Fling With A Surprise Stepmom

This story is a short fan fiction story based on a crime drama television show from the 1970’s called “The Streets Of San Francisco.” While I did not create the main characters, there might be some characters in the story that are not from the show. The words and idea for the story though are all mine.

She knew who he was. She had heard about him for years, but he never knew about her. And that was going to be to her advantage. What he didn’t know wouldn’t hurt him, that is what she thought. What she didn’t know was it would hurt her as well as him when the truth was revealed.

The day that she was on the hunt for the one man that could fill the need she had burning inside was a day she longed for. Her husband had been dead almost a year now. She had bide her time, planning all this out very carefully.

Her trek into the Hall of Justice was not without reason. She knew this was where he worked. Her husband had kept up with the young man through the years, although they never had any contact.

She saw him coming down the hall, he was with an older man. She purposely dropped her wallet as he was near. Of course he bent down to retrieve it for her. She thanked him with an incredible smile and a glance at his ring finger.

“Thank you, that was kind of you uh.. Sorry, I don’t know your name,” she apologized softly.

The older man walked on, leaving his young protege to sort this new conquest out. He had seen the signs before in women who encountered his partner, as well as in his partner, and this time was a definite conquest.

“Uh..Steven…Steven Keller, and you are welcome,” Steve said shyly.

After a few minutes conversation he excused himself to rejoin Mike. As they hit the streets Steve was quiet, thinking about the woman he had just met and knew he was almost definitely hooked. Mike glanced over at Steve being so quiet and saw that look in his eyes. It was a look he had seen more than a few times and usually never surprised him, but this time the woman had at least ten years on his partner.

“Buddy boy, she had at least ten years on you,” Mike spoke discouragingly.

“Who?” Steve asked innocently.

“Don’t give me that. That woman in the hall. The one you have had this moon calf look over for the past half hour,” Mike chided gently.

“Mike, age doesn’t matter. There are more than a few older women, younger men scenarios,” Steve replied calmly.

“Here we go again. Steve I don’t want you hurt. I worry about you like my own son. Try to take it slow please,” Mike pleaded seriously.

“Of course, just like always. I will take it slow Mike,” Steve promised quietly.

“I got the feeling you already have a date with her. What is the wonderful person’s name?” Mike inquired, concerned.

“Well, you are wrong about the date but right that I already know the name. Her name is Susan Killian. And yes she is about ten years older than I am. She lost her husband almost a year ago,” Steve informed Mike.

“And out looking for another. And just happened to run into this young police inspector. Buddy boy you best drop this potato before it is too hot to handle,” Mike advised frankly.

Steve knew Mike was genuinely concerned about his well being and appreciated it. He also knew that Mike would be the first one to be there if things went sour for Steve. This time Steve planned to take things slower as he had promised Mike. The only problem was the woman he had met had her own time schedule she planned to keep. She was sure once she got started working on Steven Keller he would not be able to resist her charm or anything offered, and it would be offered sooner than Steve thought possible.

To say that this woman was not just a fleeting thought was an understatement. For some reason, Steve honestly could not get her out of his mind. The third day after having met her he made the phone call that Mike knew he would make.

“Hi, Susan. This is Steven Keller. How are you doing?” Steve inquired shyly.

“Oh, hi Steven. I am doing fine. How about you? It is funny you called, I was just thinking about you,” Susan said throatily.

“That is nice to hear,” Steve can’t keep the smile out of his voice. “I was wondering if you had any plans tonight?”

“None that I know of. Did you have something in mind?” Susan asked hopefully.

“I thought about dinner. I know you are over in Oakland. There is a fantastic restaurant we could go to, if you want that is,” Steve spoke confidently. “I could pick you up about 6:30.”

“That sounds wonderful, Steven. I am looking forward to it,” Susan spoke softly. “You have the address, I will see you then.”

That night Steve made sure to get out of the office early enough to shower and change and be in Oakland on time. He had made reservations from work when Mike was out of the squad room. He got to Oakland with time to spare and they were able to be seated right away at the restaurant. After their order was taken and a bottle of wine had been brought to the table, they visited over glasses of wine until their order arrived.

