A Weekend of Camping – part 1

“I’m really sorry, you guys.” Carol wiped a stray tear from her cheek. “I know I’m putting a damper on everyone’s plans.”

Gwen looked back from the front seat. “Ted’s the one who screwed up our plans. The ass could have waited until we got back to dump you.”

“Nice Gwen.”

“What? At least if he had waited Carol would have got laid.” Gwen pushed her short black hair from her face.

Ben turned the SUV onto a dirt road. He took a look down at his girlfriend’s tanned legs. He had short curly blond hair, blue eyes, and was the tallest of the group at 6’1. Gwen was 5’9. She wasn’t too thin or that attractive really but she made up for it with large natural breasts. And no tan lines. The most fun Ben had all summer was spreading lotion over her entire body before she sunbathed. He blinked and swerved the vehicle away from the ditch.

“What the hell are you doing Ben?” Darryl slapped the back of his head. “Maybe I should drive.”

“Shut up, we’re almost there.”

Laura had barely said a word the entire trip. She sat between her boyfriend, Darryl, and Carol. Her head was on his shoulder, eyes closed pretending to be asleep. A red blanket hung from her shoulder and down over both of their laps. It was a good thing since Darryl’s jeans were open as Carol slowly stroked his erection. Every few strokes her fingers circled and tickled the head before sliding down to play with his balls. Two nights earlier he let her shave his package clean. She liked the soft hairless feel of it. She liked a man’s cock in her hands, or better yet in her mouth. Laura nuzzled into Darryl’s shoulder more. He was going to be a lucky man as soon as they were alone.

The SUV turned a corner and the forest opened up in front of them to a large lake and camp ground. Three camp sites were taken up already. The origional plan had been to escape the stress of work and school for a weekend. TO go to the woods and relax. Yes, plan b was for each couple to have sex in their seperate tents but with Ted dumping Carol at the last minute so went his tent and supplies. As soon as they were parked near the lake the men got out and started untieing the canoes from the roof. Darryl pulled his sweatshirt down as far as it could go but everyone still saw his erection tenting out.

Gwen tried not to stare. She had been the first to date Darryl but that was two years ago and she still longed for his 9 inches. Ben’s was only 6 and a half. There was just something about riding on a logn hard dick that got her blood boiling.

Carol tied her blond hair in a ponytail. She had stopped crying but still felt tears somewhere inside her. She had been really looking forward to this weekend. Unlike her two oversexed friends she was still a virgin and had planned on asking Ted to throw her down and fuck her hard. There was only so much she could do with her fingers and a vibrator. What was wrong with her? She was good-looking, had a thin tight body, small but beautiful looking breasts. She was smart and caring. Screw Ted.

“Where are we goign to camp?” Gwen dropped a pack by the shore where the boys had the canoe’s. She winked at a little boy, 8 or 9, who was pitching rocks. HIs blue eyes were wide as saucer’s as he stared at her ample breasts barely hidden by her top.

Ben pointed at the lake. “On one of the islands. It’s more private.”

“Maybe I shouldn’t have come.”

“I didn’t mean it like that, Carol. I meant we don’t have to worry about anyone else. We can sit around the camp fire as late as we want.”

Darryl put his guitar case in a canoe. “Yeah, we can blast out songs until dawn. I can’t play dick but with enough booze in me who’ll know the difference. Ben, give me a hand with the cooler.”

Laura gave Carol a hug and kissed her cheek. As her hand slipped down and squeezed her ass she whispered, “don’t worry, Sweetie, we won’t forget about you.”

It took another half hour to load the canoes with all of their gear. They strapped on lifejackets. Gwen made sure to make a big show of it since the little boy had been joined by his father. He was more descreate but he was getting an eye full. Ben didn’t mind. He was going to be the one with his face in those tits before the weekend was out.

“Why don’t you three go in one canoe and Laura and I will lock up the truck and meet you over there.”

“Don’t take too long.”

“We’ll take as long as it takes.”

When the one canoe was on it’s way both Darryl and Laura got in the SUV. He drove it to a corner of the camp ground and backed up against the trees. They looked at each other and quickly closed in for a kiss.

Laura said, “let’s go to the back. I want to finish what I started.”

They quickly got in the back seat. Before Darryl had his door shut Laura attacked the zipper of his jeans. She pulled his soft cock out and licked it’s length. It automatically began to get hard. She stroked the shaft as she sucked on his balls. Darryl closed his eyes and put his head back with a look of pure pleasure aross his face. Laura took as much of it as she could in her mouth. Her tongue swirled around the head. She stopped for a moment to pull his jeans to his knees. Laura began bobbing her head up and down with her hand following along. Darryl opened his eyes. The little boy from earlier stood on the side of the SUV with his large eyes poking over the window. Darrl smiled at him.

“Oh shit. I’m cumming.” His cock jumped and convulsed inside Laura’s mouth. She moaned her enjoyment as she swallowed and licked the cum off the shaft. “That was so nice.”

Laura gave her boyfriend a deep kiss. “You liked that did you?”

“You’re the best.”

“Even better than Gwen?”

Darryl let out a laugh. “She can’t take it. She gagged too much and wouldn’t swallow.”

“You know, she still talks about how great your big dick is. She always talkes about how she baby oiled her tits and squeezed those giant titties of her’s around your cock as you fucked them until you came all over her face.”

“That’s about the only thing she was good for. I guess we should head over to the island though.”

“You sure you can handle it?”

Darryl smiled and kissed Laura hard.

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