Dee’s Mom Part Three

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Looking at Maryann sitting on the sofa in the nude excited me. I asked her to spread her legs and once she did I said, “Let me show you what I can do.” Many women have told me that I am a good pussy licker, and I wanted to bring Maryann the same pleasure that she had just given to me. Her cunt was fresh and tasty, I licked all around her clit then zero’d in on her little bud. It popped right out, begging to be teased. Maryann grabbed her tits and pinched her nipples, and I sucked on her clit while twirling it all around with my tongue. She pushed her hips up and rubbed her vulva against my face telling me that I was doing her so good and not to stop. She got off in less than 5 minutes, moaning and groaning and soaking my face with her sweet tasting juices. As she came I went at her with a major tongue lashing until she had to push my head away, because she was not able to take any more. I got up and looked at her satisfied face, her chest flushed and she blurted right out, “Fuck you asshole. No one has ever made me cum that fast before.” I went and got us another drink.

“Are you hungry?” I asked her.

I mentioned that a bar down the street had some great food and that I needed the nourishment. So we reluctantly we got dressed and Maryann said, “I have a friend who lives close to here. Do you mind if I call her and see if she wants to meet us?”

I paused for a moment, thinking that it would be an intrusion until Maryann went on to say, “You would love Janine. She’s my best friend and she has big tits too! Let me show you her picture on Facebook.”

I took her to the computer and stood behind the chair as she moved the mouse. When the screen refreshed, there was the porn site I had been looking at earlier. Maryann smiled and said, “Oh, I see you like a little smut in your life. Well, so do I. Me and my battery operated boyfriend!”

She hit the play button on the video stream and it was a scene with two well endowed women and a man with a really big cock. I could just imagine watching Maryann plug herself with a dildo and getting off. After 30 seconds or so, I reached down over Maryann’s shoulders and started to rub her nipples. Her hand went between her legs as she intently watched the actresses taking turns going down on the actor’s huge unit.

“Jesus, this is making me hot,” she said.

Then she pushed my hands away and said, “Maybe we can watch this later. But first let me show you Janine’s pic.”

Maryann navigated to Facebook and showed me Janine. There was a blonde woman on the beach with sunglasses and ball cap, wearing a bikini. Janine has curves, the kind that I like a lot. And her big bulging tits looked like they would fall out of her top if she moved too fast. She had a wild look to her and her smile was inviting.

I said to Maryann, “I believe that I have seen her before at the bar where we’re going to. Go ahead and give her a call, I wouldn’t mind meeting her. Being in the company of two beautiful women would be really nice.”

Maryann went into the living room to call Janine from her cell phone. I sat down and went back to the porn site to watch the video of the threesome, my mind racing with the possibilities.

On the way to the pub, Maryann filled me in on her relationship with Janine. Janine was 10 years older than me, 7 years younger than Maryann. I came to find out that Maryann’s younger sister was best friends with Janine. I also found out that Maryann’s younger sister was killed in a tragic car wreck when she was 20, and Janine was supposed to be with her that night. They had been very close since then, like sisters.

“And,” she went on to say, “Janine and I like to fuck around like you and Dee and Paula and Tom. Yes, I know all about what you guys do. It is one thing that kind of attracted me to you, Jay. You are not a selfish lover, and you’re quite open about things. I think Janine is going to like you.”

We walked into the bar and even though the place was crowded, Maryann quickly saw Janine sitting at a booth. Janine has long blonde hair, she was wearing a loose fitting blouse with enough buttons undone to expose a couple of inches of cleavage and a long maxi skirt with a slit up the side. Maryann and Janine gave each other a hug, then with an inviting smile and peppy attitude, Janine wrapped her arms around me, pressing hard against my chest. By the time we sat down I could feel my cock growing.

It was 2 for 1 happy hour and I noticed that Janine already had two empty glasses sitting in front of her. The waitress came over, I ordered a beer and a cheeseburger. Maryann had the Chef Salad with a glass of wine, Janine had tilapia and two more Rum and Cokes. After some small talk while we finished dinner, Maryann confided with Janine that she screwed up again. She told her that I was Dee’s boyfriend, at least until yesterday.

“Yeah, I fucked him. Dee and Paula caught us in the act.”

Janine said, “Holy shit, Maryann. That happened with Paula’s fiancé last year. Can’t you keep your pants on?”

Maryann quickly replied, “Do you think you could resist this man?”

Janine looked at me and said, “Did you come on to Maryann? Every time a good looking man makes a pass at her she thinks she has to fuck him.”

Maryann interrupted and said, “No, it was all my fault. I was horny, and we were alone. I snuck in the bathroom while he was taking a shower. All I really wanted was to see his cock. Once I did, I couldn’t stop myself. He’s got a nice one.” She paused and smiled at me, “And he knows how to use it!”

Janine almost immediately replied, “Let’s get out of here. Meet me back at my place. We’ll have a couple of drinks and you can fill me in on the details. I want to know everything!”