“I’m sorry about the short notice. I had thought about asking you out since we met. I decided on the spur of the moment rather than waiting another few days,” Steve apologized sedately.

“No need for apologies. I was thrilled to hear from you actually. I had hoped to get to speak with you again a bit longer than we had the other day,” Susan said unabashedly.

“Yeah, I had to hurry and catch up with my partner, we had to meet someone. If not for that I could have stayed and talked longer,” Steve smiled charmingly.

“You and I will have to plan a day where there will be no interruptions of any kind and just talk the day and night away,” Susan spoke invitingly, hoping he would pick up on the hint. “To be honest, you have been in my thoughts constantly since we met. I know it sounds a bit crazy but you are the first man I have went out with since Reece died.”

“No, that doesn’t sound crazy. Some people wait a while after losing someone, sometimes even years. I am flattered you agreed to go out with me,” Steve stated happily.

Their meal came and Steve poured another glass of wine for them. Their talk continued as they ate, taking their time. Steve could not tear his eyes away from her for long, and although he had promised Mike to take it slower this time, he seriously thought he was falling in love. He felt her foot brushing his leg and felt it moving in a caressing motion and saw the smile on her face. Clearing his throat softly he returned her smile.

“Listen, there was something I wanted to ask you,” Susan said casually. “The thing is this, I don’t want to tread on anyone else’s toes. I mean if you have someone serious.”

“You have nothing to worry about there. There is nobody waiting for me,” Steve assured her.

Her smile at his answer seemed to warm him all over and he knew he definitely felt himself falling hard. When they left the restaurant she told him about a club where they could go dancing. As they were driving he felt her hand rest on his thigh almost possessively, her touch sent electric jolts through his body. They danced incredibly close that night, their bodies almost as though they were one. During one song with very energetic music she turned away from him and gyrated her rear against his front. His hands moved to hold her hips as she continued the movement and he gyrated against her as well. Feeling the wanted results, she turned back and kissed him hungrily, continuing to gyrate against him.

“I want you, Steven,” Susan spoke lowly next to his ear, “But for now, let’s get a booth.”

She took his hand and led him to find an empty booth. As they were passing a booth with some others in it they heard her name called, she looked and saw friends of hers and they went over.

“Hi Tara, hi Maureen. It’s great to see you,” Susan greeted them enthusiastically. “Steven, this is Tara and Maureen. Maureen and Tara, Steven Keller.”

Tara and Maureen eye Steve approvingly and greet him very friendly. He returned the greeting and stood beside Susan at their booth. As they are talking he felt a hand caressing the bulge in his slacks. He glanced and saw the one introduced as Tara eyeing him with a smile. Susan had noticed Tara’s actions as well.

“Susan, we were about to go have a snort. You and your dream man want to join us?” Tara invited cheerfully.

“The only snort I want right now is what this man has in his pants. I will take a rain check on the other,” Susan said frankly.

“Don’t blame you, it feels incredible. I bet he could go all night. You are going to let Susan find out aren’t you, Steven?” Tara asked bluntly.

Steve blushed a little and looked down at Tara’s hand stroking him and tried to think of what to answer that question with.

“I want to, as long as you don’t make me cum before I can start fucking her,” Steve teased, realizing these were very friendly people and nothing shocked them.

“Oh, I would love to make you cum! If I did I would make sure it was either down my throat or inside me, whether front door or back door, you could have your choice, rather than in your pants,” Tara responded lustfully. “Maureen, you have got to have a feel of him. I bet he has at least eight inches locked up here, maybe more.”

Maureen got up from the booth and went over and stroked Steve as well. Susan kept a very close eye on both to make sure his pants stayed zipped. She didn’t stop them just yet as they had shared men with her as well. This time though, she did not plan to let them share him in the bedroom.

“You girls can touch here, but I have to apologize – this one is going to be all mine in the bedroom,” Susan exclaimed unreservedly.

“No worries, Susan. We know this is the man of your dreams you have looked for. You better hurry up and get him home though and give him what he needs,” Maureen said seriously as her and Tara were in on Susan’s secret that Steve will only find out later.

“Intend to do just that, believe me. Ready to go, baby?” Susan asked sexily. Steve nodded. ” See you both later.”

