Adventures With Tia

Adventures with Tia
Part One
The Camping Trip

It was our last summer before college and we all wanted to do something we could remember fondly. We were 18 and free, so my four best friends and I were going on a two-week camping trip into the Boundary Waters Canoe Area.

I knew we all looked like idiots as we were removing the two canoes from the top of the car, but we were having fun and that was all that mattered.

I should introduce us all before I continue: Jan Fossum was the cutesy one of our group. She thought that she was a dwarf at 5’2″, but everyone else regarded her as petite and adorable with cute, perky little breasts, blonde hair that bordered on being brown, with dark brown eyes. She was the kind of girl that everyone wanted to cuddle.

Christy Shaver was our mouthpiece. Whenever the rest of us were too afraid to stand up for ourselves, Christy would take charge and had the uncanny knack of saying exactly what we were all wishing we could say. She could have been a model, especially when she adopted her over-exaggerated, strut. The girl was 5’9″, willow-slim with shoulder length, auburn hair that swayed from side to side across sexy, high cheekbones. She looked as if she had stepped out of the pages of Vogue.

Dawn Veriday was very laidback about everything we did. At 5’11”, she stayed in the background, not an easy feat. She would always study a situation from every angle before giving us her opinion. She was big-boned, but she wasn’t fat and she was the keeper of the most gorgeous tits I had ever seen. I think she was probably wearing a 36D cup by the time we all turned 14. I always swore she was a direct descendant of the Amazons with her blonde hair, blue eyes and height. I was just pleased that she never kicked the shit out of me for saying it.

Charming as the others were, Nikki Dawson was the most captivating of the bunch as far as I was concerned. Her raven black hair fell like silk to the middle of her back. Oh, and those beautiful green eyes, so sweet and gentle, with just a hint of mystery behind them. She was the one we all went to when we were bothered by anything and she never looked bored or disgusted, no matter how lame we were. At 5’5″, she had, I suppose, a normal figure for a typical 18 year-old, but, to my eyes, every curve of her body was exquisite. Since third-grade I had been enamored with everything about Nikki.

Finally, there was me, Tia Devs. At the time you might describe my looks as somewhere between average and pretty. I was 5’4″ with long, wavy, dishwater-blonde hair with natural streaks of lighter blonde running through. The feature that most people commented on was my eyes. They changed color as the light would change, going from a light hazel, to a dark brown, depending on what time of the day it was. My eyes would get pretty dry when the girls wanted to see why I looked different at certain times and they would literally make me sit without blinking just so they could see the phenomenon.

My figure was quite nice, even if I do say so myself. I never grew very tall, but by the time I was 16, I was buying a 36C bra and was quite proud of my tits, buying tops as tight as my parents would allow.

So, there we all were, going on our two-week camping trip and looking stupid. If you were watching us from a distance, you would have seen five teenage girls, all dressed in cutoffs and halter tops, all trying to lift the canoes off the roof of the car. Try as we might, no matter which of us was carrying the damned things, we couldn’t stop them from nose-diving into the asphalt or the dirt. I guess it might’ve gone better if we could’ve controlled our laughter, but that wasn’t happening, so we just went with it. I knew if the canoes wound up dented, my dad was gonna be pissed, but I also knew he’d get over it… eventually.

We were so over-packed for that trip that it was ridiculous. We had gotten all of the gear and coolers from my parents, but my mom continued shaking her head when she saw me cleaning all three of them out. I asked her what her problem was, but she just kept shaking her head, with that knowing half-smile she always wears when she thinks we kids or dad are doing something really stupid. I hate that fucking half-smile.

We organized all the camping gear at my house because my parents had everything we would need. We had gone camping every summer for as long as I could remember and dad took pride in how much gear he had collected over the years. I grabbed all of the packs, throwing them into the car. My plan was that we’d leave the stuff we didn’t use in the packs. Mom shook her head at me again and smiled. Seriously, I wanted to smack her.

By the time we began loading the canoes with all of the gear; Nikki had started messing with my head. I had always felt especially close to Nikki and the older we got, the more intense those feelings were becoming. All she would have to do was brush past me and my nipples would instantly harden while a thousand tiny electrical charges would shoot through me until they landed at my pubic bone. It was exciting, frightening and excruciating all at the same time. It never happened with Dawn, Christy or Jan, only with Nikki. I loved it and hated it all at the same time.

