Friends Indeed Part Two

Lisa disengaged now, maintaining her hold on just one of my hands, and said to me, “Let’s go for a swim, shall we? The water’s nice and warm.”

I agreed, and she said, “Just give me a second. I’ll be right back.” She headed into the house through the back door, extinguished the patio light, and was back beside me immediately.

“I like swimming naked in the dark,” she told me, “with just the moonlight on the ground, and the stars in the sky.”

I nodded in agreement. “Moonlight, starlight, and you in the pool with me – I’m pretty sure I’m going to like it, too.”

She dimpled with a sudden smile. “I hope you do like it … I’ll try to make it memorable – assuming we’re talking about the same thing!” And with that she dropped my hand, took several quick steps along the apron, and dove into the deep end with no more delay.

I was rather more cautious, dropping into the warm water at the shallow end of the fifty-foot pool, and wading to the drop-off before launching myself into the deeper water. I can swim, sure, and I’m not likely to drown, but I’m no more proficient than the average man. It quickly became apparent, though, that Lisa could easily have been a competitive swimmer, had she wished to do that. She was like a seal or an otter in the pool – sleek and sinuous, spending a good bit of her time fully submerged, switching directions with no noticeable effort, then surfacing in unpredictable places, the moonlight glinting off her wet skin before she disappeared again.

Meanwhile I was lazing along, sometimes on my back, sometimes on my stomach, making no attempt to keep up with this amazing water nymph. And, as it turned out, lazing along was a good choice, and one that I didn’t regret. Several times Lisa passed me, invisible under the dark surface, and several times I felt her touch me as she passed – stroking my balls with a warm hand, slipping her whole body along mine before darting away, running fingernails across my belly teasingly. When I reached the end of the pool, I grasped the edge of the coping, balanced on the underwater ledge as Ken had done earlier, and faced toward the shallow end. I saw Lisa submerge again as I spotted her, and a few seconds later was startled as a sudden heat seized my semi-erect prick, then just as suddenly released it. I barely had time to realise Lisa must have taken me in her mouth momentarily, when I felt her hands on me as she literally climbed my body, ending with one leg wrapped around mine, her smooth, bare pussy sliding a few inches up and down my thigh.

Her arms were around my neck, as mine went around her to hold her nude body against me, and her lips and tongue were locked to mine in one of the most passionate kisses I’d ever had bestowed on me. I slipped my right hand down to her ass, pulling her against me, and was happy to feel her shift position slightly, just enough to rub her pussy against my hardening cock instead of my thigh.

Shortly we separated, and she took my hand, almost shyly, and tugged at me to follow her back to the shallow end. This time she stayed beside me the full length of the pool, and when we stood in the shallow water, she came into my arms again for another kiss, not exactly chaste, but not as incendiary as the first one we’d shared.

When we broke apart again, Lisa looked around the pool, then scanned the part of the yard that was visible from our position. “Where did Elaine and Ken get to?” she asked me. “I just noticed they’re not in the pool anymore.”

I chuckled. “Just be still for a second, and listen.”

She was quiet, and in the stillness we could clearly hear the sound of panting breaths and soft cries of delight coming from the darkness out on the lawn. With effort, it was possible to see vague movement and occasional glints of moonlight on bare skin, and it became evident that Ken and Elaine were enjoying hot yet gentle sex on the manicured lawn under the open sky.

Lisa’s mouth opened in an almost comical O of understanding and she looked somewhat embarrassed. “I shouldn’t be surprised,” she said, “but somehow it never really dawned on me until just now that yes, my husband and your wife are going to make love tonight … and that it’s not their first time.”

I held her in my arms and asked quietly, “Does it bother you, knowing what they’re doing out there?”

Her brow furrowed briefly, and she looked straight at me. “No,” she replied, “I thought earlier that it might be difficult, but it’s not, really. I suppose that’s partly because I know that we – you and I – are going to make love tonight, too. It’ll be my first time with another man since Ken and I got married, and I hope I don’t disappoint you.”

“I doubt there’s any chance that you’d disappoint me, Lisa. In fact, everything you just said could as easily have been my words. It’s true that Elaine and I have discussed this before, and she and Ken had their first time in bed together a few days ago, but I’m a complete beginner. And I really don’t want to disappoint you.”

“Well, judging by the way I feel right now, I’d say you don’t need to worry about that happening! Especially while I’m naked in your arms, and your hard-on is caught between us! I do wonder, though, just what a girl has to do to get the ball rolling! Maybe this?” As she finished speaking she dropped her right hand between us to grasp and stroke my prick, and simultaneously offered her lips to mine to be kissed – passionately – once again.

