Farmer’s Daughter Part 2

To help her relax, I start kissing at her right knee and work my way up. Her tense body slowly starts to give way. I look at her and her head is back trying to anticipate my next move. I kiss her pussy on the outside of her dress and I get a small taste of her juicy pussy. I move my head back to her other knee and start again. Now I could tell she was putty in my hands. I run my hands on the outside of her legs, massaging them softly. My fingers slip inside her dress and start pushing her dress up slowly. No resistance this time.
My kisses end right next to her pussy. As I take in the aroma of her sweet juicy pussy, I feel her body tense up. Not knowing what to expect, she grabs my head and forcefully shoves me into her pussy. I’m slurping sweet pussy juice as it flows down my chin. Then comes the real kick for her when I bring my tongue out and lick from the bottom up. I stop and play with her clit and that starts those legs squeezing my head. Almost unable to breathe, I keep licking and slurping all I can and nothing but moans and a slight hair pull is all I hear and feel.
Wiggling my head through her legs I feel her relax and I ask, “So now do you think I returned the favor good enough?”

“Good enough? Hell, boy, you made me cum twice! Nobody has ever done that before!” she exclaimed in total exhaustion.

“That’s my bread and butter!” I said trying to sound a little down.

She looked down upon me with a puzzled look on her face as if to say what are you going to do next. Before a single motion from her to try and stop me, I dove right back in there and made her cum again. Now she was limp and as her body seemed to collapse I spread her legs and she slid right down on my dick without a problem. As a moan came from her lips I grabbed her head and gave her a strong and passionate kiss, letting her taste herself. With her totally helpless, I couldn’t help but fuck her harder and harder while still kissing her.
Scooting down in the seat, her legs were able to spread a little farther apart and allowed me to go deep as I could. With both hands I grabbed her head and laid it on my shoulder, all the while fucking her harder and faster than the energizer bunny could. My hands slide down her sides and grab a hand full of ass and spread her butt cheeks wide. Her crying and moaning for me to slow down had no effect on me. Harder I pushed on, but I had other plans.
“Let’s go,” I said.

“Where?” she replied breathlessly.


I slid out from underneath her and had to drag her body. As I started climbing down the steps of the tractor she stopped at the top one and sat down and couldn’t move. Leaving her pussy exposed, I couldn’t help myself again. I lifted her legs and dove right into her sweet spot again. Grabbing my head again and shoving me even deeper, my whole face was soaked now after making her squirt cum all over my face. It looked like I had been running a marathon. Taking my hand I wiped my face and pulling her up with the other I slide my fingers in and out of her mouth, letting her lick her juices off my hand. I felt something a little familiar as my dick was right on the edge of her pussy. Pulsing my dick I was making it hit her clit just hard enough to make her jump a little.
Without laying a hand on my cock I slid down and shoved my cock inside of her again. This she wasn’t ready for, for she was still sucking on my fingers and as I pulled out and slammed her again, she bit my finger just hard enough to be enjoyed. Easing my cock all the way in, I wrapped her legs around my body, turned her around and carried her down the steps. Walking back to the plow I ease her down onto the hot steel, pull myself out and turn her around letting her feet touch the ground.
Starting at her feet I lightly touch her legs all the way up and stop at her pussy, her scent sending a shiver throughout my entire body. My hands continued to move her body underneath her dress. Pulling her back she stood up and I was able to remove her dress. Bending down again my hands found their way to her small breasts. Taking a nipple between my fingers I pulled them as to make them stretch.
With my hands on her breasts I laid my head on her back and slowly started kissing up her spine. Pausing my hand real quick to move her hair I keep kissing all the way up her neck. As I was kissing her neck I felt the all too familiar sweet spot that I been pounding for the first time that day. I ease my cock inside her again. I dared not pound her anymore but use my length to have a nice and hard fuck. Slowly in and out, out and in, feeling her knees buckle we dropped to our knees without missing a beat.
My cock sliding in and out of her pussy, my hands still with a handful of breasts, I felt the urge that seemed to come just too quickly. However this wasn’t how I wanted to end. So quickly I pulled out, picked her up and laid her on the plow. On her back with her head lying over the side she looked like a limp human. I lowered my cock and lined it up with her mouth. Touching her lips with my tip, her mouth slowly opened up. I wasn’t as gentle this time, pushing my cock to the back of her throat. There was no resistance for how anything got done. A few strokes later and my cock half way in her mouth I shot my load inside her mouth. This however made me go limp as well for I fell on top of her. Struggling to get up my cock slipped out, leaving a small amount of cum on her lips. I dropped to my knees. Looking at her, her tongue came out and licked her lips making sure to catch all of my cum.

Letting out a sigh and a little chuckle I hear her mumble, “What’s so funny?”

“You are the first woman I have ever fucked!”

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