Do u remember?

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You know baby it’s been 6 weeks since u left out of state, i been missing u like crazy…I was taking a shower to day and i started to think about u, i started to remember the day we first moved in this place. It’s was rainning and the wind was blowing really hard, the windows were open on the second floor, remember that?

I know u do, then u remember how i close the windows and a loud thunder scared u and u jumped into my arms. I remeber the rain got u really wet, u said u wanted to shower and slip into come dry clothes, i took ur arms, wrapped them around my neck lift u up took u to the bathroom and placed u onto the edge of the sink, u started to kiss my neck and telling me how much u wanted it, my cock stirred. I took ur shirt of and grab ur face with my hands and kissed gently…with my left hand i undid ur bra, allowing me to glance those round shape breast.
Slowly i started to move down ur neck into ur chess, started to kiss around those nipples and meanwhile i was undoing the botton on ur pants, i knew we was gonna end up making love so i gently picked u up having ur legs wrapped around my waist, i walked thru to the bedroom, lay u in my bed and i pilled ur pants of ur gorgeous legs. I started to kiss u from ur ankles up ur legs into ur hip bones, i slowly worked my way into ur clit, give it a couple of kisses and started to go round and round with my tongue, ur body started to curl, u started to moan and started to beg me to make u mine.
I took my shirt of and u started to kiss me in the neck and at a slow steady paste u started to go lower and lower till u reach my pants, my cock has erected and u put it ur mouth over the pants, with ur teeth u undid the botton and pulled the zipper down, and my pants fell to the ground, then my boxers. We were both naked and ready to go at it, u kept beging me to make u mine.
I raise to ur lips and kissed u with tremendous passion u started to twitch, i whisper into ur ears, “baby, ima make u mine now hushhh” i began to penetrate in between those pussy lips into the hole and slowly, lilttle by little started to go in deeper and deeper and one last move and it was all the way in. I began to pump in, out, in , out…u yelled harder! faster!, i started to pump faster and harder and u said, “like that, just like that” U started to scream my name and calling me names that just kept my blood pumping and making my cock harder and harder like a metal pipe that nothing can weaken, u began to have an orgasm and i felt the muscles in ur pussy to contract agains my cock, it felt so damm good, i felt like i wasn’t going to last much longer, then u made burst!! i felt it on my cock, it was time to take a brake so u got on top, u started to ride me like there was no tommow, u scracht my chest and it felt good, after a couple of minutes i pick u up from ur waiste and made u sit on my shoulders and i started to atack ur pussy with my tongue and u started to have a second orgasm, i started to bring u down my chest keeping ur legs in my shoulder till ur pussy matched my cock, ur ankles were next to my face and we manage to get my cock in you and we started to it like that for a while, u were holding on to the back of my neck allowing to grab ur hip bones and made u move back and forward causing a deep and strong penetracion, u loved every second of it. I lifted u up again a started to kiss ur clit, i placed u in floor bending u over in top of the bed, and i went and insertet my wet cock with ur juices into ur pussy, and we went at it for a long while till we both burst at the same time, then one last PUMP! and u scream so hard!!!!!!.
Then as we layed in the bed u layed ur head in top of my chest and we fell asleep.

Do u remember?

Baby i just burst listening to our love making story, i want u in me…..
I responded, i’ll be on the first flight to u….48 hours laters i arrived to her, she picked me up in a rental car, it was a red convertible, she was wearing a blue jean skirt with a black shirt, as we got in the car she whispers to me ” I’m wet and im wearing no underwear”…………….


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