encounter with a stranger

Today was like a typical spring morning considering it was early October, I decided I would throw my white cotton summer dress on, as there was a few clouds in the sky but no signs of rain or winds, I thought I would take advantage of this spring morning and go for a long leisurely walk, so off I went, wearing my white summers dress my poorly fitted bra (kept meaning to buy some on this retrieval break but never got round to it) , I had rented a lovely secluded cottage in the middle of a forest for a few weeks just to get away from everything, I was lost in my thoughts when suddenly I felt a drop of rain, I gasped as I realised I had no idea where I was or in what direction
I had been walking I was completely lost, I looked at the time and saw that it was nearly 7.45pm I had been walking for hours, then next minute the heavens opened in torrential downpour , I looked down at myself and was completely soaked right through, I started to panic as I did not know where I was, I started to walk again and came across a back road, great I thought I had not seen this road before and dreaded the thought of a car driving and seeing me wet through with a poorly fitted bra a white summer dress and no knickers, what a sight someone would get.

All of a sudden my nightmare came true, a car came through the darkness straight towards me, should I hide I thought and walk endlessly round in the dark looking for my cottage, oh shit to late they had seen me and was pulling over, all I could see was a shadow of 1 person in the car, I had no choice but to walk towards this car who was pulling the window down, hello this voice came from inside the car, that’s when I realised it was a man, err hello I replied, I seem to have lost my way, I said as I bent down towards the window, I must have given him an eyeful at my wet cleavage and huge breasts, as his eyes looked like they were bulging out of their sockets, poor bloke I thought he must not be much older than 24-25, where are you off to he said , a small cottage in the forest but I cant seem to find my way, and was not prepared for this rain, he said he would help me find it, so I saw no harm in getting in the car as he seemed to have been caught in the downpour to, as his joggers were clinging to his rather nice bulge, and his soaked t shirt was transparent on his very manly chest, oh my I thought I hope he does not see me staring but I just cant help it, my nipples started to get more erect and stuck out, I was sat next to him fumbling with my seat belt, when I glanced out of the corner of my eye and seen him staring, he adjusted himself in his seat and I caught a glimpse of the outline of his dick tense, mmmm I thought he does not think I am disgusting in my ill fitting and missing underwear, I started to get these feelings that I had not felt for a very long time, I could see him glancing when he thought I was not looking, and I could see him getting harder and harder, all of a sudden he leaned over and made some excuse that he was looking for something in the glove compartment, as he reached over he brushed my soaked breast, I felt something stir, It felt like electrical pulses shooting through my body, I could feel my pussy getting wet it felt like it was flooding, I thought no I cant cum just sitting here he will hear me moan, I did all I could to stifle the moan which was about to escape , just from the brush of my tit he could do this, I started to think if given the opportunity what else was he capable of, oh god did I need a good shag an pussy licking, but he was a stranger I had just met, could I do this, he pulled his arm back and I realised that his dick was very hard, all I could think was I need this dick, in my mouth, pussy and I wanted to feel his tongue inside me, when all of a sudden his car stopped this pulled me back from my thoughts, he stated that his car had ran out of petrol, I laughed and said I bet this happens to you a lot, no he replied I usually come prepared, I could see he was flustered by the comment he had made he corrected himself, no I usually have a full tank of petrol when I go driving, oh I said not knowing if I was disappointed or just embarrassed.

He got his map out and realised that my cottage was only a couple of miles away so we decided that we would walk to it, he could dry off. And use the phone, so off we went, it was still raining, and every step I took my dress was getting more see through,
I could feel every movement I was making and it was sending more pulses racing through my already horny body and aching pussy, I turned back and could see he was so erect, I nearly cum there an then, a moan must have escaped my lips as he looked up towards me an seen me looking at him he smiled and looked away, he must be so close to spunking in his joggers as I could see it pulsing.

