boyfriend catches girlfriend doing lesbian things

It was my 18th birthday and I had gone out to a new london club with my 4 best girlfriends. I was wearing the new dress they’d got me for my birthday – a short dress covered in dark black sequins that looked fantastic on my slim, hourglass figure. I’m not going to lie – i got a lot of attention that night: I’d just got back from holiday and was tanned and my dress and heels showed off my slim legs and round boobs very well. One guy even tried to press his erection against my bum while we were dancing but I didn’t do anything – i have a sexy 25 year old boyfriend to go home to!

Anyway at the end of the night, and many drinks later, i agreed that my best friend Emmy could stay at my flat as she couldn’t go back to her parents so late. We were both pretty drunk and in the cab we kept falling all over each other laughing. Somehow her hand ended up on my smooth thigh where my dress had ridden up, i don’t think she had noticed but it was turning me on. I deliberatly fell onto her when the tai turned and put my face onto her 34E boobs. She had dressed sluttily that night as she was desperate for attention and so her boobs were basically out alredy. I kept my lips resting on her huge, sweet brests and breathed in her perfume, pretending i was just sleepy.

She started giggling and when I asked her what was funny she said
“I dare you to take your knickers off and leave them here to drive the cab driver crazy!!”
I looked at her shocked, but secretly pleased. I laughed too, and obligingly slipped of my knickers trying to hide that they were already wet with cum. I saw the cab driver staring in the mirror as my newly-shaven 18-year-old cunt flashed in his mirror. The fact that he was watching turned me on even more.

We got out at my flat and i took care to walk ahead of Emmy on the stairs – taking pleasure knowing she couldn’t help but look at my sweet little pussy. Mmm i was getting so wet by now, teasing everyone!!

We finally got up to my room and i got changed into my nightie and she just took off her low top and tight skirt, into her underwear – she had forgotton pj’s. She was a curvy girl but still slim and I admired her toned, tanned body and those gogeous boobs but I was sleepy and done playing. We got into the same bed (like we had done when we were little girls) and i turned off the light.

However we kept talking and she edged closer as we joked around until i could feel her boobs pressing hard against mine. I slipped down my straps and asked if she minded if I too off my bra.

“My pleasure” she said, and before I realsied what she was doing she had begun kissing my neck. It was so sexy to have this horny virgin, my best friend, kissing me do playfully – what would my boyfriend think!! When she placed her soft lips around my hard nipples i moaned in pleasure. I reached down, stroking her toned stomach and cupped her little pussy over her panties. The warmth of her little pussy turned me on.

“Mmmm keep doing that” she moaned – neither of us were lesbians but were both pretty sexual girls. I reached under her lace panties and massaged her hot clit with my fingers, circling it while she lightly bit my nipple.

When i couldn’t take it anymore, i pushed her hard onto her back and curled my legs around her, straddling her. It felt so good to be sitting on top of my sexy best friend and i gently rocked my pussy against hers. she sat up udner me so our boobs could press against each other, our hard nipples poking the other one. She kissed my neck, licking and sucking lightly while i pulled her panties down to her ankles. Our wet, shaved pussy rubbed against each other, and i sat staddled on top of her, rocking my hips ack and forth against ehr throbbing cunt until i almost orgasmed.

It was her turn to roughly push me onto my back and she held down my arching hips while she pushed a slender finger all the way inside my wet pussy. She licked my clit while i stroked her gloddy brown hair and pushed her head harder onto my pussy.

“ahh you taste so sweet she moaned”

just at that moment, my boyfriend came home. He had said he’d stay out but had come home to give me my birthday fuck. He walked into our bedroom to find a girl licking his girlfriend’s pussy. He didn’t even seem angry – we had talked about threesomes with Emmy before – she was so up for it as she was still a virgin and wanted it bad.

He just came over and unzipped his jeans to produce a semi-erect cock. I smiled and told Emmy to suck it.

“What?” she stammered – “But Justin’s your boyfriend”

“I don’t mind sharing” I replied. She bent down and took the whole of his 8 inch cock into her mouth. He moaned loudly with pleasure – it had been 2 years since another girl had taken his cock in her mouth. I knelt down next to her and massaged her massive tits to turn him on.

I told him to lay on his back on the bed, he was now fully hard. Emmy sat with her legs open on one side of him, me on the other. He lay under us while we lent over him and kissed over him, our boobs rubbing against each other for him see. He began to rub her wet pussy while fingering me up the bum – he knows i love it.

He then told me to bend kneel up. He sat behind me and shoved two fingers up my tight ass. That hurt but the pain was sort of pleasurable too. She then lay before me and sucked on my dripping pussy while he finger-fucked my anus. When i begged him to stop doing it so hard he told me he had to teach me a lesson for cheating on him. He then pushed his hard, throbbing cock into my bum, holding on to my boobs for support.

Emmy was still licking my vagina and fingerig herself watching my boyfriend anally fuck me.

He told her to get into doggy-position facing him. Pushing me down onto all fours meant he could see her face and my bum. Her open mouth was waiting for my boyfriends cock and so was my pusssy-hole.

“You want it?” he asked the two 18-year olds before him.

“Yes…” we both moaned. With that he shoved his dick into her mouth and my pussy alternately, so turned on knowing both of these hot girls wanted him. He fucked my slit hard, ordering Emmy to rub my clit while he did it, until I came. Emmy licked my hot cum off his balls. i fell back exhausted.

“I’m not done” he said. “Can I fuck her?”

Normally i wouldn’t allow it, but i knew it would turn me on to see him pound her virign cunt, knwoing i was more sexy!

“Sure” I said.

Emmy looked scard but lay on her back, tits back and spread her legs like a slut.

“Oh, this is too good” Justin moaned.
He straddled over her so she was in between his legs and then slowly isnerted his huge dick into her virgin hole.

“Oh fuck” they both screamed – it was so tight. I watched and rubbed myself again as i watched my boyfriend take my friends virginity. I lent over and took her big hard nipple in my mouth – she was being taken by my boyfriend and me. He pushed harder and harder despite her moaning that she couldn’t take it and finally he pulled out and came all over my tits.

You would’ve thought Emmy would be scared away but she stayed the next day and we put on another show for my lucky boyfriend…

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  1. Kedic

    This was an excelent story and needs many more details and descriptions Where are the details of the second day and the days that have followed?

    Please do so

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