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It was dark with a slight chill in the air Joe could sense the beat of his heart resounding in his ears there Jasmine was lying on the bed her skin shimmering against the soft candle light he always liked the light from one candle but only one. In his view it was still dark enough to know that it was late evening but still just light enough to see her body and just enough to know that she was very excited her nipples were erect and he could tell that her sense of excitement had increased significantly since she had just been tied to the iron bed using red silk scarves that he had wrapped in a box and presented to her at the restaurant earlier.

He had taken her to a restaurant with booths where he could slink in and sit next to her and deliberately enhance the sexual tension he had one intension from today and that was to pleasure his partner and make it a day she would never forget.

It started around 7:30 a.m. yes he was determined to make her excited that early and make her so expectant that she was positively pent up with sexual desire even before he picked her up at 8 in the evening. He sent her a text and told her that they were going on a date and that over the course of the day he would be sending more texts and that she must do exactly as she was told to earn her reward.

Joe had planned the whole day at 2 p.m. he would tell her to go to the closet where she would find her first set of instructions and then at 2:45 more and then at 4pm more and then at 6 the final set of instructions.

It all went to plan at 2 pm she found her first set of instructions to take a long bath but she must be out of the bath by 2:40 pm no further instructions or information was given. She lay in the bath not knowing what was going to happen and curious as to what was going to happen. At 2:40 she got out of the bath and at 2:45 there was a knock on the door. She opened it there stood a cute 5 foot 6 inch female smiling and with a devilish smile that meant she knew what was coming. She had a black hair, red lip stick, perfect teeth and was curvy in all the right places.

Hi you must be Jasmine, Joe sent me he has asked me to come on over and give you a massage I’m Carry, I hope you’ve had your instructed bath? She nodded and invited her in to her apartment. Joe was curious and nervous at the same time. What was Joe playing at but though she was nervous she went along with Joe’s plot.

They went to the bedroom and Jasmine lay on her front whilst Carry placed a towel over her back. Jasmine could smell the oil it was scented and was calming and yet had an intensity that heightened her sense of smell yes she remembered now it was coconut and it took her right back to laying on a beach sunbathing. As she lay there the warm oil was being massaged into her legs, Initially it was from her ankles and over her calves but then as Jasmine relaxed Carry began to move her hands up the back of her thighs. At first this was in long quick strokes but as she relaxed she noticed a difference. The strokes became slower and began to move around her butt and down the side of her inner thighs. After 20 minutes Carry gently turned her over and began massaging the front of her legs and gradually increased the intensity of her strokes moving closer to her inner thighs with circular movements. Every once in a while Carry would flick her little finger of her vagina at first with a light touch she would immediately move away only to come back again a few minutes later but with each time her finger would linger there a few seconds longer. Jasmine had fantasied about being with another woman but had never dared to explore her bi-curious side. By this time she was dripping wet and wanted more, much more. Carry continued as Jasmine started arching her back evidently enjoying the experience. Carry’s fingers were now pressing and releasing across her cunt it was giving Jasmine an amazing sense of inner pleasure.

Jasmine’s eyes opened just as she saw Carry take off her. She then started to kiss her fingers little kisses at first before taking two of her fingers and covering her lips all the way down. Jasmine couldn’t believe it her body was completely immersed in the pleasure enveloping her. Carry moved up and looked at Jasmine before slowly moving towards her lips.

Jasmine was completely ready never had she wanted something so much and never had she felt so totally ready for intimate pleasure. She felt as though it was forbidden pleasure almost dangerous and yet it wasn’t it was pure sexual desire. Their lips touched gently and it was so gentle so soft and so perfect. At the same time as this Carry’s hand was probing her breasts touching, feeling squeezing and at each squeeze Jasmine moaned it was instinctive she couldn’t help it.

Jasmine was also using her hands probing feeling she had never been close to another woman before she had fantasied yes, but never dared to, never thought it would happen and yet she was here having the most intense and amazing experience with another woman.

Jasmine began feeling her way down Carry’s back to reach her butt before she did Carry was moving down Jasmine’s body and using her fingers with ever increasing intensity pressing, pushing and sliding up and down her cunt Jasmine was more wet than she had ever been before. Carry’s tongue was now over her moist wet vagina sucking licking and probing, stoking her thighs and coming back for more. Slowly she flicked her tongue side to side and with each flick her fingers were probing inside her. Jasmine’s whole body could sense every aspect it was so intense that her body was quite literally trembling with excitement as she orgasmed not once but multiple times.

Jasmine felt amazing and for a few minutes afterwards continue to orgasm. It was 4 p.m. and the phone rang it was Joe he said four words “open the bedside draw”. There as an envelope on the front it said pay Carry what you think she is worth. Carry sat upright looking at Jasmine. Jasmine went pink she had been with an escort and now had to pay but then she smiled and thought what the heck she had experienced her first bi sexual encounter and it has been worth it. She gave her the envelope and without a word Carry got up and left.

Jasmine sat there exhausted but totally elated. At exactly 6 she heard something in the background it was a phone she had fallen into a deep sleep. It was Joe be ready at 8 wear your black dress the one with the buttons all the way down, stockings and heels and then he hung up.

At exactly 8 Joe arrived smiling Jasmine smiled coyly back knowing that he knew what had occurred but dared not mention it. They arrived at the restaurant and sat in the booth Joe slid in beside her. He said that he was pleased she had followed his instructions but was disappointed that she had not followed it to the letter. Jasmine was puzzled she had put on the black dress the one with the buttons all the way down, stockings and heels even added his favourite perfume the one that said come and get me. Joe looked at her and said you are wearing lingerie go to the wash room and take them off. Jasmine smiled and got up and went to the wash room as asked and duly took her bra and knickers off. It felt good to be naked agains the black dress (it was woolen). she came back and Joe smiled “That’s better”.

The restaurant that created the perfect mood dark lighting, red leather, intimate where no one cared much about other tables. Joe and Jasmine ordered and ate talking all the while but he never mentioned the days events until towards the end of the dinner.

He had been toying with her, once in a while he would touch her stockings (she left those on as he knew how much that turned him on) secretly Jasmine had been wet ever since she had ben to the washroom but had managed to keep herself in check, just!

Joe unbuttoned the two lowest buttons and moved his hand up her thigh lent across to her and whispered “did you enjoy yourself this afternoon” as he said he just flicked her moist cunt. She trembled and with a quivering voice managed to say “yes” just. Joe knew she was feeing horny wet her nipples had been erect for the whole meal. When the bill arrived there was a box with Jasmine’s name in it. He gave her the box with the red silk and blindfold in it.

He called for the check and paid the bill and they went back to her apartment. Joe blindfolded her and stripped her naked before ting her to the bed. At that point she was being kissed and the blindfold removed there was Carry.

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