Friends Indeed Part Three

When my dick was limp again Lisa released me from her mouth, with one final pass of her tongue across the end to be sure she’d gotten all of my cum. Then she smiled widely at me and exaggeratedly licked her lips, commenting “Mmmmm! Yum!”

Before I could reply, another voice spoke. “Oh, wow! That was so hot!” Lisa and I both turned our heads to see Elaine standing in the shadows just outside the fence. She was leaning against Ken, who had both arms wrapped around her nude body, his left hand cupping a breast and toying with the nipple. His right hand was between Elaine’s legs, held there by her left hand covering it; and her right hand was holding his semi-erect cock, stroking it as they watched us.

“How long have you been there?” Lisa asked, somewhat nervously.

“We weren’t keeping track of the time,” Elaine replied. “Might have missed something if we had been.” She grinned wickedly.

“Long enough, anyway,” added Ken.

“How long is ‘long enough’?” Lisa wondered, and Ken replied, “Just long enough,” with a wicked smile of his own. And then he added, “Did you know you still start speaking German sometimes when you’re caught up in something exciting?”

Lisa silently shook her head, and Elaine spoke again. “Yeah, you do! Whatever you were saying, you sounded like you were having a really good time!” Lisa smiled as she looked at me, and Elaine added, “And by the way, Lisa, you don’t need to worry any about your cock-sucking skills. Rick looked like he was going to faint when he came! And then, when you swallowed, well ……….!”

It was my turn to feel a bit nervous and embarrassed, and it must have been apparent because Elaine took pity on me. “Anyway, we’re heading into the house now. How about you two?” Lisa and I looked at each other, then she spoke for us. “We’re going to have another dip first, but we’ll be along after that.” And with that, Elaine and Ken continued to the back door, while Lisa and I immersed ourselves once more.

After about fifteen minutes of lazy paddling, we’d recovered quite a bit of energy and agreed that we’d had enough swimming for one night. We climbed out of the water, had some fun drying each other off, and followed our spouses into the house. I followed Lisa down the hall leading to the bedrooms, and she opened the door to the master. There was a softly lit lamp on each night table but no overhead illumination, and there was quiet music playing in the background. When we came into the room, we found Ken and Elaine stretched out on the California king bed, wrapped in a classic sixty-nine. Ken was on the bottom, his face buried between Elaine’s thighs, and her mouth was busy on his cock while her hands caressed his balls.

She raised her head and released his cock as if to speak, but Lisa said quietly, “No, don’t let us interrupt, keep on with what you’re doing.”

Elaine just smiled and reclaimed Ken’s prick with her lips, and Lisa turned to me with her eyes shining and whispered almost inaudibly, “I’d like to just stand here and watch for a minute, okay?”

I nodded, and she turned back to the sex play on the bed as she leaned back against me. I slipped my arms around her waist, but she took my hands and placed them both on her breasts. As her nipples hardened in my palms, she reached her left hand behind her to grasp my dick, while her right hand went between her legs and she began playing with herself. She was obviously enjoying the novel sight of her husband and my wife giving each other sexual pleasure, and I felt the movement as she manipulated her clit. This continued for a bit, then she took my right hand and slipped it between her legs to replace her own hand. I obliged, sliding my middle finger between her labia and into her, pumping it in and out and further stimulating her clit, while her hand came up to her now bare right breast to twist and pinch the nipple.

I mimicked her actions with my left hand on her left breast, and in a very short while she was squirming in my arms and her breath was rasping quickly through her lips. Then we heard Elaine’s inarticulate moans as Ken’s tongue brought her to orgasm.  Lisa tensed, then relaxed, and I heard her breath catch and felt her tremble as she came again.

She turned and hugged me, then raised her face to me and whispered, “Take me to bed, Rick. I want you to fuck me, now!”

We climbed onto the bed, claiming half of it as Elaine and Ken made sure there was room for us. I lay on my right side, and Lisa mimicked me, also lying on her right side, cuddled against me, spoon fashion. She raised her left leg and dropped it back over my legs. She half-turned her head to be kissed, and as I met her lips her hand went between her legs to grasp my cock and guide it between her labia. When I felt the heat of her cunt envelop the glans, I pressed my hips forward slowly, sliding the full length of my erection into her wet heat. She pressed her hips back against me, and her eyes closed. As I began to move inside her she bit her lip, then took my left hand and laid it on her breast once again.

As I pinched her nipple she murmured quietly, “That feels so nice, don’t stop what you’re doing.” I continued playing with her breast while my cock slid slowly in and out of her, the tight, slippery warmth of her cunt filling my senses.

