Dog Walking Neighbor confront woman who saw us

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Its been a week since I went to Laura’s house and had more great sex with her. But when I had left she told me about the woman Susan who had seen us the first time, at my pool, while Laura was giving me a blow job.

I really was mad at this woman Susan and the week seemed to take forever. I even fucked my wife a couple of times , thanks to Laura image.
The next saturday came and I made up some story about seeing the game at at friends house.
I arrived at, Susans at 7 and heard Laura’s dog barking in the back.
Susan opened the door. Susan is a young wife ,I would say around 24, short blond hair and a tight ass and nice size tits. Not as big and round as Lauras.
As I entered the room, Laura came over to me and gave me a big wet kiss, right in front of Susan and we smiled.
Susan said that she couldn’t understand why two married people would be fooling around and she was worried that her husband, might not be faithful.
We told her, we were very attracted to each other and the two times we were together, the sex was great and we turned each other on.
Susan said she noticed, especially when she saw us at the pool. Susan said that Laura really was sucking my cock and seemed like she enjoyed it. Laura promptly said ,oh yes I did.
Laura asked don’t you suck your husband. Susan said, well every friday night, I let him cum in my mouth. We both said, what do you mean?
Susan said well, he lays down, I give him a handjob and when he is ready to cum, I cover the head of his penis and he cums. I run to the bathroom ,spit it out and we watch TV. So I guess I do suck him but it’s not the same as I saw you do.
Laura said, you didn’t get us over here to blackmail us , did you? Susan blushed and said no, she wanted to learn.
At that Laura, let the three of us into the bedroom. I guess Laura knew where it was.
Laura then said for Susan to get naked both us did the same.
Susan had a great young body and Laura, eyed me looking at her and told me to sit on the edge of the bed. From there she went to her knees and started to suck me. She told Susan to come next to her. Laura said Susan the first thing you have to do is love sucking a cock. Put you lips on the head and lick around. Susan followed her instructions and did it pretty well. Laura told Susan to lick the shaft around the head and down the sides.
Susan did.
Laura then moved Susan away and took my cock deep into her mouth and moved her head up and down. Susan said doesn’t that gag you?
Laura said , breath through your nose and said try.
Susan, licked my cock and started taking my shaft deep into her month, inch by inch and finally, she did take it all in. And moved her head up and down.
My cock was swelling and my balls were starting to burn.
Laura said for Susan to stop and asked her how it felt? Susan said it was great she didn’t understand why she didn’t gag.
Susan said you just had to learn how to do it right.
Laura said we have a few hours all to be together, we all are free of our spouces, and the next thing you have to learn is swallow a man’s cum.
Susan looked at her and Laura lowered her head on my cock and started to suck really hard, bringing me to a boil and then she put her head up and told Susan to take over.
Susan took my cock into her mouth and started move her hand to my shaft and Laura said, no, you don’t have to do that. You can play with his balls, but let your mouth make him cum.
Susan started to play with my balls and Laura moved Susan’s head up and down. Susan got the message and started sucking me on her own. While Susan was sucking me faster and faster , Laura kissed me deep and put her tongue in my mouth.
After a few minutes of this I was ready to explode and Laura put her head next to Susan and said don’t stop and do it faster, up and down the shaft, faster and faster, Laura looked at me and said let it go. Two more sucking motions by Susan and I did, exploding into Susan’s mouth, my hot cum errupting and Susan took it all and started to remove her mouth and Laura said, keep it in your mouth and Laura licked the last of my cum off of my cock and swolled and told Susan to do the same as she did some dripped off the side of her lips and Laura licked that up too. Not one drop was spared.
Susan say it tasted salty but kind of nice and said she didn’t know why she never swallowed before but she liked it and it turned her on.
Laura then told her that was lesson number one and Susan kissed my and kissed Laura.
Laura said as long as we are all here and have some more time, I need to have my pussy eaten and get a good fuck.
At that I started to rise and told Susan and Laura to lay on their backs and as I finger fucked one, I ate the other going back and forth, until both Laura, who I knew would cum first and Susan both came in fact Susan screamed so hard, Lauras dogs started barking.
I said to Laura, does the dog bark everytime a woman cums and Laura said only when you are the man.
All three of us enjoyed great sex that night and continue to have our threesomes whenever we can. In fact I got myself a dog and so did Susan and we all sort of formed a dog walking club…and once in a while the neighbors hear the dogs barking with no one around and can’t understand why.
But we know….

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