elevator sex

I stand gazing at the ceiling, waiting. Finally, with a ding the elevator arrives and the doors slide open. I see a stranger leaning against the wall in the corner. She is tall with nice hair and sparkling eyes. She has a skirt past her knees and a smart looking blouse. I stride in and push the button for my floor. The elevator is quite small and has floor length mirrors on three walls. With nowhere to look our eyes eventually meet. We smile and turn away kind of shyly. I look back and admire her pert breasts and nice hips and her tight ass that is visible in the mirror behind her. I catch her examining my crotch and my cock hardens causing an uncomfortable bulge. We look into each others eyes again just as the elevator lurches to a stop between floors. She presses the emergency button but nothing happens. I move to her and say it appears we are stuck. She leans seductively against the wall and opens her legs slightly. I move closer to her and put my lips to her’s. My tongue pierces her lips and finds hers. As we kiss I cup her breast and squeeze her gently through her blouse and bra. Her breathing gets coarser and I bring my thigh between hers and rub her with my knee.
Once I feel her hand on the front of my jeans, I pull her to me and press my tongue against hers. My hands slide up her blouse and push under her bra to find her wonderfully hard nipples. I unbutton her blouse and find the clasp for her bra and her breasts are free. I kiss my way slowly down her chin and the soft skin of her neck. I push the blouse from her right shoulder and lick along the skin on the top where it is so soft. Then I move my mouth slowly, kissing and licking to the firm mound of her right breast. The nipple stands, inviting me as I close my lips over it and tug it into my mouth. I feel her hands on my crotch again, rubbing my cock, and lift her skirt so I can reach between her hot thighs.
As I lift her skirt I find that it has a slit up the side all the way to the waist; I turn it so the slit is in front and open it. As I suck on her nipple–pulling it into my mouth–I put my hand on her pussy. With the heal of my hand I grind her panties against her. Sucking harder on her nipple, and rubbing her panties against her now wet pussy lips, I feel the moisture build up on my palm. I rub harder, pressing the lips so they rub against her clit, working the panties against them. Her hips start to move with my hand, rubbing forth and back. She now pushes the zipper of my jeans down and I feel her hand inside searching. It closes around the head of my cock and pulls it out. The cool air contrasts with her hot hand and I know the head is already very wet under the foreskin. She pushes the skin down exposing the head and runs her palm over it as if polishing a small ball. I groan loudly, the sound escaping between my lips and the globe of her breast. I push my tongue against her nipple and twirl it around inside my mouth as I rub her panties against her pussy. I push the crotch of her panties aside and insert my finger roughly into her wet hole. She stiffens, then rubs my cock harder panting that she will cum soon. I work my finger in and out of her as I rub her clit with my thumb. Her nipple is so hard against my tongue as her wet juices cover my finger and thumb. Out of the corner of my eye I can see her face in the mirror on the wall. She bites her lip and groans as her knees seem to buckle. I fingerfuck her harder as her orgasm starts. My finger thrusts in hard, rapid strokes as she shakes and moans through what is hopefully a wonderfully powerful orgasm.
She leans back against the mirrored wall breathless, gasping as I stand there pleased at having made her feel as I do. As she recovers and her breathing returns to normal, she looks at my reflection in the mirror beside us. I look over and see the image she must see. There I am with my shirt disheveled and my cock jutting out through the open fly of my pants. The foreskin is pushed back as she has left it and the head is wet and glistens in the low light of the elevator. I hear her husky voice say, “Well it will never do to leave you like that, especially since this elevator is stalled and we aren’t going anywhere yet.” I can only suck in my breath as she moves to me. As she moves she finishes unbottening her blouse and pulls it from her skirt so it hangs open. “Rub your cock for me,” she moans. I put my hand over it and slowly run my hand over the head and down the shaft. She watches, fascinated, as I jerk off in front of her and pushes her thumbs into the elastic waistband of her panties under her skirt. I rub my cock, slowly moving my hips, as she slides her panties down her hips and over her knees and steps out of them. She leaves them there in the middle of the elevator floor and stands in front of me. I feel her hand on mine and she pushes it away from my cock and replaces it with her own. As she strokes my cock I put my arms around her and we kiss a long wet passionate kiss.
My tongue presses against hers, exploring the inside of her hot mouth. She runs her tongue over mine as her hand slides over my cock coaxing precum out with every stroke. As our lust builds, she backs away and kneels in front of me. I close my eyes knowing what is going to happen. Her hand holds the shaft tightly and as I feel her hot breath on the head I put my hand on her head and slide my fingers through her hair. I feel her other hand inside my pants as she takes my balls and cups them, squeezing them gently as she puts just the tip of her tongue against the head. I can almost cream as she licks around the head while moving her hand along the shaft jerking me off gently.
After she has covered every bit of the head with her tongue she purses her lips and guides my cock between them. Easing her mouth downward until it contacts her fist on the shaft she starts a steady slow rhythm. I look down at her head bobbing up and down over my hard cock and feel the pressure build inside me. She makes soft moaning sounds as she moves her mouth up and down over the head of my cock, her tongue swirling around the head driving me close to the brink; her one hand holding the shaft steady and the other hand massaging my full balls. I wish I could get her into a 69 on the elevator floor and lick her clit as she give mes so much pleasure but am almost paralyzed at the wonderful feelings she is giving me. As I feel ready to cum I touch her hair again and tell her that I am going to explode. She licks harder and faster, and as she feels my body tense up she moves her head aside and with her hand in a tight fist start to jerk me off hard. I look into the mirror and can see her smile as she licks her lips and then my knees weaken and the first shots of cum fly from the tiny hole at the tip of my cock and splatter into the mirror. It is so exciting to watch myself cum into the mirror as her hand slides over the head of my cock and with her face inches from it watching it shoot. She moans, “Oh wow,” as I ejaculate for what feels like forever, the cum landing on the mirror, and she continues to move her hand over my cockhead. After I am finished, she leans over again and gives my cock a gentle kiss and then couldn’t resist sticking her tongue out to give it a lick. I stand there with woobly knees waiting for the world to stop spinning as she stands and look into my eyes.
