An old school friend – part 2

“Ummm for years I have wanted to do this, I did want you that day in the barn” – “You have one luck wife she must love riding this cock such a pity she is not here I had such plans for today, “Oh did you I asked “yes I did ! I’ll tell you more a little later though!” she replied.
Susan grabbed me by my stiff hard tool and says “Oh Yes!! Come with me I will tell you all about it, but at this moment it looks like I will have to make do with just the 2 of us – maybe June could join us next time we get together”?
Stood by what I see was the bedroom door Susan lets me go then walks over to the Bed come on then let’s have you in here I need you so badly.
I stood watching her as she bends over opens a draw and picks a towel from a chest of draws “umm Susan what a great ass you have”, she parts her leg slightly and wiggles, her pussy lips are now in view. “OOH yes and look at that sweet pussy just as I remember it that day in the barn”.
“OOH baby I wanted you so badly that day” she says “I’m getting so horny just thinking about it” she stand up straight, turns and walks towards another door Come on in – don’t just stand there I need you now! And I need you so badly!
I follow as she carries on through the door into what turns out to be an on suite bathroom.
She walks over to the shower turns it on and I join her, passing the shower gel she says “here you are, let’s get all soapy” she is facing me with her back to the water jet I move her forward then move in behind her, I squirt some gel into my hand and worked it to a lather.
Sensually I washed Susan’s arms, working up to her shoulders and around to the front and across her collarbones then worked my way down to her breasts. I’m Teasing her nipples, she rests her hands over mine leans into me breathing deeply “OMG that feels so good it’s been a while since I have been with a man I forgot how good it feels ” she groans softly. She turns slightly her eyes meet mine you can see the passion in her face; moving her hands she soaps up then puts both behind her back grabbing my cock massaging my balls then rubbing up and down my shaft “Oooh babe take it easy I don’t want to come yet” I said “Go slower that feels Sooooo good” she slips a soapy finger over the entrance to my ass and pushes slightly now she’s teasing me Ummm!!
Our lips meet, our tongues wrestle each other for a while then her body tenses – Susan sighs a long pleasurable sigh ughhhhhh! Her first orgasm – She purrs like a contented cat then bites my lip gently – “Fuck ME! – Please Fuck me I need you cock !!” – “Not Yet I’ve not finished washing you yet” I replied.
My hands worked across her stomach, and down her front; stopping before I reached her virginal entrance; I wanted to tease her a little first, again my hands return to her breasts, pinching, squeezing and rolling her nipples she groans a little “ughhhhhh that feels Sooo good don’t stop”.
I feel her body tense she starts to orgasm (her second) Picking up the shower gel again, I turned her around then I drop to my knees, next I start by washing her feet working slowly up legs.
I washed Slowly up to her inner thighs paying attention to all the sensitive spots behind her knee and inner calf’s; working across to her cunt, quickly rubbing my fingers across her erect throbbing clit; I did this again and again, she’s loving this her body tenses – again she orgasms again and again (3 & 4) “oooh ooohh OOOOHH YES I want YOU right NOW inside me” thinking she want my cock I was about to stand but No.
At this point she can’t take it any longer, like a woman possessed she places a hand either side of my head and rams my face into her pussy Lick me Eat me NOW!!
A combination of finger fucking, sucking on her erect penis like clitty and licking out her virginal tunnel soon had her gushing omg what with the shower and her pussy juices I sure I was going to drown in her pleasure; she suddenly goes all limp her knees buckle slightly then she starts to tremble, I feel the walls of her pussy tremble as I lick furiously “YES – YES – YEEEEEES !! Please DON’T Stop !! ” (Orgasm 5, 6 & 7) her knees buckle totally now she joins me down on her knees – She is still all of a quiver the last orgasm is subsiding “OMG I have never come so many times. NOW IT’S MY TURN !!
Pushing me gently I’M Now sat on the shower floor with knees bent she lifts both feet of the floor after soaping up her hand and starts to massage the base of my feet “ooh that feels good” the shower rinses off the soap she now places her mouth firstly on one foot and then the other sucking my toes her tongue darting in and out between my toes, “OMG this does feel so good Wow my cock is rock hard and throbbing I think I’m about to cum” Not Yet baby I’ve not finished washing YOU Yet!! She smiles with a twinkle in her eye.
Susan washes up my legs reaching out to my throbbing cock and grips firmly behind its head squeezing it, as she does the urge to cum subsides “I think you’ve killed him” I laugh “I do hope not” she laughs; letting go a small amount of cum emerges from the end of my shaft – she gathers it with a finger and places it into her mouth “ummm now let’s see if we can revive him a little – he’s got a lot of work to do”. She was smiling as she reached down with her soap filled hand and cupped my hairy balls, gently she began to rub my balls, sliding her hand up and takes hold of my stiff cock. My shaft slipped easily in her hand as she moved her hand up and down its length.
She Say I’ll have to be careful now I don’t want to get you off too quickly” with this she sits in my lap her ass raised by my still bent legs. I position myself to enter her “No! No! NO! Not yet” she says she then starts to pump her hips back and forth over my cock resting it against her pussy lips and starts to hump my cock massaging and masturbating it with her body she’s fucking her clitty.
Kissing me on the lips she bites my lip slowly, next she turns her attention to my nipples kissing, sucking and nibbling each in turn she’s driving me wild “I really want you right now baby I’m going to burst any second my cock can’t take much more of this”. Saying nothing she slides herself down my legs lowering her head to my cock opening her mouth she takes me all the way in, closing her mouth she guides her lips up and down slowly, “I can’t take any more here I cum” I say as I start to shoot into her mouth again and again I fell my cock spasm as spunk shoots into her mouth, she swallows then removes my cock from her mouth covered in my cum she then proceeds to lick it clean removing every drop milking it till it shoots no more; “Oooh baby I think I have killed him this time he’s all limp” she laughs “I think he’ll need some CPR before we do it again”

We turn off the shower dry off and go into the bedroom “Let’s eat” Susan says “I’m ravenous sex always has this effect on me then we will come back to my bed for desert”

We go into the kitchen and Susan prepares us the food she had picked up earlier from the shops.
We talked about what she had said earlier when she said she had plans for today those plans had involved my wife June who was unable to come with me today.
Apparently they had chatted online discussing all – my life with June, her sister and her hubby our friends and also Susan’s failed relationships with 3 men and how she had finally found love with another woman Diane.
Between them they had made plans for our day Susan and I were to get reunited, she June and I were going to get together and have some fun then when she returned from work Diane was going to join us; we were all going to eat then  Desert — well you can work out the rest for yourself.
Having eaten and chatted Susan announces “Desert will be slightly delayed Diane is running a little late and says “Don’t start without her” YES Diane it seems was bringing desert with her In fact she was Desert Ummm I can’t wait.

To be continued ………………

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