Friends Indeed Part One

It was Thursday evening, three days after my wife Elaine had spent an extremely pleasurable day with our friend Ken – a day unfettered by clothing or inhibitions. A day, in fact, of “fucking our brains out,” to use Elaine’s actual words. When I got home that afternoon, Elaine had told me all about her day, spinning out the story over the course of a few drinks, then almost literally dragging me into the house, into the bedroom, and “fucking my brains out.” I had absolutely no objection to the way our evening went, nor to the way she had spent the day. After all, sex with others was something we had discussed and agreed on between ourselves … and, as it turned out, it’s apparently quite true that a woman is never so ready to fuck as when she has just been well fucked. I say this from personal observation.

At any rate, we were sitting out on the deck once again, which is our usual summer habit in good weather. Elaine had thoughtfully brought the portable phone with her, and as we were sipping our drinks the phone began to ring. Elaine looked at the caller ID, then picked it up.

“Hello?” … “Hi Lisa, how are you tonight?” … “Yeah, we’re doing fine. Just out on the deck, enjoying the evening. How about you guys?” … “No, I don’t think so. Just a sec, I’ll ask Rick.”

She covered the mouthpiece with her hand. “Hon, have we got any plans for tomorrow evening?” I shook my head. “Nope.”

She returned her attention to the phone. “Lisa? No, we haven’t got anything going on tomorrow.” … Yeah, okay, that sounds good. What time?” … “Sure. Can we bring anything?” … “Okay, no problem. See you then.” … “Okay, ‘bye.”

She disconnected the call and put the phone down. “Barbecue at Lisa and Ken’s place tomorrow night,” she said. “It’s gonna be steaks, so we’ll bring some red wine, and I think we’ll also bring that small Black Forest cake I picked up yesterday. Otherwise, we’re likely to eat it all in two days, max, and we don’t need all that sugar and calories.” She smiled and added, “Lisa said to bring swim suits, too. And she said we should get there around seven-ish.”

I nodded. “Sounds okay to me.”

We arrived at Ken and Lisa’s house shortly after seven the next evening, and over the course of the next couple of hours, we all had a lovely time, and a great dinner. Since it was a warm and somewhat humid evening, the ladies both wore lightweight sundresses, and they both looked quite delicious. Elaine was in pale green cotton, with a subtle white and tan pattern which suited her colouring perfectly. Lisa wore a striking bronze silk dress with deep green around the hems, both neckline and skirt, and matching green spaghetti straps. It was quite short and somewhat clinging, and I found myself several times picturing details of her body beneath it, even though those details were basically imagined.

At any rate, with Lisa’s height – only an inch or so shorter than my own five foot ten – and her slim physique filling out the silk, I was wondering why I hadn’t previously paid as much attention to her as I might have. It was entirely possible that she was thinking along the same lines – or so it seemed to me – since several times during the evening she contrived to flash her green silk panties in the course of crossing or uncrossing her legs, rising from her seat or whatever … each time seemingly accidentally facing me.  And I’m sure she knew what she was doing to my libido, because I caught a small smile on her lips two or three times, while she flashed me.

Anyway, by about ten o’clock dinner was just fondly remembered history. T-bones, green salad, potato salad, Black Forest cake – all were gone now, with just a little of the Valpolicella we’d brought remaining in the bottle.

I offered it around, but Lisa said, “You guys go ahead and finish that. I’m just going to take a few minutes to clear up here.”

As she rose and began stacking the various dishes, Elaine got to her feet, saying, ”Let me give you a hand, Lisa.”

And as Ken and I split the last bit of wine, the girls disappeared into the house with all the various debris of our meal. A few minutes later they reappeared. Lisa was carrying a small tray bearing liqueur glasses and a decanter of amber liquid, which she set on the low table. Elaine filled the glasses, took two of them, and went to sit in Lisa’s chair next to Ken, while Lisa picked up the other two glasses and took Elaine’s former seat beside me.

“Grand Marnier for you, Rick?” she inquired, offering one of the drinks, while Elaine did the same for Ken. I thanked her and accepted the glass. She smiled and released it, dropping her hand to rest lightly on my thigh for a brief second before sitting back and crossing her legs once more.

The four of us sipped our liqueur, chatting comfortably for awhile, as good friends do. Finally, Elaine said “Well, as I recall, Lisa mentioned a swim this evening, and that sounds good to me. Who wants to join me?”

All of us agreed that going for a swim would be a fine idea, and Lisa stood up, saying to Elaine, “You and Rick go ahead and use the spare room to change into your suits, and we’ll meet you back here in a bit.”

She held her hand out to Ken, and he took it as he stood and they headed into the house, with Elaine and I close on their heels.

While we were getting into our swim suits, Elaine said to me, “When we were clearing up earlier, Lisa told me that Ken told her about how he and I spent Monday, after he was done with the work in our house.”

