A pain leads to pleasure

Diane and I were good friends all of our lives. We shared every detail of our worlds with each other and we were always there for one another. She wss like a sister to me. One day, afew months back, she called me and was really crying. She asked me to come over and have dinner with her so she could go into detail about what was upsetting her. I immediately agreed and planned dinner with her that night. She asked me if pasta would do and I accepted that as my only dinner choice.

When I got there, the tears started to flow. What could be so upsetting was my only thought. She started to tell me this story which I guess would bother any female. A few nights earlier, Diane had a guy over her house who occasionally had the pleasure of sleeping wih her. Diane was a very sexual person and always had one or two lovers in her world. This guy named David must have really hurt her feelings because Diane had trouble telling me the story. Finally, after about a half dozen breaks for tears, Diane told me why David really hurt her. She said that after they finished having sex the other night, out of nowhere he told her she had a fat ass and was gaining a lot of weight. It crushed her, especially after having sex with him. I didn’t know what to say. Diane did have a bigger butt than most but fat? She always wore clothes that hid what was really there or complimented it. She sat there and cried and I tried my best to tell her that David was wrong but I didn’t really have a good vantage point. She asked me if I thought her butt was fat or if I thought she was gainign weight and I told her I didn’t think she was fat. she asked if I would check her out in a bathing suit and see what I thought. It sounded harmless enough so I agreed. She went into her bedroom and changed into a slinky bikini.

In a very sy way, Diane peeked out her bedroom door, not knowing if she could leave the room and show me her in a bikini. When I told her to just come out because I knew her forever, she got the nerve up and popped out of the room. It took me a moment to focus but I pulled it together and examined what she wanted me to examine. She was dying to know my opinions so she spun around and let me see her butt, belly and legs. I was honest with her. I told her that she was no way near being fat and i could not understand why anyone would call her butt fat. I blushed and told her it look like it had a pop feature to it but it was hard to tell because it was a black bikini. She also cried because she said that David told her she had rough skin too, something she said she worked on nightly with expensive creams. Diane got a little bold and slipped her bikini bottom down just far enough for me to see her butt, just not all of it. Boldly she asked me to feel it and tell me if I thought it was rough. Her butt was really hot and it was very soft too. I tried to make her feel good by telling her the truth about her really turning me on. She half laughed and half wanted to still cry. She looked at me and asked me if I was just trying to cheer her up. She couldn’t believe that one guy made her feel gross and I was telling her that she turned me on. I told her it was the truth. She looked at me and really put me to the test. I wasn’t sure if she was trying to see if I was just trying to be nice or I was serious but i was on the spot. She said if I was serious that we should have sex because she needed something positive right at that moment. I asked her if she was serious and without answering me, she removed her bikini and stood there in front of me 100% nude and she was blazing hot. She was incredibly embarrassed as was I but seeing her so freaking naked was really a turn on. I always wanted her and I knew she was a great sexual partner but never expected it to get this far. Diane and I in bed? I wasn’t sure she would go through with it.

She invited me to her bedroom and requested that I also take off my clothes, which I did. We stood there for almost a minute, examining our bodies and in disbelief. Convinced this would be good for both of us, she said she didn’t know how to initiate things. I said I didn’t know either. She asked me to close my eyes and she would surprise. It mad me a wee bit nervous but I obliged. I felt her move along side of me, go around me and then without warning I felt her slip my cock into her mouth. She let me know it was okay to open my eyes too. She looked up and smiled , saying that she thought a BJ would be a great ice breaker. She really was good at it too and I now knew she was serious about her intentions. We moved to the bed after her ice breaker where she kissed me for the very first time. her kisses were explosive and she was as advertised, very hot and very sexual. She said she wanted me to fuck her hard and make sure that I held her ass when we did it. As soon as I could nod yes, she slid me deep into her and it felt every bit as good as I thought it should. When I placed my hands on her butt, it only made matters hotter and intensified what we both were feeling. She moaned how special I was making ehr fel and I was basically speechless. For a few moments I took my hands off of her butt just t kind of feel her tits, which though smallish, were perfect for her body. I put my hands back on her very msooth and round butt and enjoyed the best ride any guy could have. She was very open and told me wanted us to cum together and she said she was ready. So was I! In about 30 seconds, I started to feel us both build up and when she almost yelled now, I started cumming on command. I held on to her butt for dear life as her body went into overdrive. It was intense and fun. The whole sex act, from her BJ to our orgasm probably lasted 8 minutes but it was unlike anything either of us expected.

We lied there for awhile and I had to say the thing I think she wanted me to say. I told her that David was insane and that her body was perfect. I told her I wished I was her regular lover because it was the best. I also told her that her butt was perfect oo and it was the driving force for me during sex. We kind of both thanked each other for the experience, which was cute. We laughed when we realized that the only reason we made it that day was as a result of a negative experience with someone else. Diane looked at me and promised that if there are future times for us, and she said based upon results, that it wouldn’t be because someone else hurt her and it wouldn’t be long before we made love again, even though it might take time getting accustomed to making it with a friend. To wrap things up and seal the deal, I asked her if I could take a pic of her bare butt for my own personal use and I think she was so flattered she almost cried. I took about 6 pics until I got the perfect one As I exited her house later I thanked her and she thanked me. She looked at me and said next time we needed more than 7 minutes. I agreed and said I think we needed to make up for lost time. She loved the idea and now Diane is no longer feeling fat or unsatisfied but should she ever feel that way again. I will be there for her. Not a bad deal!

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