Then I saw her eyes come open, and we both looked over at Ken and Elaine. Elaine’s eyes were shining and her tongue came out to wet her lips as she watched my dick penetrating Lisa’s pussy. Suddenly Elaine surprised all of us – including herself, I think – as she leaned forward and kissed Lisa full on the lips, a lover’s kiss. Lisa stiffened for a second in startlement, then her eyes closed again and her mouth opened to admit Elaine’s tongue. The women kissed enthusiastically, passionately, and Lisa reached out to lay her hand on Elaine’s right breast, stroking the nipple to harden in her fingers. Ken and I just looked at each other and smiled. Then Ken drew Elaine’s body against his, they mirrored our position, and I heard Elaine whimper ecstatically as I watched his stiff cock slip between her labia and disappear deep into her cunt.

Lisa took my hand and placed it between her legs once again, and I began manipulating her clit as my cock slid in and out, in and out of her pussy. She was soaking wet now, and she started to make soft, wordless moans and quiet, gasping squeals. I continued stimulating her clit, moving more quickly now, and Lisa started panting, her eyes closed as she tweaked and pinched her own nipples, one and then the other. I looked up to see Elaine watching us, her mouth slightly open and the tip of her tongue dampening her lips as Ken’s dick slid in and out of her pussy, and her own breath grew ragged and panting. She reached out again to Lisa’s breast, stroking and pinching her nipple. Then Elaine smiled at me as Lisa’s face twisted with lust and she cried out, trembling and bucking in orgasm.

As Lisa’s spasms subsided, she slipped away from me temporarily. She took my hands and helped me sit up, urging me to slide toward the head of the bed, and then to lean back against the headboard. When we were both happy with my new position, Lisa straddled my lap, presenting her breasts to be kissed once more. Then she reached down and guided my cock back into her, sliding down until I was buried again in her heat. She reached across my shoulders to grasp the headboard, and began riding my dick, using the leverage of her grip on the headboard to maintain the long, full strokes of her sex on mine. Shortly she began to swivel her hips forward and back as she rose and fell on my erection. She let go of the headboard with one hand and wrapped her arm around my neck, drawing me to her. I put both arms around her, one hugging her body against me while I grasped her ass with the other hand and aided her in her movement.

She accelerated her pace, her hips rocking roughly, quickly on my cock. It wasn’t long until she was panting harshly in my ear, and her cunt grew tighter and more slippery as my dick slid in and out of her. At last I felt and heard her come, shaking violently in my arms as she gasped, “Oh Rick … oh god … oh Rick … OOOHHH!” That was more than enough to trigger my own orgasm and I groaned, the hot cum jetting out of me and deep into her.

We rested, holding each other tight as our breathing and heartbeats dropped back to normal. Lisa sat back a bit and smiled at me, then dropped her head down and claimed my lips for a gentle, loving kiss. I reciprocated, and then we both became aware of rasping breath and quick movements from the other side of the bed. We both looked over to see Elaine and Ken locked together in their own lovemaking. Elaine was on her back, her legs raised, the backs of her ankles against Ken’s collarbones, and her hands gripped his upper arms as he plunged his cock repeatedly, relentlessly into her cunt. And then it was their turn for fulfillment, his breathing harsh and his groan guttural as Elaine cried out, “Oh God! OH GOD! Don’t stop … I’m coming … I’m COMING … oh fuck me, FUCK ME Ken … oh your cock feels so fucking good inside me!”

A few minutes later all four of us had recovered, and Lisa excused herself for a moment, disappearing into the en suite washroom. We heard the toilet flush and the water running in the sink, and then she came out, a warm wet washcloth in each hand. She passed one of them to Elaine, and applied the other to me, gently wiping the residue of our sex off my cock and balls. Elaine did the same for Ken, then in her turn she excused herself and went into the en suite.

When Elaine returned to the bedroom, she leaned over the bed and quietly kissed me, then went to the foot of the bed and crawled up onto the mattress again. She kissed Ken, then lay down beside him once more, snuggling against him and pillowing her head on his shoulder. She lay like that for a minute, then rolled over to face Lisa. Simultaneously, the two women wrapped their arms around each other, kissing with some passion, then falling into an affectionate embrace.

“Lisa,” Elaine said, “I think I’m going to have to borrow your husband again, from time to time … with your permission, of course.” She smiled and licked her lips lasciviously.

Lisa grinned. “I can’t see any problem with that … you have my permission to borrow him whenever you wish. I would like to have my way with Rick sometimes, as well, if it’s okay with you.” And she turned her head to smile at me.

Elaine tossed her head and winked. “Done!” she said. “And before you guys try to say anything,” she looked at Ken and I, “No, you have no say in the matter. You’re our fuck-toys, and that’s the end of it!”

All four of us laughed as Ken and I professed our acceptance of the decree. After all, who would want to contradict two such beautiful women?


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