Candi, Simon and Casey – Part 2

“Oh my god.”Said a tiny voice.

We both turned our heads, still cumming, towards the door at the tall blonde with the tiny boobs and ass.

“Casey!”I squealed at my flatmate.”What are you doing here?!”

“I’m sorry! I came back early…”She was staring at our wet naked bodies as Simon slowly pulled out of me. I remembered Casey once telling me that she was very bi curious and an idea popped into my head.

Walking sexily towards Casey I slowly carressed her cheek as she stood stunned. I softly kissed her sweet lips, slipping my tounge in her open mouth. For a moment she just stood there but then she responded, her tounge meeting mine in a passionate kiss. Opening my eyes I looked at Simon whose cock was hard again and I could see him stroking it.

“Casey,”I whispered in her ear, but loud enough for Simon to here.”I think Simon is a bit turned on by us.”I massaged that cute little butt with my hand and she moaned. “I think he would like to see us fuck. So,”I took her hand and led her over to the middle of the floor.”Do you want to fuck me?”

“Oh my god, yes!”She gasped. But she didn’t move. Casey’s very shy. She needs to be controlled by someone. A smile played across my lips. I found Casey’s little tits (they were only about 32B) and massaged them from under the thin material of the top she was wearing. In fact, if I stretched that material a little I could probably see her fat brown nipples. Casey was moaning and saying my name under her breath.

“You like that?”I asked and she nodded hard.”Well, be a good little girl and you’ll get what you want. You understand?”She nodded silently. I stopped touching those little tits and lightly slapped her ass.”Do – you – understand?”

“Yes,”She whimpered.

“OK.”I stopped slapping and started stroking her ass cheeks. Simon groaned from the sofa.”Now, Casey. From now on you will answer to fuck slut. OK, fuck slut?”

“OK, Candi…”I rewarded her with a few light kisses on her neck.

“Good. But from now on you must call me Misstress Candice. You must do what I say. So – take your top off!”

“Yes, Mistress Candice.” Casey pulled her top off revealing her bra-less tits. They took my breath away. They were so small but so plump and those nipples were huge. I reached out and felt them for the first time, skin on skin. Casey moaned at my soft touch. I could feel my pussy getting wetter by the second.

“Lie down!”I commanded.

“Yes, Mistress Candice!” And immediatly she lay with her legs spread open wide. I could see her pussy under her skirt. She was wearing no panties. I sat on her flat tummy and slapped her face. Casey looked shocked

“You are not the mistress! You are fuck slut. Fuck sluts don’t get eaten out until they have eaten out.”With that I straddled her mouth. She paused for a few seconds then began to lick like I was made of chocolate. She gave a few fast licks of my slit then concentrated on my waiting clit.

“Oh, YES! Yes, oh fuck you’ve done this before haven’t you bitch? You little fuck slut, fuck my clit, fuck it, bitch!”

My screams mixed with Simon’s as I saw him jacking off as me and Casey ate me out. I loved how much this was turning him on. He totally wanted to fuck me and maybe Casey as well now. That would be fun. But I wasn’t finished with the fuck slut yet.

I let out one long scream as Casey finished me off, lapping up my cum. I lifted myself off her face and lay on top of her, kissing her stomach.

“Oh, please, Mistress Candice, please can you give me my reward now?”Casey begged.

“Yes, my little fuck slut – yes I will…”

I dove into her little hairless slit going straight to her clit. Damn, was she wet. I only had to lick her clit a couple of times before she had her first orgasm of the night. Her sweet cum ran down my throat. I swallowed it all, even the cum that dribbled over my chin I licked off.

Casey lay gasping. I joined Simon on the sofa. He was quickly pumping his hand up and down his hard shaft, his eyes closed. I silently motioned for Casey to join us.

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