Comforting a Friend after Job Loss

Lynn is a knock-out! She is 34 yrs old and hot, this is the first time I actually saw her since her divorce a year ago. She has dark shoulder length hair, is 5’9”, with a great set of tits, which are about 34C. She is wearing a tight fitting, low cut, blue silk robe, which barely went halfway down her thighs. It is Wednesday. Mid-afternoon, cloudy winter day, by the way the light filters in through the slats in the blinds.Lynn just returned from the shower. Her skin is cool and still a little damp. She is laying on her side… her right side. Naked. Freshly shaven. I lay behind her. Rubbing her neck and shoulders. Pressing firmly with my large, spread hands. Applying pressure with my thumbs. I press up against her – completely – from her feet to her hips. Our bodies molded together.

Her thighs are squeezed gently around my semi-sleeping cock. Legs crossed at the knee. This is nice… But nice is not quite what She is in the mood for. She smiles to herself. And purrs. She pushs just a little more firmly back and down. She feels me begin to stir, harden. She purrs a little louder.
She is pleased and relieved. She was fully expecting me to say I had to get up.

Another squeeze of the thighs: this time not quite so gentle. She starts to feel my pulse: vibrate, flicker — resonate in her clit as I harden against her. Each beat bringing us – swelling us both – more fully toward each other. Increasing the pressure. Eliminating the unwanted space between us.
She places one hand beneath me. Firmly. Flattening the length of my hardened shaft – pressing it up flat against her. Carefully positioning me between her lips. Spreading herself around me. Much better.

She begins moving now – slowly, back and forth – holding me in place, rubbing herself against me.
My hands – massaging her neck and shoulders – stop in place occasionally, as she becomes distracted. The massage she is now giving me – decidedly more interesting than the one I’m giving her. She is moving slowly. Deliberately. Making her wet with me. Sliding along my shaft, squeezing me tightly against her. A tiny, barely audible moan escapes her lips. ” oooohhhh…mmmm.” Her distraction is complete now.

She feels my hands slide from her neck, shoulders, trailing down her back and onto her hips. They rest there — still for a moment — as I shift myself, moving in… pressing my chest tightly against her back, buring my face into her hair. She hears me breathe in deeply. Hears my groan low – deep in my throat – almost a growl. ” gggggrrrrrr.”

And with that, she feels my hands tighten abruptly, grasping her hips with all my strength – pressing in hard and pulling her down forcefully against me. My knees pinned in against her back. She looks down and sees the head of my cock between her legs. It is wet from her. It is so hard – the dark purple a violent contrast to the soft white thighs it throbs between. My skin – stretched so tightly — it gleams. It is screaming up at her for attention… having been left out of most of the warm sliding.

She pushs forward enough to hold it firmly against her swollen clit: rocking back and forth. Bringing another low guttural growl from my throat. ” gggggggrrrrrrrr.” Yes. It is definitely a growl now. Her eyes are closed. But she is envisioning what my swollen head looks like now – rubbing back and forth against her hard clit, between her lips, getting wet, throbbing in perfect time to the pulse I feel between her legs. That pulse is getting faster. She hears my breathing begin to match it: heavier, more urgent – in synch with her rocking. Locked in with my heart pounding.

Picturing me sliding against her. Aching to bend and push me into her. Feeling and hearing the pounding in her head: red and black flashes behind her closed eyes. Her lust raging in her pussy

Thankfully, I’m not going to make her wait. My hands suddenly push in against her hips – taking them firmly in my grasp – lifting her forward and up in one swift, powerful, fluid motion. Just as swiftly – I bring her back down: hard and forcefully… pulling her down onto my fully hard,  rearing, upright long thick cock.I hold her there. Hard. Feeling her shuddering – her body reeling from the sudden impaling thrust.
I move my hands then – sliding my arms through on each side of her and bending them upward, so that my hands come to rest: one on each of her shoulders. I grab onto them roughly and buck my hips up violently against her – pulling her down onto me by the shoulders while pushing up with my hips.

She begins to move up – nearly off of me – with each upwards push of my hips: only to be thrust back down quickly again by my hands – heavy on her shoulders with all of my force behind them. Slamming her onto me and me into her. She feels my teeth graze the back of her neck. She hears that low biting growl again. ” ggggggggrrrrrrrrrr.” She feels my thrusts becoming more rhythmic, deliberate, deeper, longer – telling her I’m getting close… too close, too soon.

In a rather frantic attempt at distraction, She reachs down between her legs and grabs me firmly by the balls. Pulling them up towards her – suddenly, feeling them in her hand, She longs to discover the secret to having them inside her too. She adores my balls. She feels the pressure building in me. Senses my urgency. Knowing now – in her own distraction — her grasp on my balls is tighter than it should be. She feels my teeth clutch at her neck. And hear a far more serious growl escape from my throat. ” GGGGGGRRRRRRR…UUUUUUUUHHHHHHH.” It sends her over the edge.

She takes this as a challenge. She won’t let me cum without her. She peels my hand from its grip on her shoulder and forces it down firmly between her legs, pushing it flat, holding it hard against her aching swollen clit while she rises and falls back onto me –forcefully, furiously, repeatedly, hungrily. Riding me. Rubbing against my hand. Delirious. Frantic. Out of herself.

Wrapping me in violent, repeated contractions as She begins to cum. Each clutch now met with a force of my own, as I explode into her. One hand now on her head – fist full of her hair – pulling her down onto me, hard, with each hot flooding burst. My low growls are now roars – “UUUUUUUHHHHHH…UUUUUUUUUHHHHHH,” burning into the back of her neck, branding her. The hand that was between her legs: now clutching her right breast. Smearing it with warm wet cum – mine and hers. Washing over her in a flood of warmth. My lungs fill again with air. She feels my grip – on both her hair and her breast – give way, loosen, relax, slide.

Quiet. I sigh. She falls into me. The feeling of her lying on top of me is satisfing. I am comfortable under her. I have no desire to move. One of us will break the silence or make the slightest shift in position.  Yes – fools that we are – one of us will make a mistake that changes the air in the room.
The change that always wakes the rest of the world.
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