottom and gave her three more really hard swats. As Amber cried out Frank said, “That’s just a little reminder not to do anything else to get me upset.” Then he released Amber and told her to bend over the table. Amber bent over face down across the table. The edge of the table was about at her waist height, so her bottom was in a very accessible position and her feet were on the floor.

Frank moved his chair forward and said, “That’s a perfect position. Your butt’s right in my face and I don’t even have to get out of my chair. Looks like I’m going to work in comfort. Now spread your legs and spread those ass cheeks real wide for me.”

Amber shuffled her feet apart and the blond fuzz covering her pouting pussy lips was now visible between her legs. Frank put his hand between her legs and began to massage again. He said, “You do have the nicest little pussy I’ve ever seen baby and it’s still wet. You’re a hot little firecracker, that little clit pops right up as soon as I start playing with it. Too bad we had a little falling out; but I’m willing to forgive and forget. If you just listen to old Frank and be good we’re going to have some fun yet. This is really nice; but I think you’re forgetting something Amber.”

Amber now brought her hands behind her back and grasped her bottom cheeks spreading them wide. Frank said, “Now that’s my good girl.” Then he bent forward and began to run his tongue around Amber’s puckered little bottom opening. In a short time he was again thrusting the tip of it in and out of Amber’s bottom. He continued sinking his probing tongue deeper and deeper while slowly massaging between Amber’s legs. There was no doubt that Frank knew what he was doing. I had to give him credit for that. I could tell he was bringing Amber up to a high state of arousal. Then Frank put a glob of saliva on his index finger and began to probe Amber’s little bottom opening. He began to slowly rotate and insert his finger. Amber let out a little moan as his finger slid deeper inside her bottom. Finally it was fully inserted and Frank said, “See baby that was easy as pie. Your little ass is made for fucking.” Frank continued to rotate and move his finger from side to side in Amber’s bottom while still massaging her clitoris. Then he withdrew his finger and began to lick the fingers on either side of his index finger. He spat another glob of saliva on his index finger and began to lubricate around Amber’s anus. Frank said, “It’s not as good as KY baby; but it will have to do.”

Frank made a wedge of his three fingers placing them one on top of the other and said, “OK now it’s time for some serious business. Amber stiffened and groaned a little as Frank began to insert the wedge of his three fingers into her bottom. Her little elastic rim was apparently yielding as I saw Frank’s fingers begin to slowly disappear between Amber’s bottom cheeks. Frank said, “Come on baby push that little butt back and help me.” Amber thrust back a little and Frank said, “That’s right, wiggle that little butt and get used to it. It will go a lot better later if you do. As Frank’s fingers continued to move deeper into Amber, he began rotating his hand to further stretch her tight little opening. Amber continued to moan but I could see she was occasionally thrusting back against Frank’s probing finger as he had directed. Finally Frank said, “All the way in and you’re no worse for wear. I think you’re ready to take a little ride on my pole”

Frank removed his fingers from Amber’s bottom, quit massaging her pussy and sat back on the chair. He kicked off his shoes and at this sound Amber looked back over her shoulder. I noted there was a somewhat fearful look on her face and she started to get up. Frank said, “Stay where you are. I’ll tell you when to move.” Frank unfastened his belt and got out of his jeans and under shorts. Amber’s eyes widened as she saw his large erect penis. I had to admit that Frank was well set up. His tool was very long. I estimated it to be easily nine inches, if not a little more and the circumference was more than ample. Not to be cliché, but it was true; Frank was hung like a horse.

Frank went to the side of the room and got a folding lounge chair. Then he spent some time positioning it at a certain spot on the floor. I was curious about this until I noted the large mirror hanging on the wall across the room. Frank was planning on watching the action from two angles at once. Frank sat in the chair and reclined. Then he said, “Alright Amber come over here.”

Amber walked over and stood by the chair. She said a little fearfully, “You’re not going to spank me again are you?”

Frank said, “Not unless you start acting up again. Now come closer I want to suck on your cute little tits some more.” Amber bent down and Frank began to suck on her nipples. Then he slipped his hand between her legs and I could see her shift her feet apart to accommodate him. I couldn’t be sure if she was just trying to keep Frank in a good mood or if she really was enjoying herself again. But I was almost sure it was the latter and I wasn’t too happy about that.

Finally Frank said, “I’d love to have you suck my cock a little; but I’m so hot I can’t trust myself so we better get down to business. I don’t want all that work I just did to go to waste.”

Amber looked down at Frank and said, “It’s really big.”

Frank replied, “Don’t worry that hot little ass of yours can take it. I’ve had some experience and it’s like I said; that little butt of yours is made for fucking. You just don’t know it yet. Now put your hands on my shoulders and hold on.

