Dominant Girl

I have been told many times that I am sexy, smart, gorgeous. Everywhere I go, at least one guy hits on me, and while it sometimes gets irritating, sometimes I also like it. I’m a woman of average height, age twenty one, with Double D cup breasts and a large ass. But it’s not just my body below the neck that’s loved- it’s also my facial features. I have warm brown eyes, luscious pink lips, high cheekbones, and large brown curls that hang to my waist. I can get any guy I want. And it’s quite easy, too.

That’s why, about a month ago, I was at a bar, checking to see who I wanted to have a one night stand with.

The guys there were low on hotties- some were fat, some had bad acne, some even had bald spots. And I wanted the sexiest guy there. So what did I do? I found him at a pool table, walked over, and leaned against it, close to him. “Hi,” I said, flashing my sexy smile. The low cut black top I was wearing did little to hide how big my cleavage was, and at my words his eyes glance to my face before flying down to my boobs. I smiled. Score! My night would be made- and rough, considering the pirate leer he had going on as he looked at them.

“Hi,” he replied, going back to his game. I smirked. “What’s your name?” I asked.

“Nial. You?”

Another grin flashed on my face. “Tessa,” I said.

“Pretty name,” he replied, “So, Tessa, what brings a nice girl like you to a place like this?” He shot the pool stick, and it banged against the ball, sending it rolling into the left corner.

And just like that, we were off. We talked until around ten thirty, before going back to his place. By the time we had went into his house, we were deep into a full on make-out session, his lips going to my neck as he began to take my clothes off. But I didn’t let him. Instead, I pushed his hands away and pushed him onto the bed, straddling him. I flashed a Cheshire grin, moving up and down on him, even though our clothes were still on. He moaned in pleasure, and slowly I took off my shirt. His eyes went to my boobs, and he reached out to touch them. I slapped his hands away. “Nope,” I said seductively, ripping his shirt off. I got off of him, and slowly took off his belt, pulling down his zipper and unbuttoned his jeans before sliding them off of him.

I laid on top of him, kissing him on the lips. His arms went around me as we kissed, and slowly, I let my hand creep down to his dick, where I cupped it and his balls. Our kissing stopped, his eyes widening as I gave it a gentle squeeze. His breath hitched, and he began breathing heavily as I massaged him though his underwear. His boner was fully awake, warm and firm and pulsing against my hand. I moved down again, taking his underwear off, before beginning to pump his dick. He moaned in pleasure, causing me to smile.

I planted kisses from his collarbone to the line between his stomach and his cock, making him think I was going to give him a BJ, but stopped just before. His eyes were wide as suddenly my mouth went around him and I deep throated him. He called out loudly, moaning, moving inside my mouth. I took my pants and underwear off, kissing him, and then suddenly he was inside of me, me on top, my boobs bouncing up and down in sequence.

When we were done, I laid next to him, and his face dove into my boobs, he beginning to bounce and play with them. After a few minutes, it began to hurt, so I grabbed his balls, which made him stop. I massaged them, and he moaned, and then tried to squirm away, but I kept my hand on them. “Do you want them to rip off?” I asked innocently.

“N-no.” he stuttered.

“Good. Now, you paid for dinner….”

“So it’s time for dessert.”

I said, and tea bagged him.

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