Chapter 1

There was no shade anywhere on the make shift raft, as I lay barely alive. The echo of my thoughts kept telling me to lift my floating arm out of the sea, or a shark might use it for a chew toy. The lack of strength made my body whisper back WHATS THE FUCKING USE. Nodding in and out of consciousness, I dreamed of the past events that led me to this doom. How our fishing boat left port in late June. The Hurricane that appeared from nowhere, the crew scrambling to save the ship, and finally me, clutching onto a six foot piece of broken ship. I had no Idea how long I’d been here, but the sun must have gotten to me. I started laughing at the thought: since I’m going to die, at least I’m laying out in the Caribbean sun. HELL people pay good money for this shit. My laughter surly traveled for miles as I passed out……

Voices?.. What?.. The murmur sure sounded like voices. When suddenly a wave crashed against my face, but wait! No, this waters not salty. Different than all the other waves I’ve been choking on for the past weeks. As I literally cracked opened my eyes, I saw a bearded man holding a large bucket standing over me. He belted out, “Aye Capain.. This err fish is still alive, Shell we trow ere back?” That’s when I heard a sultry female voice, know I know I’m hallucinating, Week as I was, I needed to see my surroundings, I needed to see a female, any female. Realizing I was on some kind of ships deck, I slowly rolled my body over onto all fours, lifted my head with all my strength. The vision came into view. My eyes quivered upward to see black leather boots, long legged boots, hugging muscular female thighs, which seamlessly melded with her skin tight black pants, accenting what could only be described as the perfect ass. Around her waist was a red sash, a pearl handled cutlass sword on the left, and a pair of single shot pistols crossed in front, as if forming an X to ward off any who would trespass that forbidden territory. Her white puffy sleeved silk shirt rippling in the breeze, was accented by a black leather corset that was laced together with red bindings. All of it pushing her breast to perfection. Amazing as all that was, nothing could prepare me for the beautiful face that would show itself in brief wisps through her long red hair. Let alone the hard faraway glare in her eyes that made me understand why she was the captain, Hell, I’d follow her to the ends of the earth.

It was then that I realized the discussion of my surroundings. The crew was arguing weather to throw me back to the sea, or sell me at the slave market. It didn’t take me long to realize I was among Pirates, which meant that beauty of a Captain had to be Catrina D Corsair. We had all heard the story in my fishing village. How as a teenage farm girl from America, was captured by a scourge of a pirate known as Crusty Chris. How cruel life was for her, and how she managed to over throw his ship one night when he was drunk. Leaving Crusty Chris stranded on a deserted island with lots of food, no alcohol, and a fat toothless nag of a woman to torment him for the rest of his life.

The crew had decided, I was to be sold at the slave market, as they started to cart me off to what surely would have probably been the darkest, wettest, and smelliest part of the bowels of the ship. Captain Catrina demanded that I be cleaned up and led to her cabin. She said she would break me in as a house slave while on our journey.

After I was fed and rested, I bathed and shaved and couldn’t help but wonder why she did that? Was it her pity, having been in a similar situation? Was she about to break my spirit, and beat me into submission? Was it my looks, after all I’m looking good; thin from starvation, and after weeks at sea on a raft, you can’t get much tanner. Looking the mirror, as I lifted my chin to shave off the last of my facial hair, I smirked at the thought. Hey! maybe it’s because of the enormous erection I had when they lifted me up; after all I was fantasizing about her at the time. It had to be impressive, a half-dead man with a stiffy.

Once I was cleaned and rested, they led me to her cabin. The room was dark and lit only by candles. The windows were open, while the white lace curtains flowed softly in the breeze. Her bed was surrounded by white mosquito nets that rocked gently back and forth with the waves. I could hear her movement behind a set of oriental dressing panels. Thanks to a full moon on the horizon, I could see the silhouette of her perfect body against the paper dividers. It was then that I noticed her pistols and sword lying on the chair next to the bed. I was contemplating my situation when suddenly she said, “Ahh it’s my castaway, with the over sized libido”