Amber grasped Frank’s shoulders and he hoisted her up onto the chair facing him. Amber was now balanced on the chair with a foot on either side of Frank. Frank grasped his stiff rod by the shaft and held it straight up between
his legs. Frank said, “OK baby there’s your target. Squat down and sit that little
butt hole of yours right on the head of my dick and I’ll guide it in. Amber gripped Frank’s shoulders and began slowly moving her bottom down to the swollen head of his stiff rod. When her bottom opening came in contact she let out a gasp as Frank quickly thrust upward. In an instant the head of his tool was inserted. Then Frank brought both large hands up and placed them under Amber’s buttocks, making a seat for her. Then he said, “OK baby I’ve got you now, stretch out your legs.”

Amber looked down, if she removed her feet from the chair Frank would be in complete control of the situation. Amber said, “Please take it slow Frank.”

Frank said, “Trust me I know what I’m doing. Stretch out those legs. Don’t ruin this now.”

Amber removed her feet from the edges of the chair and extended her legs. Frank was now holding her in mid-air with the head of his tool firmly planted between her straining bottom cheeks. I saw the muscles in Frank’s arms bulge as he took up Amber’s full weight. Then he began to slightly rotate her body from side to side as he very slowly lowered her down on his shaft. I was mesmerized as I saw Frank’s impressive tool slide up inch by inch into Amber’s bottom as he brought her down to his lap. Within minute or so Amber was seated astride Frank with his shaft sunk to the hilt in her cute little butt.

Frank said, “It feels good doesn’t it baby?”

Amber nodded and said softly, “I like it. It feels good.”

Frank said, “I’ve always wanted to do it this way; but all the chicks I’ve butt fucked up till now were too big. I knew you had a hot little ass baby; but I wasn’t sure if you could take the whole thing. I give you credit this is the best I’ve ever had. Wiggle that butt a little bit for me now.”

Amber began to move her bottom on Frank’s lap and Frank began to bounce her up and down a bit. I could see that she was getting excited again as her breath began to come in little gasps. Frank slipped a hand down between Amber’s spread legs and started to massage her clitoris again. “He said, “My God your pussy is dripping. You going to love being butt fucked. Well I’m not going to disappoint you baby. It’s time to take a ride on Frank’s pole. Frank began to elevate Amber’s bottom, pushing her back up off his lap. Several inches of Frank’s stiff rod slid out between Amber’s bottom cheeks. Then Frank began to lower her again and his shaft began to disappear again. Frank now picked up the pace as Amber continued to grip his shoulders. As he moved Amber up and down on his shaft, Frank also rotated her body slightly from side to side. Frank said, “This is great baby!” Then Frank brought Amber quickly down to his lap and cried “Oh God!!!” as he thrust up into her bottom so hard that she bounced up off his lap a little, I could tell that Amber was getting Frank’s load shot up her bottom as her legs stiffened and she cried our as well.

After his climax, Amber remained seated astride Frank as he held onto her and began sucking her nipples again. In reality there was nothing else she could do, with Frank’s rod still stuffed up her bottom. Then Frank said, “Well Amber you’ve just had your first cum enema courtesy of Frank Armano.” Frank now slowly lifted Amber off his lap and I was right, even after his climax Frank’s rod was still fairly stiff and at least four to five inches of its deflated length slid out of Amber’s bottom as he lifted her up.

Then Frank got up and went behind the bar. Amber stood in the middle of the room watching as he took a bar towel and wetted it in the sink and thoroughly wiped off his rod, which was still remaining somewhat erect. Then he said, “You know Amber I misjudged how really horny you’ve gotten me. I swear I believe I could go again right now. Frank strode back to Amber, picked her up and laid her on the table. Then he raised and spread her legs. Frank said, “That cute little muff of yours really gets me turned on.” Frank bent down and homed in on Amber’s clitoris. Soon he was running his tongue all around Amber’s pussy and she began to moan as he started to suck on her again. Then he slipped a finger into her love tunnel. Frank said, “Amber your little box is hot, wet and tight just the way I like it.”

Frank brought his formidable tool up to Amber’s pussy and began to guide it in. Amber let out a stifled little cry as Frank’s rod began to slide in. Her pussy lips gaped open to accommodate the girth of Frank’s swollen rod. Frank pushed the length of his tool deeper into Amber and when he was about half way in he let out a little laugh and said, “Well I guess the joke’s on me this time. I thought I was going to pop your cherry but it looks like someone beat me to it. You are a hot little number. Well as they say, it’s still OK once you get past the used part. With that Frank thrust his rod fully in as Amber cried out a little.

As Frank began to pump his tool into Amber for the second time, I left the door of the pool house and headed back to pick up my bike. I didn’t want to see anymore.

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