Maryann paid for the dinner and I followed Maryann and Jainine in Janine’s car, because they ‘wanted to catch up’. 20 minutes later we were at Janine’s place. She had a nice house in a nice sub-division tucked away in a cul-de-sac with nature preserve as her back yard. It was the kind of place that I would like to buy. We went through the house and out to the back deck where she had a bar, and a hot tub. She fixed us drink and we sat at a table as the sun began to set. Janine pulled out a joint and we smoked half of it. Now stoned, I was getting really horny and the girls we in a flirtatious mood.

Maryann asked Janine, “Let’s play a game or something. Do you have any cards Janine?” Janine stood up and went to the bar, shaking her fine ass as she walked.

Maryann said, “I see you looking. She’s got a nice ass doesn’t she?”

Janine bent over and starting rubbing her buns in front of us. I looked at Maryann who sighed under her breath and said, “I wish I was 10 years younger.”

I told Maryann, “Hey, don’t underestimate yourself. Your ass looks just as good!”

Maryann stood up and stuck her fine butt just inches from my face. I grabbed her cheeks and rubbed them as she moaned under her breath. Janine came back to the table with the cards and a huge shit eating grin on her face. Maryann sat back down a grabbed my crotch to give it a few strokes. Then she picked up the cards and said, “Let’s play poker, strip poker!”

I saw Janine’s nipples harden under her top and in a flash, Maryann was dealing 5 card stud with the winner of the hand having to remove an article of clothing.

Maryann was down to her panties, winning the first 3 hands. I lost my shirt next then Janine won 2 hands in a row. Seeing her boobs in her silky, lacy bra really turned be on, and when she slowly took that off I was in tit heaven. They weren’t as big as Maryann’s gifted pair, but they were nice and round and suckable. By the way she rubbed them across her chest, teasing me, I knew I would be fucking her before the night was over. We kept playing.

Maryann and Janine were naked and I only had my shorts on. When they came off, I stood up and Maryann pulled them down, showing me off to Janine. She started sucking me off, getting me totally erect, then she took my cock in her hand and asked Janine, “Doesn’t he have a nice cock?”

Janine replied, “Oh fuck yes, and you’re getting fucked with it.”

To which Maryann said back, “Here, you want to try some of this?”

Janine pushed me down in the chair and knelt between my legs. She grabbed my cock and rubbed the head all over one of her nipples, finally taking it into her mouth. She knew what to do to a cock. Maryann was rubbing her pussy while watching us, then she said, “I want to watch you two fuck. Come on, let’s go inside.”

Maryann led the way to the bedroom, Janine and I walked side by side rubbing each other’s asses. The conversation went like this, “Damn you have a nice ass.”

Damn, so do you.”

“And a nice cock too.”

“You have a great set of tits.”

“I can’t wait to feel you inside of me.”

“I bet you’re good in bed.”

“You’re going to find out.”

“You were sucking my cock really good.”

“It was turning me on watching Maryann go down on you.”

“It was turning me on watching Maryann rub her cunt while you were giving me head.”

“Fuck, I love to be watched while having sex.”

By this time we were in her bed room. She placed me in front of her king sized be and forcefully pushed me down on my back. Janine climbed on top of me, rubbing her slit up and down my rod and told me to suck on her nipples.

“Oh yeah, baby, you do that so good. Maybe if I just slide it in me…” I felt the head of my cock being devoured by her pussy. It was velvety smooth, and in a couple of strokes I was in all the way. Janine bounced on me, taking all of me inside then almost all the way out. After a couple of minutes she slammed me all the way in and fell hard upon my chest. I started to lightly caress her ass and thighs, feeling goose bumps pop up as she ground her clit into my pelvic bone.

She breathed heavy into my ear, saying “Yes, yes, yes,” Over and over.

Out of nowhere I felt my balls suck up and I unloaded deep inside of her. Just as the last spurt flew out of my dick, Janine came. And came. Saying, “Oh god yes, I’m cumming!” By the time she stopped my dick was soft again, and she squeezed it out of her making us both laugh. It happened so fast, I looked over at Maryann and she was sitting on the edge of the bed, her jaw dropped in awe and she said, “Whoa, that really turned me on!”

Maryann crawled over and grabbed my cock, taking it in her mouth and giving me her expert head. Then Janine took over, pushing Maryann out of the way. I pulled Maryann to me and told her I wanted to suck on her big tits. She fed them to my sex hungry mouth. When she started to rub my nipples I knew it was only a matter of time. I started moaning, Janine rubbed my cock all over her face and said, “Give to me Jay. Cum all over my face.” She stroked my cock as well as anyone, and soon I blew my 4th load of the day and it made my toes curl. I buried my head between Maryann’s tits as I unloaded.

When I looked at Janine, she had a look a accomplishment as my spew was dripping off her nose and chin. She licked up as much as she could, then bent over to kiss me full on the mouth as she toyed with my almost limp prick. Then she kissed Maryann the same way. We fell down on the bed together and slept with me in the middle. I woke up about an hour later, both women were out for the count. I got up and looked down at them, hardly believing that I just had the greatest sexual experience of my life. I got dressed and went back to my apartment. I knew I would see them later.

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