I think she knew I could see her, but when she stepped out from behind the screen I knew for sure she was out to tease me. Naked except for a leather corset and fishnet stockings, (Describing that she walked over to the bed would be an injustice). She swayed and moved with such an erotic flare, that the image would be embed into the memory of any man that was privileged enough to see it. She lay back on the bed, and leaned on one elbow. “Remove your cloths SLAVE, I’m curious about the strength of your man hood. I have devised a test. If you pass, I will let you continue to serve me. If you fail I will sell you at the next port” I wanted to reply with the usual macho FUCK YOU, but I convinced myself, to see where this goes. As I stood there naked, starring at her laying, with a sexy smirk on her lips. It was only a matter of seconds before I was at full mast. She demanded that I stand at attention with my eyes forward. She walked over to a basin and pulled a wet towel out, and hung the towel from my erect member. She told me to count to 60 if the towel falls, then so do I. After the time allotted, she got up grabbed another towel and added it to my hanger. The first was easy, but as I counted with the weight of the second towel, I had to concentrate to keep it up. 59..60. She grabbed another towel and slung it onto what was now resembling a flag pole. I felt the muscles strain as I tried to keep things hard. I was trying to mentally fantasize every sexual encounter I’d ever had. 28..29..My body was shaking, I felt sweat starting to drip down my forehead, 35..36…don’t think about sweat, think sex, sex, and more sex. I felt the towels start to shift. When it suddenly hit me, How kinky of a test is this? If this is the Interview, what’s the job going to be like and where do I sign up. 59..60. “I’m Impressed”, she walked over to grab another towel, as she bent over and I couldn’t help but admire that smooth, round, perfect ass. Well bring that towel on, I’m ready. She laughed as she put the last towel on. I started to count, but she put her finger to my lips in a hushing motion, and she started counting slowly and sexily. “1..2..” She walked around me, whispering the numbers from ear to ear. “14..15..” Barely brushing her body against mine. Around and around, Her breath whispering the count on the back of my neck “26..27..” I felt her nipple brush against my back, I was starting to feel weak from the experience of her seductive dance. Holy Shit don’t get weak! I panicked at the thought that this hypnotic dance may be making me weak below, I quickly glanced down, and laughed. My God! I could put somebody’s Eye out with this thing. “59..60.” She stopped in front of me, stared deep into my eyes. And with a smile on her face reached down with her hand and slid the towels off. She put her hands on both my shoulders and pushed me to my knees. I was staring right into her breast; they were two of the most perfect things I’d ever seen. Not too big, not too small. Who the fuck am I goldilocks? Lets just say they were JUST RIGHT. How I wanted so badly to lean forward and suck on one of those perfect nipples. As I was lost in my fantasy, I hadn’t noticed she had picked up a collar and was strapping it to my neck. Attached to the collar was a long red silk rope. She went back to the bed and sat with her legs apart. “So far you’ve turned out to be an able slave, let’s see what else you can do” She yanked hard on the rope, pulling me to my hands and knees. With one hard pull, I was staring right into her perfectly trimmed pussy. She lifted one leg and slid the rope under her ass, and rested her feet onto the back of my shoulders. Out of my peripheral vision I saw her pick up a long whip with several leather strands. “You will now satisfy me, start with my feet and work your way up, and it better be good or you will taste the end of my flogger”. I tilted my head and started kissing her feet and licking her ankles, dragging my tongue up her calves. Her skin was smooth, salty, with an occasional battle scar that reminded me of who’s legs I was satisfying. I sucked the skin on the inside of her knee, and slid my tongue along the inside of her thigh, stopping before the mother load. Switched to the other leg and slid it back down toward the other knee. I pulled my head back and gently blew along the saliva path I just left, causing spine chilling evaporation on that hot day. I could tell it was working by her heavy breathing that filled the air. As if she couldn’t wait any longer she pulled the rope tighter pressing my face deep inside her pussy. She was warm and dripping wet, I couldn’t help but think how exciting this was, I know I’m no wimp, I fact I’m more content as a man than most guys I know. But this was fun and exciting. I knew for the rest of the night. I was going to give myself to any command she had, and any desire that she wished. I started to lick the sides and all around the clitoris, and began sucking on the clit as if feeding on a nipple. Occasionally burying my tongue as far up her as humanly possible. She grabbed hold of my hair hard with both hands, arched her back and pushed my head down so my tongue was now at her ass. I continued to lick. I was being led from pussy to ass and back by strong tugs of my hair. It felt great to be controlled like that. Suddenly I felt the sting of the whip on my ass. Once I got past the shock of the first couple hits I realized, it really didn’t hurt, but rather felt good, kind of like scratching your back really hard. It was a mixture of pain and pleasure. She was pulling on the rope that was tucked under her ass with one hand. That the collar was pushing my face deeper and deeper into her pussy all the while whipping my ass with the other hand. It was as if she were riding my face with reigns and whip, all the time commanding me to lick faster, deeper. Several times I felt her quiver and large amounts of juice formed at my tongue. I knew I was doing things right, and would continue to satisfy my new Queen. After a while she pushed me back, stood and turned away from me, her ass in my face with the rope now disappearing between folds of her pussy lips. She pulled the rope and collar forcing my face to bury deep into her ass. All the while commanding “DEEPER SLAVE, LICK DEEPER” I pushed my tongue as hard into her ass as I could. She must have loved the rope rubbing her clit while she bounced my tongue in and out of her ass with the repetitive tug of the rope. Her cheeks were wiggling and massaging my jaw as I continued. Time seemed to stand still in that moon lit cabin, when she let out a loud moan, as her ass muscles pulsated and flexed with her orgasm. She shrugged her shoulders and swung her leg around me. Grabbed hold of my head and thrust my face into her dripping wet pussy. I licked every drop of the sweet juice I possibly could, I’m not sure how I was breathing, but if I suffocate, what a way to go. She reached down, yanked my hair back and pulled my head up to her and rewarded me with a fantastic tongue swirling kiss that left me feeling like I was drunk and delirious. She grabbed the back of my hair and commanded “I want you inside me and DON”T YOU DARE CUM BEFORE I TELL YOU TO” I moved closer and stood at the end of the bed, she lay sprawled back and massaging her breast. I slid it all the way in. It was an unbelievable warm, wet, sensational feeling. I felt my cock starting to throb, my God I wanted to cum immediately, but I knew if I did, she might actually sell me. I decided just then I was going to give her the fuck of her life, I thought to myself. SELL ME, MY ASS! I GOING TO FUCK THE SHIT OUT OF YOU, LADY!! I thrusted faster and faster, I rotated my hips around and around, making sure my rock hard erection was brushing up against her clit while pounding in and out, again and again. Her breathing was getting heavier and heavier, her sighs were enough to make me cum, but I had to wait for permission. Sweat was glistening all up and down her body, her hair looked as if she just stepped out of a shower, all of which made her even more sexy. In between strokes I would lean down and lick the sa

lty sweat from her breast. My blood was starting to boil, my heart sounded like a drum roll, and my cock felt like an over inflated balloon. That’s when I heard the magic words. “Now, Now, Give it to me Now” I could tell she was coming by the nails sticking in my ass and her arched pulsating pelvis. I grabbed on to her legs and held on for dear life as I came inside her. It felt so good it hurt, I couldn’t remember ever having such an intense orgasm. It seems like it lasted forever, and by the time I stopped bucking and twitching from the pleasure, She pushed me back and said “YOU MADE THIS MESS, LICK IT UP”

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