She took his hand smiling and led him out of the club. He didn’t give it a second thought, he knew they both wanted the same thing and there was no stopping. At her place they headed right for the bedroom with their hands all over each other and the kisses getting more desperate. Their clothes were off the minute they were in the room and in the next second both had moved onto her bed.

She kissed down his body lingeringly almost driving him crazy until she found what she was seeking. She slowly ran her tongue all over Steve’s dick, drawing it up the length as though his dick was a popsicle. His sounds filled the room as she slowly took care of him. As she sucked him deep in her throat his hands rested on her head, caressing her hair wonderingly. She stopped before he could cum and moved slowly back up his body where she lowered herself onto his hard dick. He felt her total possession of him as she rode him fast and hard. He arched his hips to meet her, feeling like he had not felt in a long time. When they came it was in unison and was an explosion like dynamite. She fell forward onto his chest where they held each other close, kissing tenderly yet with a very strong desire.

“Mmmmm your dick felt so good, Steven. Haven’t had one that big in a long time,” Susan exclaimed breathlessly.

“Can’t believe we did that on our first date. I am glad though, I was wanting you in the restaurant,” Steve admitted bluntly.

She giggled a little thinking about what people would have thought if they had done this in the restaurant. They kiss again deeply and roll over putting him on top. He made long slow tender love to her at first, then started to really fuck her hard, driving inside her deeper than she ever thought possible. As they move together her sounds are highly vocal, encouraging him to give her his all.

“Fuck me, Steven! Fuck me hard with your big dick!” Susan cried out passionately.

She felt him thrusting in and out and knew all the waiting she had done was definitely worth it to have this man in her bed. Their lovemaking continued throughout the night and on into the next day between rest periods. She was almost amazed at how much they were both able to do with each other and was happy he didn’t have to be at work that day.

Of course as chance would have it, while Steve was off enjoying himself, who was looking high and low for him but his partner. This time there would be no interruptions of Mike Stone, stopping him from taking a drink or having alone time with the lady of his choice. Steve had not shared any information on this lady other than her name and that she was a bit older than he, so Mike was left frustrated in his search; for now.

When he finally did leave Susan it was with the promise to return as soon as possible. She had his address to visit him as well and they had made plans for his next day off.

“I’ll see you soon,” Steve promised warmly.

“I will count on it. You take care of yourself. I need you in one piece,” Susan stated emphatically.

They kissed deeply and parted reluctantly. When Steve got back to his place, he had a visitor. His first thought on seeing the person waiting on him was ‘I should have known.’

“Hi, Mike,” Steve greeted his partner cheerfully.

“‘Hi, Mike,’ he says as though he had not just disappeared off the face of the earth. Buddy boy, I’ve been looking high and low for you,” Mike exclaimed worriedly.

“Oh, come on Mike, it was my day off! I was fine. I was visiting a friend, I mean another friend,” Steve explained quickly.

“Oh, another friend! I guess this friend has a nice pair of legs and is of the female persuasion,” Mike said a bit gruffly.

“As a matter of fact, yes, I was with Susan. We went and had dinner and went dancing and I stayed over at her place,” Steve admitted candidly. “Any time I try to have a date you always come with some work related reason for me to not complete the evening so this time I was totally incommunicado.”

“I am sure you were! You were supposed to take this slower buddy boy! You have jumping beans in your pants when it comes to women. Why do you think Jeannie has kept away from you? I won’t have my daughter hurt by this cad attitude you have!” Mike shouted angrily.

“Mike, Jeannie will never be hurt by me. You have her totally in your sights as far as I am concerned. I don’t have a chance with her so let me enjoy the time I have with someone else. When did you become my keeper?!!” Steve yelled back heatedly.

As he said that he knew he had gone too far and lowered his head feeling a bit ashamed of his outburst.

He unlocked his apartment door and let them both in, hurrying to change so they could get to work. While they were in the car with Mike driving the talk continued at a calmer tone.

“I am just concerned about you Steve. I don’t want you being hurt like you have been before. You jump into things faster than sometimes is good for you. I know you don’t see it but you do tend to,” Mike spoke carefully.

“I didn’t intend on moving so fast with Susan, Mike, honest. We talked and ate and went dancing and then boom I was back at her place. I honestly had intended to take this a lot slower but instead…,” Steve explained bashfully.