After we finally managed to deliver the canoes to the shoreline, we were still giggling as we headed back to the car for the gear. Nikki slapped me on the ass as she walked past me, turning to look at me as she continued on backwards, her eyes moving directly to my hardening nipples, causing me to blush as she gave me a radiant smile before turning around again.

Immediately I began to panic, suspecting she knew I had a thing for her. I began looking at the other girls, just to see if they knew too, but they were all just carrying coolers to the canoes. I tried my damnedest to stop looking so guilty.

By the time I had finished carrying the tent down to the shoreline, the only things they had were the coolers, which they were loading all into one canoe.

“We should put one in the other canoe,” I suggested.
“Don’t wanna,” Nikki insisted. “I’m gonna lie on them while you and Christy paddle us out to the island.”
“Did we vote on who gets the free ride and I missed it?” I asked.
“Nope, I called it and I’ve been thinking about it all week, so deal,” Nikki informed us as she headed to the car.
“Bitch!” Jan shouted, making Nikki almost trip as she laughed.

Once the canoes were packed and the car parked, Nikki began organizing us into the proper canoes. Jan and Dawn in one; me, Nikki and Christy in the other. She even had to put us in the proper positions. Dawn in the back to steer since she was much stronger than Jan, and me steering ours since I had done it for years, then she took three of our lifejackets for cushions on her little makeshift cot. The rest of us just shook our heads as we paddled out.

I have to say that as we began, I was seriously worried about water slapping over the edge into the canoe, so I expressed my fears to Christy, instructing her to slow down her paddling in order to keep some distance from Dawn and Jan’s waves. Soon we were a little way behind them as Nikki looked at me and smiled.

It wasn’t long before I wasn’t looking at the waves at all as Nikki repositioned herself on the coolers, sliding her feet onto my seat on either side of my hips.

I blushed as I leered up the leg of her shorts, noticing the clean-shaven edges of her pussy. I had been shaving my own for a long time and never thought too much of it, but hers was so sexy, I just wanted to dive into it.

I turned almost crimson when I noticed she was watching me with a huge grin on her face. I looked out across the lake, trying not to catch her eye, but when I knew she wasn’t looking at me, I snuck peeks at her, noticing her nipples were as hard as mine.

I squeezed my legs together, feeling an incredible shiver go through me. It took all the control I had not to jump on top of her and begin kissing her, but I managed to hold myself back.

Nikki loved every minute of what she was doing to me and I was sure she knew what I was by then. Horrible thoughts began going through my head. I was sure this whole trip was going to be a disaster and at some point she was going to ‘out’ me the rest of the girls, but I still couldn’t stop looking. She was just too fucking hot!

Then I noticed something and it was my turn to smile. Nikki was getting the tiniest little wet spot near the crack of her ass. I guessed she had been getting just as turned on as I was. It did make me have to feel my own crotch, finding my own little wet spot. Unfortunately at that moment my leg bumped hers, causing Nikki to open her eyes as she lifted her head. She looked up, catching me with my hand in my crotch.

A small giggle escaped her mouth until she saw where I was looking and automatically reached her hand down to her shorts. She smiled victoriously when she felt nothing, until I pointed further down. As she slid her hand through her crotch, she touched it and gave me an entirely different smile and there went the electricity again as my body visibly quivered. She loved the effect she was having on me, and truth be known, so did I.

As we neared shore, Dawn and Jan were already unloading the other canoe. Just before we reached them, I began to panic at the prospect of anyone else seeing my wet crotch, so I put down my paddle and jumped into the water. As I surfaced, the coldness of it hit me like a boulder.

“Holy shit!” I screamed.

All four of the girls were staring at me with their mouths hanging open. It was still fairly early in the morning and even though the air was warm and humid, the water was like ice.

It didn’t take very long for Nikki to realize it was her only escape from notice as well and soon I was watching her take the leap.

“Jesus Christ!” She screamed after bobbing above the surface of the water.

The rest of us girls stopped what we were doing and just stared at her. Nikki came from a very Catholic background, never having uttered a single swear word in all the years we had known her. She always said she was too afraid she might slip at home if she got into the habit, so she just never did.

