For the nieghbor

It was Friday afternoon, I had gotten off work early. All I could think about was going home and taking a nice hot steamy bubble bath. It sounds crazy when it’s about 100 degrees outside, but I had the worst week and needed a little R & R. I had gotten home and the house was sweltering, the air conditioning must be on the fritzed again. “Great just another problem to add to the week.” I thought. So I hurried and opened all the windows and shades to let in the cool breezes, or what there was of them. I started the bath water and added the bubbles, I peered out the window that I had opened to make sure that the nieghbor wasn’t home yet. He usually didn’t arrive home until around 5pm, so I knew that I had at least 3 hours to soak away the week. Since it was so hot in the house, I had left the patio door open that was adjacent to the master bedroom/bath where I was taking my bath. Stripping down, I felt so relaxed already to be just in my birthday suit. As I was testing the water to see if it was ready yet, I thought of some scented candles that I hadn’t used yet. So I went to get them so I could relax to the smells as I relaxed in the bath. I arranged them and lit them, and then samk deep into the water and started to relax.

“It was a the worst day of my career.” Jordan thought as he pulled into the driveway and shut down the engine. He was a CEO of a booming business with everything that he could want. Except for the fact that the nieghbor that he had just moved next door to was in his thoughts and dreams so he never could concentrate on what he should be making decisions about. So, he decide to make it an early weekend and go home, sit in his chair and slug down some cold ones. That was what he was going to do alright, until he noticed that her car was home and that she must be upset because she was shoving open the windows in some sort of spell. She hadn’t noticed that he pulled up and was watching her through his screened in porch. She was opening every window and shade, her air must be out he thought, that would be the only reason someone would open their windows in this heat. So as he was about to go over and offer to take a look to see if he could help, she went into her bathroom and started removing her clothes. He saw in the background that steam was rising. She must be taking a bath, but in this weather, is she nuts? He thought. He slowly closed the door that he was about to go out and started, instead, to watch. She started with her blazer, unbuttoned it, shrugged it off. Then came her blouse, undoing each button, she finally reached the bottom and threw it on the floor. By this time, his senses were hightening and his arousal was growing. She undid her skirt, her bra, her stockings, and finally took off her panties. He was going to cum right there, for how beautiful she was. Nice tanned skin, thighs that gleamed with muscles and the most perfect round, taunt breasts he had seen in a long time. She removed the pin that had tied up her hair, and the most shiney, silky brown hair tumbled down to just skim the top of her tight ass.

As she climbed into the tub, she had this feeling like someone was watching her. She quickly looked out all the windows, and then, the last window that she peered out, he was there. Looking directly at her. She froze, he was as gorgeous as ever, especially now that he was shirtless and seeing him with that bulge in his pants started her mind in a different direction other than that warm bubble bath now. Still, she sank into the water and started to imagine.

He had the urge to run over and jump into the tub with her. But he didn’t, instead he pulled up a chair, grabbed a beer, and sat, and waited. She has to come out sometime.

She was too turned on to enjoy the water now, so she stood up after only about a half hour of soaking. She knew he would be watching. She stood so that her back was to him. Slowly bent to grab her towel, flipped it over towrap around from the back, and then turned, before she wrapped herself in the towel, she turned to face the gorgeous nieghbor. His jaw had dropped, he never expected this. She gave him a wink, then closed the towel and the shade. She peeked through the shade after 10 minutes, still dripping wet, for she didn’t get dressed. Saw that he himself had turned to self relief. He had his pants unzipped and his hand was on what she could tell was at least an 8.5 inch cock. She started dripping herself, though not from the bath, but from her long awaited relief of her sweet juices. She watched as he started to get into and then opened the shade and pulled off her towel. She wanted his attention since he moved in, now she was going to get it and she wanted him bad.

She strode over to the bathroom sink, started removing the articals of grooming and make-up from the counter. Then bent over into the cupboard and removed what was known as a dildo. He was sweating now. She turned around, hopped up onto the counter and preceeded to lick the cock and suck on it in front of him. With her other hand, she was pinching and massaging her breast. He could see that she was doing this for him, because she kept making eye contact. She was getting more and more wet and turned on knowing that she was being watched. She propped one leg up onto the counter with her, and the other went up onto the towel rack. He was in shock. Even her pussy was cleanly shaven with only a little V pointed towards her treasure. She made a trail with her hand not occupied with the dildo towards this spot, slowly, she encircled her clit to arouse herself more, and then entered one and then two, three fingers into herself. Finger fucking herself, she started towards climax, but she didn’t want to climax alone, she wanted him to come over. So she removed her fingers from within, and licked each finger, when she was done, she pointed over to him and motioned with her finger to come over. Of course it didn’t take him too long to get over there and right in front of her.

He was so turned on from watching her clear the counter and pull out the dildo, that he removed his pants and boxers to show her a treat too. He was pumping slowly because he was so entranced in what she was doing. She would look him right in the eye as she work caress and touch herself. Then, just when he was feeling he couldn’t take anymore and was going to explode himself, she pointed to him, and motioned for him to come over. As if he would’ve hesitated. He ran out his porch door, jumped the hedges, and was in her already opened back porch door, in the blink of an eye.

He walked slowly towards her. She knew that she had the upper hand for now, so she stood up, forced him onto the edge of the bath, and started licking and massaging, then sucking and lightly biting his shaft. She knew he liked it because he was moaning loadly. She played with his balls and taking turns, would put them in her mouth and tease them with her tongue. She felt his nearing climax and wanted to taste it all, so without hesitation, she deep throated his cock and pumped it hard with her hand, he screamed. It felt so warm traveling down her throat. She almost climaxed with him, if it weren’t for him piching her nipples so hard so that she wouldn’t.

When he was finished, he pulled her up and told her it was her turn now. He picked her up, brought her to her bed, layed her on her back, and from toes to forehead, licked, sucked, and kissed every inch of her body, purposely avoiding the major areas. When he had finished that, he went back to finish what he started. He positioned her legs wide and bent. Bent over her mound and ravished her pussy until she moaned constently. Just when she thought she couldn’t take anymore, he used his thumb and massaged her clit, and entered two fingers inside of her. Screaming now and leaving multiple scratches on his shoulders, he knew she was just about there. He rubbed her harder and pushed deeper until, “YEEESSS”, that’s when he felt her mus
cles contracting and knew he was going
to get his treat now. He buried his face in her sweet gushing juices and licked and sucked until her time was done.

Both spent, and exhausted, they looked at each other…

“Good afternoon, my name’s Jordan, and your’s?”

“Alexis, and it’s evening now.”

With that, they slept, and when they awoke….well, that’s a different story.

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    Do we get the rest of the story????????

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