“Instead it went a whole lot faster. Steve I’m sorry for what I said in relation to Jeannie, about you that is. But this woman you honestly don’t know anything about,” Mike said worriedly. “I wish you would at least run a check on her. You never know what someone might not be telling you.”

“I’ll think about it okay? That is as good a promise as I can make,” Steve said evasively. “She seems like a real nice person and I like the time we spent together.”

“Yeah, sure I know where it was spent too, at least a huge percentage of it,” Mike snorted derisively and saw Steve blush. “Hit the nail on the head. I hope you don’t end up having to marry this girl.”

“Can we please just drop it?!” Steve pleaded heatedly.

Mike Stone decided then and there that if Steve was not going to protect himself, Mike would have to do it for him. First chance he got he was running a check on this Susan that Steve had spent most of the last two days with. He kept feeling there was something she had not told Steve and he was determined to find out what before Steve got in too deep; from the sound of things it sounded like it already was too deep for his young partner.

That day Steve stayed pretty much to himself when he could. He knew Mike was right, things were moving way too fast. He wasn’t sure what to do though, as when he thought of Susan now he only wanted her more. He saw Mike coming out for their meeting with Captain Olsen and rose with the files they needed. In the meeting, Mike saw even more signs that Steve was in very deep.

“Rudy, this one still has some loose ends; there was no way I could call it case closed. Steve and I still want to follow up on some tips connecting it to a woman that is on the loose along with another man who may or may not be with her,” Mike stated diplomatically.

Captain Olsen is looking over the file and noticed a typing error in two places or perhaps one place and the other was correct. He raised his eyebrows at Mike then at Steve who looked at Mike wondering what was wrong.

“You did say one woman, right Mike?” Captain Olsen asked chidingly and saw Mike nod.”Well, if there was only one woman, which one of the names would be the suspect? There is a Meg Evers and a Susan Keller.”

Steve blushed at this mistake and even more when Mike shot him a knowing look. He did not even have to look Mike’s way to know he was looking at him, he could feel his eyes upon him in a hard stare.

“Meg Evers is the correct name, sir,” Steve said quietly. “The other is a typing error, sorry about that.”

When the meeting was ended after what seemed an eternity to Steve, he excused himself quickly. Captain Olsen held Mike back a minute.

“Something is eating at your boy, Mike. He does not make mistakes such as that, his reports have always been completely accurate as far as I remember,” Olsen stated admiringly.

“More like someone is eating at him, Rudy. And I have a feeling it is more serious than I realized, which means I better move much faster than I planned,” Mike spoke concerned.”I better find my young protege and have a little talk with him, excuse me Rudy.”

Mike went to homicide and found Steve was not there, so next headed to a spot he knew Steve could usually be found. When things got to be a bit too much and he needed a breather he could be found on the roof having some alone time and that was where Mike found him.

“I know. I know. I goofed up. I should have had my mind more on my work,” Steve admitted guiltily.

“I didn’t come up here to lecture you, buddy boy. You feel like talking a bit?” Mike asked calmly.

“I know, Mike. It is way too fast. I need to slow it down,” Steve spoke honestly.

“Listen, buddy boy, if she is the one she will be there. Helen waited for me while I was gone and was still there when I got home. When I announced I was going to the police academy she waited again. If Susan is the right woman she will wait.What I was curious about was the name mistake; does this mean you two have done some talking of that subject?” Mike asked bluntly.

“No, we talked about going to Vegas together on my next day off. I just started thinking about her and typed her name in by accident. But no, there has been no talk of marriage from either of us,”Steve admitted frankly.

“Will you please do me a favor, Steve? Just humor an old man on this,” Mike said worriedly. Steve looked at him and nodded. “Wait, please wait. Go to Vegas if you want, I will even arrange for you to have a few days off to go, but please do NOT get married while you are there. I know it is a temptation, but this is too big of a rush for you and for her too.”

“I know it is. Okay, no marriage in Vegas,” Steve promised meaningfully.

When they got back downstairs Steve was stopped by Bill Tanner in the hall.

“Hey Steve, there was a lady just here looking for you. If you hurry you might catch her,” Bill spoke rapidly.