A smile began to appear on my face as I realized this was her hurrah trip. This was going to be the trip where she let it all hang out and I was going to be the one she let it all hang out on… at least I hoped that was what was going on. With any luck, before we went away to our separate colleges, I would mean as much to Nikki as she already meant to me.

I began laughing as Dawn, Christy and Jan ran into the lake, screaming their own dirty words as they surfaced.

Nikki smiled softly at me again as I blushed.

After splashing at each other for a short time, we emerged from the water, toweled off and, pulling on fresh clothes, we at last, began to organize ourselves.

For some stupid reason, they put me in charge of setting up the tent. It was one of those heavy canvas types. An old army tent, meant to house my family of seven when we were camping, but I had never really paid attention to setting it up since my dad and my older brothers always took care of it.

Nikki had accompanied me and my family on several of those trips, so I enlisted her help, leaning in to whisper as she got closer to me.

“Did you ever pay any attention when dad and Eric put this thing together?” I asked her.
“No; you either?”
“Nope, can’t say that I did.”
“Well, I know we need a boulder or a hammer to pound in the stakes, but that’s about all I remember,” she admitted.
“I know, you were always too busy watching Eric and his rippling muscles,” I teased.
“You don’t know what I was watching,” she insisted as her face reddened.

I don’t know why she was upset with me, but I could tell that she was, so I just dropped it.

It didn’t take very long for the other girls to realize that we had absolutely no clue what in the hell we were doing and soon we were all working on it. Even with their help, it still took us over an hour to get it looking solid enough for us to lay out our sleeping bags.

Nikki was the last one to put her bag in the tent. I watched her from a distance as she rearranged my bag before putting hers down. I was extremely curious to know what was going through her head.

Nikki’s and my histories were intertwined. To begin with, we were both born on the same day, so we always had our parties together, even though our family wasn’t Catholic. Then when we were 13, my 17 year-old brother, Trent, died in a car accident. He had been racing to get home before curfew and misjudged the corner. Nikki stayed with my family for two weeks straight, making meals and just being there for anything we needed.

The other girls stopped by daily to check on me, but Nikki never left until two weeks later when my mother gave her a big hug, telling her how wonderful she was and how much she had helped us all. I too thought it was pretty special and knew that, come what may, she would always be closer to me than our other friends.

Two years later, I did the same thing for her family when her father died of a massive coronary.

Nikki was the youngest of nine kids and her mother was 49-years-old before she even got pregnant with her.

Her next brother was at least five years older than Nikki, so she was never all that close to any of her siblings, but she was very close to her parents.

I had stayed with them for a little over two weeks, wanting to make sure she and her mother would be okay since they were the only ones in the house once the rest of the kids had gone back to their own homes.

I think her mother was especially grateful and had tried including me in all of their Sunday and family rituals after that. I accepted at least every other Sunday and I think Nikki appreciated the fact that she didn’t have to be alone. Mostly my motives were selfish since I just couldn’t stay away from her.

Once the campsite was looking closer to organized, I offered to go looking for starter twigs and birch bark. There was enough wood piled next to the fire pit, so all we needed to worry about was getting it started.

I had been clawing my way through the underbrush when I suddenly heard a noise behind me. As I turned, I could see Nikki following me, so I stopped and waited for her to catch up.

“I was afraid I wouldn’t catch up to you,” Nikki huffed.
“Did you catch up to me so you could explain what you were doing in the canoe?” I asked.
“Didn’t you enjoy it?” She asked, looking disappointed.
“I don’t understand what’s going on,” I said. “I thought we were pretty close so just tell me what you’re trying to do,” I whispered.

Nikki never said a word. She walked up to me, pushed the twigs out of my hands before stroking my cheek lightly with her palm. My heart was in my mouth and my skin was on fire from her touch. The look on her face was different from any expression I had ever seen before. It was as though she had made an important decision and now knew what she needed do.

She leaned into me and her lips barely brushed against my own. I had to force myself to breathe as the tingles moved all the way into my toes, and she hadn’t even kissed me yet. Suddenly our lips connected and the sparks coursed through me. I put my arms around her waist, while she wrapped hers around my neck. Soon our tongues were searching each other out and my nipples felt so hard they hurt. My pussy had a life of its own, twitching like a Mexican jumping bean. I had to break off the kiss. I didn’t want her doing anything she didn’t feel she could.

