First Time With Guy

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It was at an adult theater in CA when it happened. I went to watch some porn and jerk off. The booths had open doors so anyone on the other side could see you and vice versa.

I was watching lesbian porn and getting hard. A young Hispanic guy went into the booth across from me and started rubbing his cock. I was nervous, but horny. I dropped my pants and exposed my cock entirely and started jerking it and even turned toward him. This was the first time a guy had watched me jerk off since I was younger.

Then without warning, the guy ran across the hall and entered my booth and took my cock in his mouth. OMG it felt good! It might seem wrong to some, but he sucked me better than anyone else had ever done. I quickly came in his mouth. He got up and walked away but I was turned on so much I jerked off again.

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