Fantasy Sex With Step-Daughter

I am 70 years old and have a step-daughter 52 years of age.  She lives in Florida, while I live in Idaho.  When we lived closer to each other, I would visit her from time to time with her mom and I would always walk out with a hard on.  She is a tall blonde, big tits, small waist, big ass and the longest legs you can find, but she always managed to give me a peek as she would bend down to pick something off the floor and those tits spilled out almost to the floor, or she would sit in front of me, cross those long legs and take just enough time to ensure I got an eye full of what lay between those legs. In any case, I almost felt remorseful for even thinking thoughts like that, but after all, she is my STEP-daughter. 

While riding with her one night to pick up her daughter, she pulled the dress up further in her lap and showed off those legs again and I got a hard on, again.  She was talking with her daughter who was 19 years old and told her that to watch out for all those guys because most of all, they only want a piece of ass.  This was the first time she had talked that way around me, but her daughter continued talking about this guy and said it only hurt a little when he entered me and after that it felt good, but she had experienced some wonderful sensations and almost passed out from the size of him. 

I tried to remain calm and attempted to avoid this conversation, but she noticed this and said, “Well, she is your step granddaughter, aren’t you going to put your two cents worth in? After all, she just got laid for the first time and now she is probably pregnant.  Talk to her about how most men feel about getting a little piece from time to time.”

I attempted to talk to her and asked her if she wanted me to take a look and see if she was torn or anything, but my stepdaughter said, “Hell no! You probably want to get some yourself, back off!”

I backed off but a few months later, my granddaughter came to visit us.  She is like her mom, blonde, big tits and all and really put together, enough to make your mouth water.  She visited for two days and the last night there asked if I would drive her to wal-mart and off we went.  When I parked at wal-mart, she grabbed my hand and stuck it down between her legs and asked if I would examine her to make sure she had not hurt anything as she was getting married in six months.  I readily agreed to examine her and pushed her back against the door and parted her legs.  I pulled her panties down and rubbed her pussy, inserting two fingers and fucking her slowly.  She immediately began to groan and asked me to fuck her as she was very hot.  I did better than that.  I lowered my head between those legs and began eating her pussy and she was wriggling and panting and screamed as she came.  I then fucked her hard and heavy and shot my load up that sweet little pussy.  After that, about once a month we would get together for a fuck session and I was never disappointed.  Even when she got married, she would visit me or have me meet her someplace for some juicy fucks.

Her mom called me a few days ago and we had a conversation that ended up with me saying, “The checks in the mail,” to which she replied, “I bet you tell your girlfriend that you wont cum in her mouth also,” and laughed about that.

I instantly got a hard on listening to her talk that way and I told her she had made my day as I thought about that mouth of hers a lot. I also told her that yes, if she sucked, I wouldn’t cum in her mouth. She replied that we were too far away to experiment with that.

“Let’s do it on the phone,” I suggested “And if it works out good, I will take a plane over to visit you and try the real thing.”

She agreed and immediately said, “How would you like to eat my pussy while I sucked you off and after that, you could fuck me in all my holes.”

While she was talking seductively like that I creamed in my shorts and it was a very good explosion, long and incredible.

When I told her this she said, “Yes, I know, I shot a load also just thinking of your cock deep inside me.”

And with that I am off to the airport in two days and will spend a week with her.  Will let you know more in another story.

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