“Why’re you doing this?” I asked breathlessly.
“Didn’t you want me to?”
“Since third grade.”
“Then what’s… really?” Nikki asked, grinning.
“Really, but I don’t wanna just be some fling. I think I’ve always loved you and that would just kill me,” I admitted.
“Me too… I mean, I think I’ve always loved you too and I don’t want you to be a fling either.”
“C’mon,” I said, realizing that we were entirely too close to camp. “Let’s go into the woods further.”

I didn’t give her a chance to say no; I grabbed her hand, dragging her deeper towards the other end of the island. When I felt we were a safe distance from the camp, we stopped to kiss again.

Questions were swirling around in my head, but I wasn’t ready for rational thought yet, not when I wanted to kiss her so badly. Our lips locked onto one another’s as breathing became more difficult and my head was pounding so hard I thought it would explode, but I needed to pull away from her.

“Why didn’t you tell me?” I asked.
“Why didn’t you?”
“I never thought it’d happen, you know, with your religion and all. I just thought that with your mom and your family, we’d never be able to be together, so I never dared to tell you. Plus I didn’t think you’d go for it and I thought you might be disgusted by the way I felt,” I explained.
“I was scared too, but I love you Tia and I wanna be with you. Maybe once we’re out of college we could share an apartment and nobody would need to know,” Nikki said.
“You’ve just made every dream I’ve ever had come true. I love you so much.”

Suddenly we were kissing again. I pushed her up against a birch tree and untied her halter. The strings fell along her stomach, revealing her lovely breasts. I began kissing down her neck and then lower until my mouth rested upon her right nipple. It felt deliciously hard against my tongue and soon I was suckling, nipping, flicking and tugging it, spurred on by Nikki’s whimpering moans. My fingers replaced my tongue as they tweaked and squeezed the pink, perfect teat as my lips sucked in her left nipple hungrily.

While my mouth greedily devoured, first one nipple and then the other, I unbuttoned her shorts, prying them off with my hands while my mouth kept her too busy to notice, or care. Once I had dragged them over her hips, I slid my hand easily between her pussy lips. Nikki moaned contentedly before she gracefully stepped out of her shorts, to spread her legs and give me easier access. Now I was slowly kissing my way down her stomach, licking her groin and nibbling the tops of her thighs until my lips were inches from her pussy.

It was smooth and freshly shaven. “Beautiful,” was all I could say.
“I did that just for you,” Nikki admitted, combing my hair with her fingers.
“Thank you, I love it,” I said, leaning forward and tasting her beautiful, bald pussy.
“Oh my fucking God!” She rasped, clutching a handful of my hair.

Hearing such dirty words coming from those gorgeous lips and knowing how turned on she must be to say them made me feel exceptionally horny.

As I began putting one, two and finally three fingers into her vagina, I slid my tongue in between her pussy lips, gliding up and down, circling her clit, but not touching it. Nikki reached behind her, holding onto the tree while her other hand began rubbing my arm as I reached up to fondle her nipples. She was going crazy and I loved it as she began grazing my arm with her fingernails.

I wanted to tease her so much, make her beg me to finger-fuck her harder and hear those dirty words spilling from her mouth, but I began to worry that the others might come looking for us, so instead I let my tongue roam back up to her clit. The two had barely connected before she was arching her back and pressing her crotch against me. She slapped her hand over her mouth, screaming, unintelligible words of pleasure as her beautiful, bald pussy bucked against my face and hand.

My attentions were relentless, as fingers glossed with her juices, worked in and out of her, my tongue swept over her clit until at last I felt her limbs relax and her hand reached down to pull me back up to her. I held her close to me as she began kissing my cheeks and neck.

“That was just as wonderful as I always dreamt it would be,” Nikki whispered, her tongue flicking against my ear.
“For me too,” I admitted. Pleasing her had turned me on so much that I could feel wetness moistening my own pussy.
“I wanna do that for you.” Her voice was soft and sexy, and full of desire.
“Oh God, yes,” I murmured. “Just don’t take too long. They might come looking for us.”

Her tongue was licking the nape of my neck and my stomach was in knots.

