Erotic Bath Fantasy Part Two

This feels heavenly for both of us. The closeness and the intimacy. We both let our guards down and feel so uninhibited around each other. I am washing you all over, but slowly, very carefully not to rush and always with tenderness. You accept my every gesture, anticipating the light and sometimes playful touches as I use my hands to wring out the wet washcloth over your shoulders and back, and even though I move my hands around to your breasts in order to continue to bathe you, I am not making any sexual overtures to you yet, just sensual touches as I wash and then pour a little water over you. And even when I move my hands, sliding them down your abdomen to your vagina and begin to wash tenderly with the cloth, I am careful not to try to fully stimulate you yet.

There is no difficulty in reaching around you because I am taller than you, and have long arms, so you like the feeling of having them wrapped around you, always feeling safe and warm in my arms. I also use the washcloth on your arms one at a time, going from shoulder to hand on each arm, deliberately and with attention to every part. When I get to the tips of your fingers I take my fingers and intertwine them with yours and hold your hands firmly but gently. I’ve waited tonight for the moment when I could kiss your neck and now is the perfect time, so I lean my head forward and lightly kiss that spot on your neck that always gives you goosebumps, and as I kiss you there, you start gripping my hand more firmly, showing me that you truly are enjoying the attention that I am giving you. After a moment or two, I take my hands away from yours slowly and place each hand on your thighs and then slowly run my hands tenderly down your legs toward your knees, washing each leg. As I touch your legs you start to moan just a little and spread your legs a little wider as you still sit between my legs with your back to me.

There is no more hiding the fact that this is turning me on too. All along you have been feeling my arousal for you against the small of your back, growing a little bit more as I have been moving the washcloth from one part of your body to the next. The harder I get the more you wiggle in such a subtle way against me pressing back on me playfully. You have been sipping wine out of your cup from time to time as I’ve been washing you, and you seem so much more relaxed now.

I whisper in your ear, “Feeling better sweetheart?”

And you respond with a very sexy and sultry, “Mmm-hmmm,” nodding your head yes.

You love it so much when I kiss and caress the back of your neck with my lips, and as I move from your neck to your left ear with my gentle and playful kisses you moan a little. This is the spot that drives you crazy. This is the spot that makes you ache with desire for me. While I focus my attention on the erogenous zone around your neck and ears, you put the cup down and take both of your hands and reach them to my hands that are close to your knees, still giving you playful touches with my fingertips. You take my hands each into your hands and then slowly and seductively guide them back to your vagina, only this time there will be no more washing. It’s very clear at this point that we’re both ready to move on from me bathing you.

You place my hands at your pussy and when I eagerly start to explore you with my fingertips you let out a little moan that is equal parts lust and relief. All of your stress and worries have melted away now, and you want to focus your emotions on me now, and be with me here and now, in this moment. Slowly and deliberately, but with ever so light of a touch, I move my fingers around you caressing your outer lips and around the opening, but not intruding yet, playfully brushing my fingertips around your clitoris as well, making you relax even further. I make a tiny and subtle circular motion with the very tip of my index finger around your clitoris that has made you wiggle a little with delight.

One of the things you like about me the most is that I have really big hands, but yet such a gentle touch, and that you have always thought from our past liaisons that I have such an amazing talent for knowing just the right spot to touch you, knowing just the right spot that drives you to the edge of ecstasy and then gives you that gentle push beyond. You love the wonderful technique I incorporate into my fingers’ motions, and it’s making you more aroused and euphoric. The fingertips of my right hand are focused on massaging and teasing your clit, while my left fingers are still lightly exploring your opening. I then start to insert my index finger into you, smoothly and timidly at first in an attempt to tease you into wanting more. I gently and deliberately move the finger in and out of you a few more times, all while I am still kissing your neck and ear, and you have raised your left arm and hand in order to reach around the back of my head, playfully, yet firmly griping a handful of my hair, pulling my head in closer to your neck.

You let out a very sexy sigh of contentment and start to move your pelvis more in rhythm to my hands and fingers now, which are both working in perfect tandem for your pleasure, combining the deliberate circular motions of my finger that is massaging your clit and the finger that is sliding in and out of you in such a focused short fluid motion.

Keeping with that rhythm I then insert my middle finger as well,┬ámaking you quiver even more, feeling tiny little waves start to wash over you. You are so turned on at this point that you know that if I continue there will be no doubt that you will come soon, and hard. I sense your arousal and acceptance of the second finger, and after a few more seconds of sliding them in and out of you, and still continuing to circle your clitoris with the other finger, I then push them gently just a little bit deeper inside of you. You start to rock your hips and pelvis with my motion and rhythm. You can’t even remember the last time you were this turned on.

You say softly but excitedly to me, “I’m going to cum!”

And that makes me quicken my pace with the fingers of both hands just a tiny bit, because it turns me on so much when you say stuff like that to me. I playfully, but oh so carefully bite your neck, not enough to even leave a mark, and as I do your orgasm wave crashes into you like an earthquake around 9 point 3 on the Richter Scale. Softly and between little moans, almost breathless, you say my name out loud just once as it hits you. Your whole body forcefully shakes as you release, quaking with each passing ebb and flow of your orgasm, all while I’m still making the swirling motion around your clit and the very driven deliberate motion of my other fingers that are still inside of you.

I am still licking and nibbling at your ear when you say almost breathlessly through clenched teeth, “You make me cum so good!” still shaking all over, letting the orgasm pound you into submission.

We ride this out together, my fingers still inside of you and fingers massaging you, my mouth now kissing your neck again. After each shaking wave from your body I teasingly move my finger just once around your clit, causing you to have a lightning fast tremor. Your left hand is still around my head, but now your right hand is grasping at my right hand, squeezing it very hard, trying to get me to stop teasing you. But a second and third time, I tease your clitoris, again making the little tremors, and you can’t take any more, the teasingly light motions are too much. Eventually you stop shaking, and the intensity is now reduced to tiny little shocks and quivers from an after-orgasm euphoria, and you are almost completely spent. I very carefully remove my fingers from you now to avoid even the slightest brush of my fingertips on your vagina, but still causing tiny little electric aftershocks of pleasure for you.

I raise my head away from your neck some, smile, then ask you teasingly, “Did you like that?” even though I already knew the answer.

Completely out of breath now you reply, “You know I did,” returning my smile with a mischievous smile of your own.

You aren’t sure if you have ever come┬áthat hard or intensely before, but all you wanted now was more. You have waited for over two weeks now since our last date, and now the wait is over. You say to me in a voice sexier than I have ever experienced before, “Your turn…”

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