evil john part four

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All charters in this tell are 21 thanks

It was Sunday and their was a knock at the door. When john open the door Jill the girl next door came in wear a nice blue dress hi john how u doing just great he said need a few more vid for my web sight. Cool she says need help. Let go down stairs to the pool table. John had got ten a new record and was ready to put it to use the x 1000 is a professional grade camera not that is x96 was bad. He help her undress. And she stared to rub his chest. It wasn’t too long till the sound of a girls suck a huge cock can be heard through out the room john pulled her up so can reverse cowgirl him her nice breast flap away the sound of her ass bang on his leg fill the air her cries of joy fill his ears as he grab her breast after a few mins have pass he laid on the couch spread eagle and continue fuck her with all delight. And final spray his cum all over her very sexy body. A green glow was coming from him yes he said look at his nude self in the mirror as Jill was take a shower in the clear glass still being tape for his porn sight as June came down to show off her super model figure she was wear a black towel witch she remove as soon as she hit the floor. She walk over to the bar a pored he a glass of red wine then made her way to john still posing in the mirror she took a slip then poor the rest over her body make sure her pussy was nice and wet. She grad john cock and walk him of to his new black leather couch and sit him down. And set him down while she did a lap dance on him his sister Rebecca came down wearing a pink bath towel she went behind the bar a pulled out huge double dildo. Slow made her way to Jill still in the shower. June was still lap dancing john we he turned in to his demon forum his golden horn and black as ash body with golden tribal tattoo’s. all over his body now 10 feet tall he grew a second penis and trust both of them in June holes ahh she cried out as the penetrate her hole ahaha oooo hhhh god she moan out loud.
John the demon look over to the right to see his sister band Jill doggy style while she was eating pumpkins pussy who had joined them. In a lesbians threesome each kissing and feel each other body. Fuuuckkkk June screamed out as she orgasm. Is enjoy the felling hot cum filling her belly as she got off john she went to the bar and made his a drink them join Rebecca in the shower dped Jill. Pumpkins walk over and gave him the message he was looking for how long in a few days john said I need to boots my magic more I let u know. Were my panties at john smile as he combined his two penis in to a monster cock. He grad her ass with is huge hand the size of a base ball and trussed his huge cock deep in her pussy her cries were like music to him.
As he look to his right on the couch Sofia the white hair witch spoke am I to late no john said. Ur just time just then his evil tail last out like a wipe. Tentacle came from his hair tieing her hand and looping around her tits and the penis looking one went deep in her pussy as his tail plunches ’ deep in her ass he was sitting look at his sister and June make out Jill is pass out after they has their way with her pumpkins is close to her orgasm she pounding her self down hard on his cock he put on of his huge fingers in her mouth to quite her down.
And for Sofia her tentacle fuck had just begun he was think she would last about another 15 – 20 mins till he sweat song would fill he ears. He loom up at his two camera filming away and he just laugh out for a second he felt pumpkins pass out he roll her on the floor and set Sofia on his huge cock his tail still banging her ass. Soon u will cum and I will have more power he read the note from the witch want to breed with him shit I not ready yet need to do something to get more power as a green light came from the shower. John look at his pc as Sofia lead her head on his should riding harder now I know what to do as her screams filled the air a green light came from the pool room from down the stairs . An add from his mom school said help wanted. Gym teachers male can apply.


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