Steve took the stairs down and hurried out the entrance and saw Susan just getting to her car. His shout stopped her just as she was opening the door to get in. As he got to her car she hugged him tight as he did her.

“Hey, Bill said you had come by. I was hoping I would be able to catch you. What’s up?” Steve asked innocently and saw her grin.

“Hopefully later you will be up. I wanted to come see you, I missed you,” Susan said sounding sincere.

He kissed her deeply as they held each other close. She pressed extremely close to his body. He could not stop himself from responding to her closeness. She broke their kiss off grinning at him, actually happy she caused this kind of reaction in him. He looked around for a minute then took her hand having made a decision.

“Come on, I know where we can go,” Steve said huskily.

They ran together across the parking lot and entered the building. He quickly led her to the restrooms and they entered one of the stalls, locking the door. She hurriedly undid his belt and zipper as he tore her panties off of her. He lifted her up and lowered her onto him as she wrapped her legs around his waist. Pressing her against the wall of the stall they fucked each other hungrily. She did not bother hiding her sounds of arousal as she felt him thrusting in and out of her. After they had climaxed they stood there holding each other close, trying to calm down. She cleaned Steve up as good as they could with what they had to use, then left the stall holding hands, ignoring the looks that a few gave them.

Both were laughing softly at what they had just done and where. After she was gone he headed back to work and did his best to keep his mind on his job. He fingered her torn panties that were in his coat pocket at times and wore a secret smile.

Over the next few days he worked like a Trojan, partly to make up for his lapse in the reports, and partly to keep himself occupied so Mike could not corner him for too long.

“Mike, do you mind if I take off early to pack?” Steve asked cautiously.

“Pack? Oh for Vegas. No, go ahead. Just make sure to let me know you are okay. And Steve remember our deal?” Mike inquired directly and saw confusion on Steve’s face. “No getting married there or engaged while in Vegas. Remember?”

“Now Mike, we did not include not getting engaged when you asked me to promise. Married, yes you said that, but nothing about not asking,” Steve reminded his friend.

“Well, I am saying it now and you heed it got me, buddy boy?!” Mike said sharper than intended. “Just keep your money for a ring for when you are without a doubt.”

“Got you, Mike. No marriage, no popping the question,” Steve spoke quietly.

Steve left quickly before Mike could think of more rules for him. While Steve was gone with Susan to Vegas Mike got busy getting her information from R&I, a name he saw on her information made him pull something from his memory bank and he did a check on that name as well and did a triple check after checking records that were in the possession of an employee.

What he found made him worry for Steve. He knew when he came back he was going to have to be talked to about Susan. Then Mike thought a talk with Susan was in order first.

The day they got back into SF International, Mike was there to greet them. He discreetly checked his partner’s ring finger as well as Susan’s. Steve had warned her Mike might do that so she noticed.

“No, Lieutenant, Steve and I didn’t get married while we were away. I know how he feels about you and he would definitely want you there if there were a wedding to whomever he ended up marrying,” Susan said diplomatically.

“Guess I am busted on checking,” Mike admitted sheepishly. “You must have warned her, Steve.”

“Of course, how else is she going to learn what to watch for? I had to learn things the hard way,” Steve teased Mike heartily.

Mike drove them to Susan’s, planning to leave her and her luggage. When they got there Steve carried her luggage in for her and up to the bedroom. She started to follow him but Mike stopped her.

“Susan, we need to talk. I am not a person that likes to pry, but Steve is very special to me. He is not just an employee or partner, he is like a son to me and my best friend. I want to know what your intentions are with him,” Mike said bluntly.

“My intentions? Well, so far he and I have been having a good time together. We like each other. I don’t know what else to say other than he reminds me of someone,” Susan admitted quietly.

“Someone, like his father?” Mike asked sharply. “What kind of game are you playing here? The boy is your stepson! And you are bedding him! What are you thinking?! Because you sure aren’t thinking about Steve! Or did you even know he was your stepson?!”