“Did he?” I inquired. “And how did she take it?”

“She said she was upset at first,” Elaine replied, “but they sat down and talked about it, and she says she knows that it was just recreational sex between friends. She knows I love you and Ken loves her, and I’m not a threat to her. And I told her that you knew all about it, and you were okay with it, and that made her feel even more reassured.”

Elaine paused for a moment, then continued. “And I told her that if the opportunity arose, I’d like to take Ken to bed again … and that I had no objection if she wanted to haul you off to the bedroom – or wherever – and fuck you silly.”

She grinned at me, and I had to smile back as she opened the door. “Sounds like fun,” I replied.

“Doesn’t it, though?“ she responded over her shoulder, heading down the hallway toward the back yard and the swimming pool.

When we returned to the pool area, towels in hand, Ken and Lisa were already there waiting for us. Lisa was facing away, arms leaning on the pool fence, sipping from a glass of liqueur. She had changed from the bronze silk dress into a deep green thong bikini, and I took a moment to admire the view of her tight, bare ass. The thin green material perfectly complemented her short, curly auburn hair and golden skin. Then she turned to face me, and I was pleased to see that the multitude of freckles on her face, arms, and shoulders continued onto areas of her skin normally hidden behind clothing. I had wondered about that more than once, since I’m one who finds heavily freckled women quite enticing.

Ken was in the deep end of the pool. Elaine headed straight for the pool, closing the gate behind her and dropping her towel on the concrete before stepping out onto the diving board. She posed briefly at the end of the board, then dived gracefully into the water, raising barely a splash. She surfaced and swam over to join Ken where he balanced on the ledge built into the side of the pool at the drop off. She glanced quickly at Lisa and I, then slipped one arm around his neck and raised her face to kiss him as he bent toward her. I watched Lisa as our spouses displayed their affection for one another, and she just smiled and turned to me.

“I poured you another bit of Grand Marnier, Rick,” she said, raising her glass slightly toward me. I accepted her offer, taking my replenished glass from her fingers, and silently toasted her, clinking my glass against hers. We sat and sipped quietly for a few minutes, until the murmur of voices and subdued splashing drew our gaze back to where Ken and Elaine paddled in the water.

Lisa smiled again and asked, “Would you like to know a secret?”

“Sure,” I replied, tilting my head inquiringly to one side, “as long as my knowing it won’t cause any problems.”

“Nope, no problems. In fact, I think your knowing it might have just the opposite effect.”

“Now I am intrigued,” I admitted, “so go ahead, tell me!”

Instead of speaking further, Lisa reached to the table beside her and lifted a pile of towels sitting there, moving them to one side. Then, still wordlessly, she picked up a swatch of dark coloured material that had been under the towels and handed it to me. I took it, unsure, and unfolded it … and suddenly realised that it was a man’s swim suit. With dawning comprehension I looked at Lisa’s grinning face, and said “Ken’s?”

“Ken’s,” she confirmed with a nod. “And I’m sure Elaine’s suit is off too, by now!”

“I’m sure you’re right.” I nodded. “Which begs the question …”

“Why are we still wearing our suits?” she finished for me. I nodded again. Lisa tossed back the liqueur remaining in her glass, then stood and held her hands out to me. I followed suit with my glass, then let her draw me to my feet. She placed my hands on her hips, rested both forearms on my shoulders, and looked into my face as if to say, “Well?”

I kissed her, and she closed her eyes as I slid my hands over her ass and up her smooth, bare back. Her mouth opened and I felt her questing tongue on my lips. Opening to meet her tongue with my own, I moved my hands to the clasp holding her bra closed at her back, and unhooked it. Maintaining our kiss, she dropped her hands and moved back slightly to allow the bra to fall free, then slid her hands under my arms and around my waist, pressing her naked torso to mine. After a moment I broke the kiss and leaned back a bit to look at her. Her breasts were smaller than Elaine’s, firm and sweetly rounded, with relatively large, almost bronze aureoles and nipples … nipples that stood up and grew hard as I watched.

Lisa shivered as a breeze blew between us and asked me, “Do you like my breasts?”

I nodded and replied, “Yes, I like them very much. They’re lovely, and so are you.”

She stepped in again, and I felt her hands slip down my back and inside my swim suit as her lips found the side of my neck, and my earlobe. She pushed my suit down over my ass and brought her hands around, running her fingertips along my cock as the suit fell to my ankles. As I stepped out of it, she moved back away from me, then peeled the panties of her own suit down and off, watching me as she exposed her body to my eyes and to my touch. Her slender form was all I could have wished for, with freckles trailing down her neck, between and over her breasts, down her belly almost to her pubes. She was absolutely smooth-shaven between her legs, and she shivered once again at the touch of a slight breeze … and, perhaps, with anticipation of what she saw as she stared into my eyes.



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