“They’re probably wasted already. They won’t even know we’re gone. Best tie my top for me though, just in case.”

Reluctantly, I tied the strings of her halter, covering her darling breasts and even more regretfully I watched as she pulled up her shorts. Then she turned me around and pushed me gently against the tree she had been leaning against.

Now it was my turn to be stripped. She revealed my breasts as if she were unveiling an invaluable painting.

“Mmm. I’ve always loved your tits,” she said.

She didn’t stop to admire my tits, instead her hands moved inside the waistband of my shorts, easing them over my ass and hauling them down my legs.

She gazed at my shaven pussy.

“Bald really is beautiful,” Nikki declared, her finger tips gliding over the smoothness.

It felt so fucking good to feel her touching me, kissing my skin and playing with my nipples. I knew right then that no one else would ever be able to do for me what she did, because Nikki Dawson was the love of my life and my soul mate.

I was already so close to coming, I didn’t need much to tip me over the edge, but Nikki wasn’t going to let me have that relief yet. She was definitely teasing me as her tongue slid all around my clit, never quite touching it.

“Oh, please, please,” I begged as she continued to torture me with lips, tongue and fingers.

That was when she whispered, ‘I love you’ into my pussy before her tongue hit my clit and I was suddenly slapping my own hand against my mouth to keep my screams from being heard.

As Nikki moved back up to kiss me, we tasted ourselves on each other’s mouths and it was fantastic. We promised each other that for the next four weeks, we would enjoy being alone together as often as possible.

Flushed and giggling, we walked back to the campsite, picking up twigs, hand-in-hand, only letting go when we came into sight of the tent. Nikki was right about them drinking and by the time we got back, they were already slurring their words, so Nikki and I, not being big drinkers began making some dinner.

We always wound up taking care of the three of them whenever they got too wasted; sometimes I think that’s why they liked us around. They never needed to worry about where they’d wind up, because we always made sure they were okay.

It actually worked out very well for us that they were getting so wasted. During the day we would all stick together while Nikki and I would resist the urge to jump on each other, but at night, just before going into the tent, we would all go skinny dipping. While they were busy throwing up or whatever, Nikki and I would swim a short distance from them, caressing and kissing underwater, or doing whatever we thought we could get away with at the moment.

The best part was that we were all sleeping in the nude after our nightly bath. So once we had the others tucked in and asleep, either I’d crawl into Nikki’s bag or she’d crawl into mine. We quickly learned to be inventive within the restrictions of the sleeping bag, and there was plenty of nibbling, kissing and finger-fucking each other to orgasm after stifled orgasm because we simply couldn’t keep our hands off one another.

We had been on the island for almost a week. The sun was just beginning to go down as Nikki and I were hunting for firewood. At least that’s what the other girls thought. In fact, I had my love bent forwards over a large boulder whilst I knelt behind, massaged her luscious ass and stroked her pussy lips with the full width of my tongue.

“Oh, yes!” She was moaning, but then it was, “oh, no!”
“What is it?” I queried, pausing disappointedly.

I hauled myself to my feet, wrapping my arms around her waist as I watched over her shoulder.

A small motorboat was slowly moving past us 20 feet, or so, from the shoreline. There were no signs they were planning to stop until Christy began hollering and waving a towel to catch their attention. The boat changed course, heading straight for shore.

We readjusted our clothing and hurried back to camp where the four boys were busily pulling their motorboat onto shore. They were nice looking, no getting around that, but I was annoyed because Nikki and I had to stop our activities and, despite promises to resume later, I was feeling frustrated.

Gage, Quentin, Dan and Bobby were all in their early twenties. They were in college and that was about all the attention I paid to any of them.

Nikki and I watched in awe as the flirting started. Gage made a beeline for Nikki and me. He was handsome and pretty sure of himself as he began talking to us, but she set him straight immediately, that he could try all he wanted, but if he expected sex, he should probably move on. He glanced at me hopefully, but I just laughed.

As the night progressed, and the drinking got heavier, Nikki and I watched as the seven of them began stripping to go skinny-dipping. They asked if we were coming, but we both passed. We did watch though and I think my mouth was hanging open almost the entire time, as we observed them beginning to pair up.

