Erotic Bath Fantasy Part Three

You put your hands on each side of the tub and pull yourself up to standing, but still very weak in the knees from your massively rapturous orgasm, and you turn around and then sit back down into the water, this time facing me. You slide yourself back down into the water, putting your feet over my hips and resting your knees over my thighs.

You ask me, “Would you like me to wash you too?”

“Please, ” I answer.

I am still fully erect, but I am as excited about the reciprocation of you bathing me as I am at the thought of making love to you right now. You take the washcloth and begin to wash me, first rubbing the cloth gently on my chest and working up toward my broad shoulders. After washing each shoulder you use the cloth to soap up each one of my arms. Then you put the washcloth down into the water, reaching your hands down to start washing my thighs and then knees and calves, being very determined not to touch my penis yet, saving the best for last.

You know that I am turned on beyond belief, and now you have the chance to tease me a little, and maybe even get back at me in a playful way for teasing so well when I was pleasuring you. So you move your right hand over to me and give me just the slightest hint of a touch on the head of my cock with your fingertips. I nearly jump out of my skin from the initial contact because it feels like a static electricity charge coursing through my loins. I want you to grab it and stroke it but you don’t. Instead you immediately take your hand back a little, knowing that your touch is driving me crazy.

You have a sly smile on your face because you know that you love this just as much as I do, so you reach over again, and touch just the very tip again, giving a slight squeeze between your fingertips. It feels like I am on fire, but you let go right away again, and let out a tiny giggle. You are enjoying the power and control that you can exert over me.

“Just grab it, ” I say, but you look deeply into my eyes and shake your head no.

Oh, my god, I am going out of my mind with lust for you. You touch just the tip again and make a small subtle swirling motion with the tip of your finger at the very top of the head of my penis, and after a second or two you stop again.

“Please?” I ask you.

“You have to ask better than that,” you reply to me, never looking away from my eyes, still sporting that clever mischievous smile.

All I can muster in a groaning tone is, “I want you now. On top of me…”

You say, “Say my name when you tell me how you want me.”

I am almost delirious from the heat in the room, the water, the steam, your body, our passion… I tell you, “Zoe, I want you to fuck me.”

You reach over and grip my shaft very hard and say, “Not good enough… You know what I want to hear…”

I can’t take another minute of not being inside of you, and you have slowly been tightening your grip on my cock, driving even further to fuel my need for you. “I want you to sit on me, Zoe. Let me fuck you, now.” Those were the magic words.

You release my cock from your surprisingly strong vice grip, and then you place your left hand down on the tub and push yourself up as I push in farther towards you until our bodies meet. You raise up even slightly more to accommodate our height difference and then reach down between my legs with your right hand and grab my swollen cock and guide it towards you, and then lower yourself down on top of me. I enter you so slowly but pleasurable that we both almost cry out in absolute bliss. I slide into you as deep as I possibly can as you come to rest in the sitting position. Neither of us want to move just yet.

We just sit in that position for a few moments languishing in the feeling of me inside of you, filling you up, and you completely enveloping me in a perfect union of flesh and lust as if your very soul was attempting to embrace me. Both of your arms are around my shoulders, with you clinging to my body, pressing your chest tightly against mine. You are staring deeply and intensely into my eyes, and I cannot look away or break your gaze.

I push my face closer to yours and I say, “Kiss me.”

Your lips are tingling with the anticipation of another long wet passionate pairing of our lips, tasting each other’s warmth and energy. Our lips meet, firm and wet, you push your tongue into my lips and mouth where I accept your gentle probing, completely enjoying the moment when our tongues touch. You are always such an amazing kisser.

This is when you slowly start to wiggle your hips and begin to move up and down on me. It is a combination of the water and your own wetness that enhances our every push and pull, allowing us to slide so perfectly together, in and out, back and forth. The rhythm of our lovemaking is deliberate, yet intense. Sweet, yet almost scandalous, as you begin to increase the speed and pressure of your pelvis grinding down onto me. With each and every down stroke you add a very slight forward push with your pelvis that is making me almost yell out from the ecstasy. My hands are down around your hips pulling you in towards my hips at the same time, gripping you to the point of almost bruising you, but not quite.

You are even more turned on by the almost animalistic state that you are putting me in, as you pull my body even tighter to you, your breasts mashed against my chest, your hands clutching at my neck and the back of my head. We continue to kiss sporadically through our act, but our labored breathing and fluid motion is making it harder to concentrate on anything other than the lustful act itself. I’m going to cum and it’s too late to stop it. I’m only going to last for a few moments more, and so I thrust myself into you in the way that only a woman knows when a man is going to explode. Your arousal has reached its peak again too. You anticipate my orgasm, and you know you will quickly answer it with your own. You quietly and deliberately drop, forcing yourself down onto me in one final push, tightening your vagina around my cock, as if to extract the orgasm from me forcefully.

Putting your mouth next to my ear, you whisper to me, “I want you to cum inside of me.”

Hearing that immediately puts me into a sexual frenzy as I pulse into you. I can’t wait any longer, and I gasp out, “I’m cumming!”

As if on queue, you begin quaking again, and your orgasm hits you with the force of a moving car, both of us feeling as if the whole room is about to explode. I shoot my entire load into you, letting out one final gasp, as you shake with each and every throbbing push into you, making you bite down on my neck to stifle a scream. We slow our bodies as the waves subside, still holding each other tight, still on fire from the heat of our lust, both of us completely spent, satisfied beyond words. You gave me, without a doubt, the single greatest orgasm that I have ever had, and as we hold each other we very slowly and quietly slip back into reality. The bath water has really grown cold, but in our feverished lovemaking we couldn’t have noticed.

We pull back away from each other, still continuing to hold hands, sitting there for a moment staring into each other’s eyes.

I say, “It’s getting a bit chilly in here,” as I make a gesture toward the cooled bath water.

You don’t say a word. We are as kindred spirits, so comfortable with each other that sometimes we don’t even need words to convey thoughts or feelings to each other. You start to stand up and reach over and pull a towel off of the towel rack.

I hold my hand out to stop you, and I say, “Let me…” And I take the towel from your shivering hands.

I step around behind you and wrap the towel around your body, embracing you from behind, trying to warm both of us. I grab another towel and wrap it around my waist, then I take your hand again and lead us back to the bed in the main room. I drop my towel onto the floor, pull back the blankets, and ease into bed, pulling your hand towards me. You let your own towel fall to the floor and then slide in under the blankets next to me. I look over at the clock. We still have a few more hours to spend together, and I want to continue to touch you, and hold you, and kiss you every single moment until we must part ways again.

We pull the blankets up over our heads and then embrace each other. It seems as though your shivering has finally stopped, our arms wrapped around each other beginning to slowly warm each other up again. Again, unspoken, we know that this will lead to more lovemaking before the night is through because we are truly insatiable kindred spirits.


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