Father Francis and Sister Maria

Father Paul out of the corner of his eyes often caught on to these little gestures between Francis and Maria and was very jealous and very hot for Sister Maria himself. Father Paul confessed to Father Francis of his desires for Sister Maria. They both were ashamed and both gave each other penance to say for their filthy thoughts.

Finally one late evening while both priest were over doing some alter wine, the subject of the beautiful Sister Maria came up again. Both priests decided that they would suck each other’s cocks to relieve their thoughts of the sexual desires Sister Maria gave to them. They lay in Farther Francis’s  bed, totally naked, sucking on each others holy shaft. Their buildup from over the years was strong. When both priests shot their load, their faces were fully covered and it took them at least a half hour to clean themselves of their holy cum.

Late one evening while Sister Maria was doing her chores at the church steeple room, she overheard both priests talk about how wonderful it would be to rape her. Sister Maria began to shake at that thought, her nipples began to harden and her virgin pussy began to get wet. She prayed softly to herself for forgiveness to her filthy thoughts of enjoying herself being raped.  Both priest, after cumming together would leave their cum soaked tissues in father Francis’s waste basket and then went to town for a quick meal.

Sister Maria was ever so curious about men; it was her chance to sneak into the room and touch the tissue full of the priests’ seed.  She had taken a long cross with her, lifted her gown up and yelled, “In the name of Christ, take my virginity” with that she took the cross and plunged it into her virgin slit. She bled a lot but stuffed her pussy with the cum filled wet tissues that both priest had left. Squeezing her breast and gyrating her young hips she was able to bring herself to an orgasm. When she was finished, she filled her pussy with more of their seed filled tissues and had yet still another orgasm.

Sister Maria was so weak from her orgasms that she could barely clean up the mess made in Father Francis’s room. She turned around and there was Father Paul and Father Francis looking at her beautiful nude body. There on the bed laid the bloody cross which the two of them figured out quickly what she used it for.

“Oh my God, Sister Maria, your going to burn in hell for this,” Father Francis yelled. Father Paul told her that to be forgiven she must be filled with their holy sperm in all of her holes.  “Oh yes, please, I’m sorry, please help me get forgiven. I thought the both of you were going to rape me.”

They took Sister Maria to a cool basement room of the church. Farther Francis was the first to expose his hard 9″ cock to sister Maris. “Kiss its tip, kiss its tip, and when I cum make the sign of the cross on your forehead. Father Paul began to rub warm oil he had retrieved from the alter and with his long fingers began to massage Maria’s breasts. Maria kept licking and kissing Father Francis’s long cock, her tongue flickered softly under its purple swollen head. “Take her pussy first,” he yelled at Father Paul. Paul who was also quite endowed slowly entered between her creamy legs. Blood still dripping onto her creamy white thighs from the busted pussy from the cross that still laid on the bed.  Moans of pleasure that were screams by sister Maria seemed to never stop as both priest fucked her throughout the evening. All of her openings were filled by their cocks. They were totally infatuated with sister  Maria and continued for an entire week to fuck her every night.

Sister Maria was now allowed to sit at the same dinner table as both Father Francis and Paul. They both would sit close next to her and fondle her as they were eating. Often each would stop and fuck her on the dinner table.  After three weeks went by, sister Maria seemed to shut them out and not want to have sex with either priest. They decided they missed her sex too much to let her go. After dinner that night they were truly going to rape her.

They walked her down to the usual basement room and locked the door Sister Maria out of nowhere just started laughing at them.  They ordered her to strip and she just smiled and replied, “Yes, my Fathers.”  As she lifted her gown a long pointed tail fell to the floor swaying from left to right before both priests. Where Maria’s breasts were, now were two mouths with sharp teeth. Out of nowhere two horns appeared on her head and a long forked tongue flickered out of her mouth.  The lasts words the priests heard that evening were, “Yes,  we’re are going to have fun tonight. I love my Virgin Priests….Ha ha ha ha.”

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