It all began innocently enough, splashing, chasing and dunking each other. Then the girls egged on the boys while they had a peeing contest to see who could shoot the farthest with a hard-on. Nikki and I giggled as we witnessed the entire thing.

Quentin won that contest and Christy flung her body against his, as though she was the prize, as she began kissing him fierily. He seemed happy enough, picking her up and carrying her off from the group with her legs wrapped around his waist. He laid her down at the edge of the beach on the sandy grass near a clump of birch trees. We could see them necking, his hand moving up Christy’s thigh and her legs parting to welcome it.

“Jesus!” Swore Nikki quietly as her hand began stroking my thigh.

Bobby decided to go for the Amazon, or she went for him, I wasn’t positive, but he was the only one taller than her, so that may have been the deciding factor. He soon had her pressed up hard against a tree, her arms wreathed around his neck and one leg perched against his hip.

I closed my eyes contentedly as Nikki’s hand slid under the leg of my shorts and her fingers began inching nearer my pussy lips.

When I looked up again, Dan and Jan were sprawled by the fire pit, not more than 15 feet away from us, lost in their drunken kisses. Soon his hands were all over her tiny body, while Nikki removed her hands from my shorts, worried that Jan might notice.

I was beginning to feel sorry for poor, handsome Gage who seemed to have been left out in the cold. But man, was I wrong as the party that had moved out of the water, had suddenly returned to its depths.

The noise was definitely getting louder. Occasional squeals along with a lot of moaning were being heard. The site bordered on ridiculous, as we were suddenly aware of the fucking going on when Christy and Dawn began bobbing in and out of the water. We couldn’t help but laugh as we continued watching them.

It wasn’t long until Jan was reattached to Dan, but then Gage moved in close behind her. Dan whispered something to her, holding her close as Gage made his move. She let out an incredibly loud screech as he entered her from behind. Both Dan and Gage stopped for a moment, letting Jan adjust, before they were moving slowly, trying to get her to relax. Some time had passed before she began urging both of them on. Soon the water seemed to be littered with writhing couples intent on fucking each other to exhaustion.

Nikki’s face had begun twisting with an expression of pain, and I could feel my own face gaining the same expression.

I knew what was going to wind up happening and snapped out of my daze, running to grab our two sleeping bags out of the tent. I didn’t really care if they all wound up in there, but I sure didn’t want them continuing their orgy on our bags.

I think Nikki and I sat with the same expression on our faces as the seven of them left the water to continue their activities in the tent.

Christy tossed us an invitation to join them, but we just smiled and stayed where we were.

“D’you even believe what you just saw?” I asked.
“Nope, can’t say that I do, especially Jan. That just looked painful.”
“Until it didn’t.”
“You think you’d like that?” Nikki asked.
“Nope, I like what you do.”
“Thank god! I was worried for a minute.”
“Don’t. In all my dreams about you over the years that was never in any of them,” I assured her.
“Wanna go swimming now?”
“Love to.”

We undressed, watching one another closely the entire time. The air out of the water was humid and sticky hot, so we knew the water would feel chilly at first.

Keeping the noise to a minimum, we moved around until Nikki finally found a warm spot. I went to her as soon as she let me know and we held onto each other until our bodies adjusted to the waxing and waning warmth.

As we began kissing, those tingles were back, just as intense as ever. We began fondling each other’s nipples as noises continued exiting the tent. I had to admit that the sounds added to my excitement as we kissed and touched.

I moved my hand down to Nikki’s pussy at the same time she slid her hand down to mine. As fingers entered vaginas, thumbs were moving simultaneously between pussy lips and around clits. We were both on the edge as she whispered ‘ready?”, and I nodded just before I began wiggling my pinky over her anus and connecting my thumb onto her clit. Nikki had apparently been thinking the same thing as she made identical moves on me, causing us to kiss even deeper while trying to keep our screams to a minimum.

That had been the most intense orgasm to date and that new move was definitely added to our lovemaking after that night.

As we dried off, we carried our clothes back up to our sleeping bags, holding hands all the way. I put more wood on the fire before turning to Nikki.

“There’s something special I’d like to do with you since they’re all busy,” I hinted.
“I think I’m reading your mind. Does it have to do with a certain number?” Nikki inquired.
“We are good together, aren’t we?” I asked.
“I think so,”
“Yeah, I think so too.”

