Erotic Bath Fantasy Part One

We had been seeing each other from time to time, whenever it was possible for us to sneak away from our other lives. We would rendezvous and the result was mostly the same each time, ending in wild, passionate lovemaking. It became routine for us to rent a room from the same hotel, and we would spend hours and hours exploring each other and making each other feel completely spent and fulfilled. Nothing was left unexplored. Nothing was left unsaid. But this night started differently.

It had been a rough week, and you had been completely stressed out from your hectic job and family life, and even though you always looked forward to our nights together, tonight you were a little distant and distracted. Normally our first moments together began with an embrace and long, firm kisses that only ignited the spark of our passion, and culminated in what I can only describe as earth-shattering, mind blowing sex at its finest. We have always been amazing together.

I suggest to you that we relax for a little bit and that you should let me try to help relieve your stress. You say to me that I am already good at helping you relieve stress, but I tell you that I have something else in mind. I was thinking of some fine red wine and an extremely hot bath together in the over sized tub in the next room. You raise one eyebrow in an intrigued expression and begin to get that smile that I love to see. The type of smile where it’s impossible to hide how much you look forward to our nights and my tender touches. I give my own smile back, and tell you to hold that thought, as I slip on my jacket, grab the key and dash out of the room.

There is a grocery store just a few short blocks from the hotel, and so I walk quickly to the store. So quickly that it might almost be considered a run, and when I get there I make a beeline for the wine selection, grabbing two bottles of the most expensive that I could find. Next I grab some disposable plastic cups, and then of course, a bottle of perfume scented bubble bath soap. Then it occurs to me that a few small candles might just make this scenario complete. The older lady who rings up my items takes a long look at them and then looks at me and gives a giant grin. I think she suspects what all of this will be used for. After I purchase all of these items, I find myself now actually running back to the hotel, and when I get to the room and open the door you are still in the room, but now sitting on the edge of the bed. You are happy that I was only gone for a very short time, but now we both need to be with each other, feeling each other’s warmth and intimacy.

I take your hand and lead you into the bathroom where we take everything out of the grocery bag and start to put the items to work. I start the hot water in the tub and pour in probably much more soap than is necessary, while you start to undress. You are amused at how I am hastily fumbling around the room trying to find a place for everything and my desire to make everything seem almost perfect because you know I am such a hopeless romantic. I open the packaging and place the two candles on the sink counter, and then pull out a lighter and ignite the wicks making the room begin to fill up with the lovely scent of Spring rain.

I reach over and turn off the light switch, so that now the only light is from the flickering flames, making the room dim, but very romantic. You only have your high heeled shoes off at this point, but then you reach up under your skirt and begin to slowly slide your stockings down your legs and over your feet. I am having a really hard time putting all of the pieces in motion as I am overly distracted by you undressing in front of me. You know that I love it when you tease me by undressing in such a slow and seductive manner. Now I open the package of cups and one of the bottles of wine, and pour in each cup until it is half full. I can’t quit looking over at you while you undress. You are so unbelievably hot that it makes me out of my head with lust, but I tell myself to calm down. This moment, this night is about you, only you.

The tub has filled up more that halfway now, but still not enough for us, and the steam from the hot water is fogging up the mirror, making the room seem almost hazy. You have your skirt pulled down now and are pulling it off over your feet, leaving only your blouse and bra still on. And I have begun to quickly take off my shoes and socks, and then my pants. My polo shirt is next, and finally my briefs. I am completely naked in front of you, and now my hands are free to help you undo your buttons, opening your blouse, and I reach both hands around your back and undo the hooks on your black lace bra. I pull it off around your shoulders revealing your full beautiful breasts, a sight I never tire of. And you help me take off the rest of your blouse and bra.

Now we are standing face to face, completely bare. On any other night I would be running my hands and mouth all over you, but tonight is about restraint, and I take your hand as I first step over the side of the tub and begin to lower myself into the water, and once I am in and sitting with my back against the back of the tub, you then carefully step over the side and lower yourself into the water resting your back against my chest with you sliding back on the tub bottom until you are in a comfortable sitting position with my legs an each side of you, and your arms resting on my bent knees.

I’m trying so hard (no pun intended) to not get fully erect yet because the closeness of you to my body and the smoothness and heat from the water feels so good right now. I know you feel it too because your nipples are hard and you slightly quiver at my merest touch, as parts of my body brush up against yours. I start to massage your back and shoulder blades with a soapy washcloth, and you make a small moan of contentment because you are feeling so good right now, and the wine isn’t hurting any either.


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