“I knew. I have heard about him for years. I was missing Reece, and I had always wanted to meet his son. But Reece said he had no contact with Steve due to things that happened when he left his former wife. He did keep up with what was going on with Steve though, he knew Steve was a cop. When he died last year I started making a plan to meet Steve. And yes, the plan included getting him into bed. I needed a man and not just any man would do. I wanted Steve for that job; I knew if he was anything like his father at all, having him in bed would be exquisite. And I was very right,” Susan openly admitted.

Steve had heard the raised voices and quietly came to see what was going on. Unnoticed by either of the two combatants, he heard the tale. As he heard Susan’s remarks he felt sick thinking, I’ve been fucking my stepmom. The two were only aware that Steve was there when a choked breath sounded from nearby and Mike and Susan turned and saw Steve. He looked like he was deathly pale and about to pass out. Mike hurried to him and caught him before he collapsed from the shock.

“You’re my stepmother?!” Steve shouted in a pained cry.

“Yes, Steve. I was married to your natural father, Reece. Steve, it is no real crime for a stepmother and a stepson to make love like we have been. It even made it more exciting to me knowing I was in bed with you and you being my stepson,” Susan said frankly.

“I can’t believe this! I was falling for you damn hard and you are my stepmother! I bet you had a good laugh. This guy fucking you being your stepson and too stupid to…,” Steve spoke brokenly.

“No baby, I didn’t get a laugh at all. I was happy getting to be with you. I still want to be with you. Does it really matter that you are my stepson?! All that matters, or should, is we enjoy each other and each other’s company,” Susan said plainly. “Steve, do you not think I have fallen for you too? Because I assure you I have more than I thought was possible. This started out just because I wanted to meet you and wanted to have sex with you. But that changed quickly, I assure you.”

Steve can’t answer and she sees the deeply hurt look in his eyes. He acted as though in a total daze as he walked out. Mike started after him, but her hand on his arm stopped him.

“Give him time to process all of this. He might contact you and he might not. My two cents though is this is not good for him, you being his stepmother,” Mike honestly stated.

“Please, tell him for me, I never meant to hurt him. I knew it could, but I did and do want him. If he decides he wants me too, he knows where I am and my number,” Susan spoke sadly.

Mike nodded and hurried out to get to Steve. He didn’t find him in the car, then saw a figure walking down the road. He quickly got in the car and sped down the road after Steve. Once he had Steve in the car he drove them to his house as he felt Steve shouldn’t be alone. When he got there he got Steve inside and got him a cup of hot sweet tea to sip and then just waited. He knew when Steve got his head around what had just happened he was going to be needed. It took hours for Steve to halfway come to terms with the new information he had found out, and Mike was there through it all. The tears, the anger, the self-blame, the doubts.

After a fitful night’s sleep, Steve was still a semi zombie. He was alert enough though to find out basically what Mike knew from his R&I check.

“You were right. There was something she was not telling and I should have listened to you and did a check on her right away,” Steve admitted painfully.

“Listen, buddy boy, your head is in no shape right now to make a decision on anything related to this. But whatever you decide to do, whether you want to keep seeing her or to not ever see her again or to see her as your stepmom, I will do my best to support your choice,” Mike said gently.

“What do you mean whatever I decide to do? She’s my stepmother, Mike! And here I was fucking the hell out of her like some sex crazed teenager! You can’t tell me that is not against the law,” Steve shouted heatedly.

“Well, if you decide you want to keep trying to see her we can check into that. Some believe stepmother/stepchild is incest while there are others that don’t see it as incest since you are not related by blood,” Mike explained as calmly as he could.

“I can’t believe this! How could I have been doing that with her? How could I not have felt what you felt, that something was off? How?” Steve demanded almost unreasonably.

Mike waited patiently for Steve to calm down. When Steve finally did calm a bit, Mike and he talked quietly. Mike knew Steve was definitely torn in two about what to do about Susan and him. Steve tried hard to think of all the points there was to think of in making a decision such as this. Yet when all the talking was done, he still was not any closer to knowing what his heart wanted. This time he was only thinking with his head.

After a few more days Steve finally called her and arranged to go meet her to talk. This time Mike let him handle it alone. When Mike finally saw him the next day there was a sadness etched in his eyes. His decision was made with their talk, the choice was never shared and Mike never asked.

But that sadness never really left Steve’s eyes.


(Image Source: Forbidden Fruits Films)

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