After following her down onto the sleeping bag, we began kissing, waking all of those wonderful tingles as tongues and lips began their wonderful dance with each other. I began kissing every inch of her as I crawled down over her body. Nikki was lavishing my body, equally, with kisses as I slowly moved down over her head, breasts and stomach until we were face to pussy. Nikki pulled my crotch onto her face as her tongue began darting in and out of it and I returned the favor. I began kissing her inner thighs as my fingers entered her vagina and my thumb slid gently over her clit. My love slipped her fingers into me as her lips encircled my own clit as she sucked gently on it and I was in heaven.

“Oh Jesus!” We exclaimed in unison as our fingers began picking up the pace.

Our own moaning began to mingle with the sounds exiting the tent. Nikki wriggled beneath me, while I wriggled on top, both of us close to the edge. I suddenly felt Nikki’s free hand as it moved between my thighs and up around my ass, until, all of a sudden, I felt a finger gently beginning to circle my anus.

“Oh God!” I groaned.

The finger was unexpectedly penetrating my ass and I was faced with new sensations to calculate and deal with.

“Does it hurt?” Nikki asked, concerned.
“Yes… no … I don’t know, but don’t stop, please.”
“Is that good, baby?” She asked as both hands continued moving.
“Oh yeah,” I whispered.
“Nobody can hear you Tia,” she said as her finger began moving in my anus.
“Oh Jesus, oh fuck!”

I began to regain enough composure to return the favor, massaging her anus before inserting my finger up to the knuckle as Nikki began panting.

“Oh my fucking God!” Nikki screamed.
“Oooh!” We cried together as we began to cum.

We continued on with our movements, bringing one another to two more orgasms, barely ebbing out of one before flowing into another. We were in heaven and we were there together. It was as it should have been, as it should be until the end of time.

Weakly we found our way back to being face to face, lightly covering each other with tiny rapid kisses as we clung to one another. We eventually managed to find the energy to put our clothes back on before crawling into our respective sleeping bags, holding her to me.

“I love you Nikki.”
“I love you too Tia, that was perfect.”
“It was. I don’t think I’d ever like anything bigger than a finger in my ass though.”
“I’ll keep that in mind,” Nikki smiled as she kissed me again.

We were both exhausted, but Nikki was too afraid to close her eyes as we lay there, so I promised her I would stay awake so she could get some sleep. I really didn’t mind since I loved watching her sleep anyway, so as I Held her hand, she finally dozed off and I was left to sit with my thoughts of our future together. I never thought I could be so happy at the thought of waking up with the same person every day, but I was. She was everything I wanted out of life and the rest was just fodder.

The sun had finally begun to rise over the trees when I heard the zipper on the tent. Reluctantly I let go of Nikki’s hand as Gage, Quentin, Dan and Bobby walked outside. I sat up, smiling at them as they entered the fresh, morning air.

We never said a word to each other; they just smiled and waved at me as they got back into their boat and left. I took that opportunity to go pee and put more wood on the fire before returning to my sleeping bag.

I sat there, staring out over the lake as the sun reflected the most beautiful rays of orange and crimson over the ripples. I noticed a small, dark bobbing figure in the water and it was headed straight towards our campsite.

I thought it was just a duck or a loon at first, but as it got closer it began looking more like a head. Not a human head, but a bear head. I left my bag to get a closer look and felt panic racing through my entire body.

I threw several rocks towards it, trying to make it turn around, but it just made a grunting noise as it continued straight towards me. Immediately my mind began racing as to where the firecrackers were that I had packed, but then I calmed myself down, remembering I had shoved them into a corner of the tent. I walked slowly, but deliberately back up to my sleeping angel and nudged her with my foot until she finally opened her eyes.

“That’s just rude,” Nikki announced.
“No, really it’s not. Just get up slowly and don’t scream or panic and get into the tent,” I instructed.
“Just do what I say Nikki,” I growled.

She got up immediately, looking around to see what was going on and when her eyes saw what I had seen, they almost bulged out of her head. I pushed her ahead of me as we moved towards the tent.