We were standing close to one edge of the pool, and over Lisa’s shoulder I could see the towels we’d brought out lying on the apron. I placed both hands on her waist and lifted her, taking advantage of the buoyancy provided by the water to sit her on the piled towels. Her knees parted as I stepped closer to her, and her arms went around my neck as my lips sought her breasts.

I kissed and tongued her nipples, one after the other, and her head dropped back as she looked to the sky and whispered, “Bite them … not too hard, but you should bite them.”

I was happy to comply, sucking her right nipple into my mouth and gently biting it, then doing the same with the left. She moaned quietly and pressed my face to her breasts a little harder. I reached past her, re-distributing the towels to pad more of the apron, then lifted my face from her breasts to say, “Scoot back a bit, sweetheart, and lean back.”

She looked at me and did as I asked, the moonlight silvering her body as she leaned back on her forearms. I could feel her excitement increasing as she watched me move my mouth down her body, leaving a trail of little kisses and nibbles across her breasts and belly. I grasped her ankles and lifted her legs to place them over my shoulders, and heard the pace of her breathing pick up as she spread her thighs, presenting her cunt to me. She shifted her legs to bring her feet halfway down my back, and I felt her heels pressing, urging me closer as her legs relaxed and her knees fell away, opening her even further. She continued to watch as I brought my hands up her thighs, then stroked the fingers of my right hand down her pussy lips. My middle finger slipped inside her, and her hips shifted fractionally as I used my tongue to complete her opening, softly licking her clit as my finger pumped slowly into and out of her cunt.

It was then that I was reminded that Lisa’s parents were immigrants from Munich, and Lisa’s first language was German, because she began to whisper, “oh ja … oh ja … oh ja … oh, das ist sehr gut … so gut …. Ich liebe das … Ich liebe es … leck mich … iss mich … oh ja, nicht aufhören ….”

I don’t speak German, but her meaning was clear as her head fell back so she was looking at the moon, and her heels pressed harder against my back in case I planned to stop what I was doing to her. The language of sex needs no translation.

In a short while Lisa’s panting breath and whispers gave way to soft moans and quiet, happy squeals of passion. I felt one of her hands tangle in my hair, pressing my face to her pussy, and her hips began to buck urgently. I felt and tasted her getting even wetter as she came, and I raised my hands to her hips, pulled her toward me, and continued tongue-lashing her cunt until her orgasm faded and her hand relaxed its grip on my hair. I looked up at her face then, and found her gazing at me, her lips slightly open and her breathing still fast as she spoke.

“Oh Rick, that was nice!” she whispered. “Oral sex – both giving and receiving – is something I’ve liked ever since I first tried it. And as far as I can tell, you’re pretty damned good at it! ” She smiled at me and said, “Why don’t we trade places, and you can tell me if I’m doing it right?”

I didn’t need to be invited twice! Lisa slipped into the water, hugging and kissing me –  tasting herself on my lips – and I lifted myself up to sit on the pool coping. She smiled at me again and nudged my knees apart far enough so she could stand between them. She laid both hands on my knees and leaned forward to kiss me again. As our tongues met, I felt her hands slowly slide up, toward my belly and toward the insides of my thighs. She cradled my balls in one hand, and I leaned back on my elbows as I felt the fingers of her other hand wrap gently around my already erect cock and begin to stroke it, up and down from base to head.

At the top of each stroke, she took the glans in her palm and twisted her hand lightly while she ran her thumb across the very end. The pre-cum oozing from my dick was enough to lubricate her hand at least partially, and I saw her smile and lick her lips as she bent her head and looked down at my cock. Her head fell forward further, and I jumped slightly as she licked the glans, running the tip of her tongue across the end and harvesting any more drops of pre-cum that were there. Then there was warmth and light pressure as she took my hard cock into her mouth. Her tongue swirled all around my prick as her lips slid down the shaft. Then she brought her head back up, her hand following the hot ring of her lips encircling my cock, until her mouth released me with a “pop!” as the suction equalized.

She stroked my dick with her hand as she dropped her head to kiss and lick my balls, then took me back into her mouth to repeat the sequence: stroke down, stroke up, “pop!” She did this several times in succession, then settled to continuously stroking with her lips and tongue, keeping my prick in her mouth the whole time. Her pace picked up and I felt the suction increase in proportion. My cock hardened even more, and Lisa must have felt it because I saw her lips begin to curve in a smile as she looked up at me. Holding my gaze with her eyes, she stopped the movement of her head, keeping just the glans inside her mouth. She started to shake her hand up and down my shaft at a furious pace. I felt her tongue madly circling my glans and her cheeks went hollow with the suction she was applying to my dick. There was no way I could resist the combination of stimuli, and she knew it. She squeezed my cock gently, increasing the friction even more without choking off my response, and I had to surrender to her wishes. With a gasp I erupted in her mouth, and it felt like I would never stop ejaculating as I watched her swallow down all the cum I could give her.

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