We feel the elevator lurch forward and quickly straighten our clothes. I tell her I have to make a quick stop on the 10th floor to adjust a computer and then I’m free for the afternoon if she wants to come with me. She smiles and says sure. On the 10th floor we find the office that I needed and I open the door. Wow it is a doctor’s office. She pokes around as I do the quick changes to his computer; then when I’m done, I look up and see her sitting on his examining table. I come over and she stands beside it as I lie down and say, “I’ve been having this problem lately and need an examination.” She says sure and starts to unbuttton my shirt. I sit up as she slides it off my shoulders and drops it to the floor. Then she unbuckles my belt and unsnaps my jeans. As she slides the zipper down, my stiff cock feels her knuckles move across it. I nearly moan but lie still. “Lift your hips if you want a thorough exam,” she commands. I lift my ass and she slides the jeans down. I sit up and rub her back and around her chest so I can feel her nipples as she takes off my shoes so she can remove my pants. Her nipples are hard and pointy and I am dying to suck them but wait for my turn. In time she has my shoes and socks off and my pants are in a pile on the floor as well. I look down and my cock is so hard it makes a tent in my shorts. She hooks her thumbs in the waistband and slides them down. I close my eyes as they move downward and feel the cool air on my cock and balls. “Ummm,” she says, ” it really was time you were properly examined,” and with that takes my cock in her hand. She slides her hand over the head and pulls the foreskin down off the head; I put my hand on her leg and slide it up under her dress as she strokes my cock. I find the legband of her panties and slip a finger inside. As she jerks me off I slide my finger over her pussy lips and rub her hard clit. When she takes her finger and runs it over the head of my cock, coaxing out some precum, I push my finger into her wet hole. “Wait,” she says, “there has to be a new procedure,” and releases my throbing cock. I wait as she lifts her dress and slides her panties down over her hips and down her legs. When they are around her ankles she lifts one foot out of them and says, “there; now we are ready to continue the exam.” I slide my hand back up her leg again as she starts to jerk me off again. As I move my finger in and out of her wet hole and use my thumb on her clit, she slides her hand up and down my cock then she leans over me and sucks one of my nipples into her mouth. I feel it ache as she pulls at it with her lips then runs her tongue over it. I groan that I will come soon with all the treatment and she smiles and rub my cock harder. I feel my heart beating as it starts and the cum jutts from my cock flying through the air in a big arc and landing on my stomach and thighs. She keeps milking the cum from my hard prick as I groan and cum like never before. As I return to earth she smiles down into my eyes and says, ” now that was a successful examination.” As the shudders subside I couldn’t agree more; I catch my breath and wait for the world to stop spinning.
I sit up on the examining table and smile into her eyes. “I better go get cleaned up,” I say as she looks at the cum that landed on my stomach and thighs; she gives me a wicked grin. I find the washroom and clean off as quickly as I can and when I open the door I hear a gentle moaning and a buzzing sound. Coming around the corner back into the examining room I see her dress and blouse draped neatly over the back of a chair and her panties are on the floor where we left them. She is lying on the examination table, wearing only her bra, her legs are spread open with one foot on each side of the table. I just stare and listen as she groans and works a large cock shaped vibrator in and out of her pussy. She holds her pussy lips open with one hand and with the other eases the humming plastic cock slowly in until it fills her. From my vantage point, I can see the pink inner lips glisten with her sweet juices as she withdraws it groaning softly and moving her hips as if fucking it. Pulling it all the way out she rubs the plastic vibrating head between her swollen lips and over her aching clit. She pauses it there letting the hum travel through her flesh so it excites her hard clit just so. I feel my cock rise and throb at the pure sexual excitement of seeing her give herself such pleasure fills the room. Taking it in my hand I slide my fist over it rubbing the head and down the shaft. She rubs the vibrator over her clit biting her lip and then with a moan slides it all the way into her wet hole again. She must have sensed me there because she looks over at me and smiles. I walk toward her and stand at the side of the examination table. “Help me cum,” she moans as I look into her glassy eyes. I put my hand over hers and together we fuck her slowly with the vibrator. Then she moves her hand away and leaves me to slide it in and out of her hot pussy, pausing now and then to give her hard clit a treatment. Her hand touches my knee and travels along my inner thigh until I feel her cup my balls and rub them gently. I lean over and press my lips against hers. Our tongues touch searching and pressing farther into the others’ mouths. The vibrator moves easily inside her now as she is so wet, and her hand strokes my cock paying special attention to the wet head. Then I straighten up and go the end of the table. She pulls the vibrator out and turns it off as I crawl up and nestle between her thighs. Her hand finds my cock and guides it to her pussy. She rubs the sensitive head between her soft lips and over her clit, then poises it at the opening to her wet hot hole. I nudge forward slightly and the head is in. I take her legs and lift them up and against my shoulders so she is open and easy for me to get to. I slide in as far as I can then pull out so only the head is in. As we start a steady rhythm, she rocks her hips and I fill her with my hard cock. I thrust harder as we go and my balls make a slapping sound as they hit her with my every push. Then she takes the vibrator and as I work my cock in and out of her she slides the toy between her lips and over her hard little clit. I can feel the vibrations too as my cock moves inside her. Our groans and moans and the buzz of the vibe fill the room until we both cry out together. My cock shoots its cum into her as the spasms of her orgasm rack her body. She turns the vibe off and we move together as our shudders start to subside and I release her legs and fall against her.

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