As I unzipped the flap, the smell of sex was pungent as it mingled with my fear. Pushing the odors out of my mind, I went to the firecrackers and suddenly realized that I really hadn’t thought the entire thing through. The matches were still out by the fir pit. After swearing and waking everyone up, I stepped back out of the tent after breaking loose from Nikki’s grip.

“Don’t go out there,” Nikki rasped.
“I have to or it’ll rip our shit apart and eat all of our food. I should’ve pulled it all back up, but I forgot.”

I could see him smelling my and Nikki’s sleeping bags before picking one of them up and shaking it in his mouth. I inched around until I was still far enough away, but hopeful that I still had a decent throwing arm as I threw a firecracker towards the fire. Naturally I missed and grabbed another one just as he began walking towards the coolers. That one landed in the fire, but the bear just growled and gave me a dirty look, letting me know I was pissing him off as he continued moving. He had just busted the lid off the cooler as I ran with a handful of firecrackers, throwing them into the fire as I slipped in the loose dirt and fell on my ass. As they began exploding, he finally got scared enough to run back to the lake and swam away as I collapsed backwards onto the ground; thankful he was frightened and not pissed.

Nikki and the girls ran to me immediately, Nikki putting her hand on my shoulder as I lay there shaking.

“You okay?” Nikki asked.
“No. I think I’m gonna cry,” I answered.
“That was incredibly brave,” Jan stated, putting her hand to her head.
“Or incredibly stupid,” Christy added.
“I thought it was very brave and you didn’t even panic, you were awesome,” Nikki assured me.
“Thanks,” I smiled, “but the only thing I know for sure is that my dad’s gonna kill me or cry, neither of which I wanna see.”
“Why? You were awesome, remember?” Nikki asked.
“That was his favorite cooler”
“That’s the one?” Nikki asked knowingly.
“Why? What?” Christy asked.
“Tia and Callie were created on that cooler cover. Possibly Trent too, but Mr. Devs was never positive,” Nikki explained.
“Gross!” Jan exclaimed.
“Yeah, you’re one to talk about gross stuff,” I commented as I finally stood up.
“What’s that mean?!” She shouted as I walked down to the lake.
“All I can say is that I sure hope you guys are all on birth control!” I shouted as I dove into the water.
“I’d wait to go up there if I were you,” Nikki suggested as I walked out of the water.
“Why? What?”
“Very good questions. None of the idiots even remembered what happened last night,”
“You’re shitting me!”
“Nope, not a one.
“I hope I never get that drunk. I’d hate to forget everything.”
“I hear ya. They should be okay in a little while though. We should just stay here until they come for us though,” Nikki suggested as I sat beside her.

The rest of our camping trip was a little subdued after that day. They never did come to get us from the lake, so when we went back Nikki and I tried telling them we weren’t judging them, we were just worried about them. They pretty much stuck to themselves after our discussion though.

Nikki and I didn’t have any trouble finding time alone after that anyway. They seemed almost relieved when we would go on our daily sexpeditions.

I apologized to Nikki for putting that distance between us, but she assured me it was them and not me distancing us from them.

As we loaded the gear back into the canoes and headed into shore, Nikki and I were in a canoe by ourselves. I couldn’t keep myself from smiling though, since I got to stare at her cute little ass all the way back to the boat landing. She would blush every time she turned around to look at me.

After dropping Dawn, Christy and Jan off at their homes, Nikki insisted she go home with me to explain the cooler and the tooth marks in the sleeping bag. I have to admit, she explained the entire situation better than I would have. I never would have told them exactly why we were sleeping outside and in the end; I think they were just grateful that Nikki and I weren’t drunken sluts.

I was free and clear to give her a ride home after that, stopping in between my house and hers for some major kissing before I left her with the promise that I would be over to see her as soon as my family turned me loose.

After two weeks of spending almost every night at Nikki’s house, I was watching her get onto the plane that was taking her away from me. We were crying harder than we ever had, knowing that two years could do a lot to people, but promising to talk as often as possible.

Nikki would be at a Catholic College in New York and I would be taking business courses in Minneapolis. All I could do on the remainder of my drive was cry.

Nikki and I had tried getting together with the rest of our friends before we would all be going in different directions, but they always had excuses as to why they wouldn’t go to the movies or have a popcorn and malt night.

We both saw that last camping trip as a beginning and an end.

(To Be Continued…)

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