I calmly and hopefully got control of myself long enough to realise that I knew where I was, I explained to him that it was only 5 minuets away, oh he replied not looking in my direction, I could see he was a little embarrassed by his pulsing dick, but at this point I didn’t care, one way or another he was going to fuck my brains out all night, I just had to wait for the right opportunity for him to pluck up the courage not to just look but to actually do something about it, I could also see that he did not look very experienced but this suited me fine, so I would not make it easy for him to resist once we got back to my cottage,

I looked up ahead and could just make the outline of the cottage, ahh I said its just up ahead, we reached the door and in we went, there is some dry towels in the cupboard right next to the bathroom upstairs if you would like to get a shower to warm yourself up, there is also a dressing gown if you would like to put it on then I will dry your clothes for you so you don’t have to stay in wet sodden clothes, he agreed this would be a good idea so he smiled said thank you and walked slowly upstairs, once I thought he was out of ear shot, a few frustrated moans escaped my lips, I felt my pussy to see if it was really as wet as I thought it was, yes it was flooded, almost as if he had already shot his load into it, mmmmmmm mmmmmm my fingers touching my pussy nearly made me scream with delight, oh I was so close, I pulled my fingers away from my wet gaping pussy which was aching for his dick,

I stepped out of my wet dress and took off my bra, I found a dressing gown to put on and fortunately the only one I could find was a flowing cream see through one, I could feel the pulses racing through my body once again, I decided I would make a fire but first I wanted to see what he was doing, I could hear the shower running so I crept upstairs, I had to walk passed my bedroom door to reach the bathroom, which I was sure was shut before I looked in, and my red panties that I had removed before I went for my walk were now on the bed, mm I thought I went over to them picked them up, he had been in here as I could smell him on them, he had been sniffing my panties and by the smell had even wiped his dick with them and been close himself as I could smell his pre cum , this was going to be easier than I thought, I went towards the bathroom and peeped in, I could see his outline through the shower door, oh my he was in there wanking himself off, my hand went to my pussy which was really flooding by this time , I started to explore my gaping pussy while watching him wanking, my fingers slipped inside me while another found my clit, I must of got carried away and moaned loudly as I saw him stop and look towards me, I froze, he turned off the shower so I took the opportunity to quietly go downstairs, I knew I wanted his tongue and dick inside me but for him to catch me fingering my self. I entered the living room, and kneeled down by the fire legs apart slightly, as I was bending down to reach for the logs to put in the fire I heard a gasp and moan from behind me, erm erm erm he stuttered, I could not find the dressing gown just this small towel, my heart pounding I turned around, there he was with this towel wrapped around his waist, it was so small I could see his ball sack hanging just below the towel, I noticed his dick was still hard, oooo, mmmm I moaned I could not help it any more, I I I thought I would light a fire to warm us up the phone line seems to be down, and I cant charge my mobile up, I could see him looking me up and down, so I turned back to the fire I purposely spread my legs and bent over so he could really look, I could hear him make a gasp ever so quietly, I bent my head to I could glance at him without him seeing, and to my delight I could see him with his hand on his dick starting to wank himself behind me, I moved slightly and he stopped, this was killing me I needed this pussy licked and I needed it soon, I wanted to do allsorts to him, sit on his face while he licked and sucked, I wanted to make my self cum while he was wanking over my huge tits, I needed to bounce on his dick while he was playing my big spunk covered tits, mmmm ooooo mmmmm, I had to stop my thoughts otherwise I would have screamed there an then I could feel my pussy throbbing and aching for his mouth, I glanced again and could see him wanking his dick it was so hard,

As I was watching him wanking his dick, I could feel my self close to an orgasm without touching myself, the next thing I knew he was shooting his spunk all over my arse which I had purposely stuck out all the more, oh my god this was such a huge turn on, he started to mutter something like he was sorry and would make it up to me, but I was to taken with the moment to answer him just yet, I started to moan frantically, as I started to rub his spunk into my pussy I turned round so he could see, not sure if he was still stood there I did not care anymore I just needed to scream, mmmm this felt good, while I was playing with my big tits and roughly sticking my fingers in my wet and gaping pussy, I glanced and yes he was watching I could tell he was enjoying this as his dick had lost some of its erection but was not fully soft, I knew with a bit of persuasion it would become hard again so he could fuck me long and hard, the next thing I knew I was withering around on the floor , my orgasm came in a frenzy, panting I kneeled up an said you will pay for it and do anything I want.

