An Affair 20 years in the making

Life goes on but it is time for the yearly reunion. The place is always different so there is never a pattern. Both of us travel there so it is only fair. The time is short since it is only one night, so it needs to be enough to last the rest of the year. Our next destination is Washington DC. We meet at the Omni Shoreham near the Zoo. The suite is beautiful and we will have a wonderful time in it.

We make our way to the room and the first kiss is the best. It is long, deep and passionate. Just being in your arms is amazing. Since this is the only time that we have, there is little talking. We settle our stuff down and I take you into the bath. There are candles in the bathroom and a small radio playing soft sweet music. The tub has recently been filled (by me) and we undress each other while reacquainting ourselves with each other’s bodies. You settle in first and I climb into your lap. You wrap your arms around me and I know that the next 24 hours will be the most passionate I have had since our last encounter. We start off very sensual, kissing, hugging, exploring. We bathe together and then step out of the tub into the bedroom where I have already set up the room. I have a variety of things we can use at our leisure but first we will make love. You lift up the blanket and I get into the bed. You lightly spank my butt which gets me wanting to play. You tell me to be patient. I lay down and you kiss me again. I can feel that through my whole being. Being with you renews my soul. You gently kiss and blow on various parts of the body until you reach my warm wet pussy that is inviting you. There is where you gently blow on the folds to separate them and lick my clit. You just gently tease me to get me wet. I can’t wait to play so I patiently wait as you playfully tease me. I reach down and bring your head back up to me and whisper that I want your cock in my mouth. You come up near my head and your cock is in front of my mouth. I lick it up and down like a lollipop. I take the entire thing to the back of my throat. You moan as I do and I love it, so I suck harder on you to elicit a better response. I don’t want you to cum just yet. I playfully bite you around your body and you position yourself between my legs once more. You lift my legs and start to kiss and nibble at them while your cock pokes at my opening. You finally lean forward to kiss me passionately as you thrust deeply into me and I let out a gasp. You feel amazing and I savor this feeling since it will be another year until I feel this way again.

After we both cum and have recouped from our euphoria, I open the bag that I came with and give it to you. Inside you find a paddle, a cock ring, a vibrator, anal beads, clamps, a bondage kit, feathers and body paint. The smile on your face spoke volumes as you pulled out the bondage kit. I took it from you and gave you the body paint. It was in different flavors of chocolate. You take the body brush and swirl the brush around my nipples and put the clamps on. A shiver goes down my spine and I am loving this. I blindfold you and start to play with the feather all over. I pass over your cock with the feather and listen to the sounds that come from you. I lay you down and start to restrain you. I tie you to the bed and take the body brush to your cock with chocolate dripping down your shaft. I can’t help but lick a bit that drips down. You feel my tongue there. You want more. I start to lick and suck the chocolate off your cock. After all the chocolate is gone, I place the cock ring on.

I let you up again and remove the blindfold. You flip me over with my ass in the air and slam the paddle down on my ass cheeks turning them a pinkish color. I want more. you offer a few more slaps and grab for the anal beads. I offer up my ass to you as you start pushing the beads in one by one until all but that last is in. You then grab that vibrator and start to thrust it inside my pussy. I am in ecstasy. I want you. You remove the beads and toss them aside. You put some oil on your cock and slide it inside my ass. I tighten down on the vibrator you left in my pussy. You start to thrust back and forth never completely taking your cock from my ass since I keep bucking back on it. You wrap my hair around your hand and tug on it as you pound your cock into my ass over and over. You are almost ready to cum and slow down. I want you to cum now so I buck back wildly on your cock until you explode. We sleep in each other’s arms for a while until we are both ready for round 3. We both know that this will have to last a year.

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