Drinks And A Movie Part Two


I quickly take my hands and unbutton my pants, and I move up in the chair just enough to take my pants and underwear down to my ankles, exposing my fully erect and ready penis. I sit back in the chair as you get up out of your chair, still trying to avoid drawing attention to us. You stand up in front of me facing the movie screen, and I reach up with my hands to pull your dress up to your waist, and I gently guide you down onto my awaiting cock, which enters you very slowly, sending jolts of pleasure and passion through your entire body.

I slide in and out of you very slowly and quietly at first, but in this position you are doing most of the work, allowing me the freedom of moving my hands from your hips to your breasts. I cup them in my hands and apply firm pressure, but only over the outside of the dress, because we are trying to leave as many clothes on as possible. I feel your nipples completely hard underneath your dress and it is turning me on even more. I use my fingers to apply a very deliberate and playful light pinch to each of your nipples at the same time as you are riding up and down on my swollen shaft. You are trying so hard to be quiet, but I am hearing that pseudo-forced submissive whimper from you again as you try not to moan or yell out loud.

While I am still cupping my right hand to your breast, I take my left hand and move it up to the back of your head, playfully grabbing a small handful of your hair, pulling your head back to mine so I can forcefully kiss the back of your neck and shoulders. I can be just the slightest bit forceful with you, but never too rough, and always with tenderness and passion. You are still riding me throughout all of this, and miraculously nobody has seemed to take notice of us yet, or if they have then they are not letting on.

My playful tugs at your hair make you want to scream out my name, but you know that you can’t for fear of getting busted by the movie patrons. The silence is driving you almost to the point of insanity. Even through all of this, your beautiful intensity has caused you to increase the speed and driving pressure of your rhythm as you continuously take me inside of you over and over again, riding me with almost euphoric ecstasy. Then the waves start again, only this time I don’t stop like I had earlier with my fingers. I drop both hands to your hips and push upward with my pelvis, and you completely let go, forcing yourself down onto my cock in your throes of orgasm, which sends out a lightning bolt of pleasure for me, causing me to come almost instantly. As I shoot into you, you let slip a tiny stifled moan as you fall back onto me, and we just sit there with your back to me, lying on top of me with my dick still inside of you. We are both breathless and numb.

You look around, hoping that nobody heard you moan just then, but so far nobody is looking at us, so we remain sitting there for a short while longer until eventually I slip out of you. I keep kissing you on your neck and you turn your face back to me and we passionately kiss a few more times. Then with a sigh of contentment, you slowly get up off of me and pull your dress back down, sitting back down in the seat next to me. I reach down and pull my pants back up and fasten them. There is electricity in the air and the intense smell of sex surrounds us.

At some point during our lovemaking, I completely lost what was happening in the movie, but we stay and watch the final half hour. When the movie ends and the credits start to roll on the screen, people start to get up out of their seats to leave, but I whisper to you that we should hang out for a few more minutes until everyone else leaves so that we don’t draw attention to ourselves. We are content just to sit there for a little while longer with my arm around you and your right hand reaching up and holding mine as it is draped around you over your right shoulder.

After another 10 minutes we get up and grab our jackets and leave, heading towards the theater lobby, and as we are leaving we hear a man’s lighthearted voice say, “You two have a pleasant evening now.” We both look over at a man wearing a tie, and he is standing next to the younger man who sold us the movie tickets earlier. Both of them have the most telling, mischievous smiles on their faces. It is clear to us both that they knew something had happened. We hurried out the door, and when we got to where I was parked we both completely bust up laughing. It was the perfect night out.

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