I crawled over to him, and took his flaccid cock into my mouth mmmm his cum tasted so nice, he moaned and told me to bite it slightly, I slowly stood up and whispered in his ear that he would soon be fucking me in every hole he could think, and he would also lick and suck my pussy before and after he had spunked , I did not think it was possible for a man to get so hard again so soon, I pushed him down and straddled his chest, all I wanted was to taste him again, I put his hard dick into my mouth and started to lick slowly round the tip, gently applying teeth pressure just enough to make him moan, sucking and licking his now very hard dick I started to rub my pussy into his skin, he pulled me closer to him, I could feel his tongue teasing my clit next minute he thrust his tongue inside my wet pussy moaning with delight, I could feel he was getting close again to spunk, he must have felt this to and forcibly stuck a finger in my arse while sucking my clit, oh my god this is heaven I thought I wonder if his dick will go in there to, I will have to make it I was nearly screaming at this point, I could feel him shuddering and moaning as he spunked, I removed his dick from my mouth in mid spunk as I wanted this all over my big tits, I kneeled up so I was sitting on his face, rubbing his spunk into my big tits he must have known I was doing this as he was still moaning and his dick had not gone soft, mmmmmm I thought he could go on for hours now, I needed his dick in my pussy and my arse, I was wondering if I should get my toys out of the draw or just see what else he was capable of, next thing I knew I exploded all over his face, I did not want this to end. Have I made it up to you yet, he mumbled oh no I said you have just began, I could see I slight smirk on his face, and knew like me he wanted and needed more, he was licking his lips, lapping the excess cum that had escaped his mouth and watching me still rubbing his cum into my big tits.

I got off his chest and turned round to face him still on my knees I kissed him hard as I knew I still had a mouthful of his spunk, to my surprise he kissed back, I thought he would have pushed me off and spat his spunk out, but no he didn’t, I pointed to the stairs and told him he had not repaid me yet, told him to put on my panties that I knew he had been sniffing, he looked shocked like he had been caught doing something he shouldn’t have been, as he went up stairs I went into the back room were my suitcase was, I unzipped it, and got out my purple net dress, this is bound to send him wild I thought, I put it on and twisted my nipples a bit so they were very hard, I made sure they stuck out of one of the net holes, I then thought I will get my toys out so off I went to hopefully catch him wanking his dick trying to get it hard again, I wanted no I needed pleasuring all night, my body and clit was still trembling from him sucking my clit, wow that was truly amazing and I just had to have more and more, I slowly opened the door and there he was with my panties on, right I said I hope you are ready for this, yyyyes mistress he replied, I heard him gasp and get instantly hard again, when he seen what I had on, I bent down to put my bag of tricks on the floor and to unzip to get one out, mmmmmm I heard I then felt his hands grip my arse, I felt all tingles oooohhhh mmmmm I cried, then quickly turned and said not yet, I want you to put these on I said , ok he replied, I handed him some nipple clamps to my surprise he put them on his nipples, good now I want you to go in that bag and get out anything you want, he went in and got out my lube, ok I thought, then I seen him get out and loom at my anal beads, I could see what he was thinking and maybe if he was a good boy I might let him stick his dick in my arse and fuck it till he came mmmmm that sounded so nice I had to have this happen, I bent over the chair, right do something with them then instead of looking, I want you to please me, fuck me, lick, suck, till you cant go on anymore, he squirted the lube all over my arse and started rubbing it in, grabbing his dick while he was doing this I felt how hard it was, get that dick in my arse now I shouted, and fuck it like you have never fucked anything before, he rammed it in ohhhh yessss I screamed that’s it harder and faster , oh my god yessss that’s it I want to feel that spunk in there. I could hear him moaning, is that good, yyyes mistress, good now fuck it harder, I pushed him off and onto the bed where I climbed on his dick still putting it in my arse, this is how to do it you little wanker, I started to bounce up and down my massive tits bouncing wildly I started to finger my clit while pounding his dick, mmmmmm he screamed and the look of surprise I knew he had spunked, I climbed off, and ordered him to do what he does best and wank his little dick no way was this going to go soft, I got out my vibrator and stuck it in my gapping pussy, and started to fuck my self with it, is it hard enough again as I have not finished with your dick yet, iiiii think so he said, so I got on his dick and started to pound my self against him, his dick was very hard and very wet with his spunk still it felt so good in my pussy, so I bounced harder, mmmmmm ooooooo yessss , next minute he looked very surprised, has the little wanker spunked again so quick, yyyeessss sorry mistress, I climbed off and said right now you are going to eat my cream pie and lick all your spunk from my arse as well, I forced his head down to my pussy, to were he met his feast, wow I thought he is devouring me please don’t ever let this end, he knew exactly how to play with his tongue.

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