Experience with Neil and Zoe

Everyone has sexual needs and this is about an experience that should open people’s mind to other experiences. The memory of the fuck I had with a couple of the residents  of a residential home for adults with learning disability feels me with satisfying orgasm every time.

I worked at the residential home and had a small room for when I worked block days. We are usually casual with the residents helping them with being independent and working and living in the community. There was a young man of 24 among my group and it is the custom and practice to allow them to hug us but not the other way round. This was to avoid inappropriate behaviour of course.

This young man, Neil would usually ask for a hug every time he does something good, I did not think anything of it initially but his hugs meant he leant his head between my large breasts. Anyway one day during therapy sessions he came and hugged me but this time he rested his hands on my breast and before he pulled away he gave it a good feel. This time I knew he knew what he was doing was sexual so I called him back after sessions to discuss this behaviour with him and to train him to manage these feeling.

I asked him to sit down and explained to him that it was inappropriate touching but then I notice he was staring at my large breast intensely but was not paying attention to what I was saying to him and when I looked at my breast I noticed that my nipples were protruding but before I could adjust my top to hide them he quickly placed his hands on them saying soft soft and begging to lift up my top to have a look. I refused and tried to push him away but he was very determined and was squeezing and desperately trying to lift my top up. He was visible aroused and I finally said he should keep his hand at his side and I will show him.

He stood back and I pulled my top up and showed him my boobs, he started to lick his lips and asked for a taste, so I agreed to very quick sucks and no more and it must not go beyond the room. He promised and I offered him each breast and he licked and sucked while twisting the other nipple and then move on to the second tit. I could feel the spasm in my pussy going wild. He then sat down and wanked himself, yanking at his cock which was humongous at 9 full inches and it was thick. I was envious that it was not me receiving that wonderful looking cock and adjusted my breast back into my bra and straighten up and left the room. I ran all the way back to my room and got out my sex toy and laid on my bed feeling my tits and working the toy hard into my wet cunt. I tried to imitate his sucking of my nipples by putting my nipples in my mouth and sucking but it was not the same.  I eventually was satisfied and got dressed for evening meals.

I avoided looking in his direction all through dinner, as I was not sure how I am going to survive when it gets out that I had a sexual experience with one of the residents.   At the end of meals I had to supervise the cleaning up of the kitchen and so the rota had Neil and another young woman, Zoe to do this. Once the dishes were all packed up and the floor swept and the kitchen was almost completed Neil told Zoe he would stay back to finish everything else and she should join the others in the TV room.

Once she left Neil came over to where I was filling the shelves with plates and cupped my breasts squeezing my nipples in the process. I turned to face him and he pulled up my jumper and found my breasts which he tongued and sucked at my nipples and asked if I would let him touch my pussy. I asked him to follow me into the dining room which was dimly lit and once in there I hiked up my skirt and guided his hands into my slit and showed him how to put his fingers in. He enjoyed this therapy so much and sucking at my nipples in turn I exploded and this surprised him so he let me feel his hard cock which he was about to wank off but I stopped him and knelt down in front of him and sucked at his thick cock. He started to moan loudly which worried me should in case someone came in. He was now gyrating  his cock in and out of my throat and was soon going to cum and I stopped sucking and pulled him down on the dining room carpet and helped him slid his cock into my pussy. He doesn’t have great vocabulary as a result of his disability but he knew how to fuck because he bucked away with his huge dick pumping at my cunt which had been throbbing with the multiple orgasms and was leaving a wet stain on the freshly cleaned carpet. He finally came and had his cock wedge at the neck of my womb pumping his cum straight into me. He thanked my two nipples with a suck and kiss and I went off to my room to shower and told him to do the same as we smelt of sex.

I got into bed when there was a knock on my door, and it was young Zoe, who asked if she could be consoled and I asked her what was wrong and she said she wanted to love me like Neil does, which surprised me. She said she saw what he did and she felt my nipples and took the breasts in her hands and began to suck them too. I was so surprised I decided to see where this is going and I felt for her nipples only to be amazed at the size of the nipples it was as thick as my middle finger even though her breast were smaller than mine. I began to suck her nipples and finally slipped my finger into her pussy to my surprise it was not that of a virgin so I put two fingers in her  wet cunt and fingered fucked her thoroughly then  she got between my legs and said she  wanted to taste Neil and me and she licked at my pussy.  I used my toy in her pussy which got her making squeaky noises as she climaxed. We lay together spent. I got her a drink from the fridge and there was a gently knock on my door which worried me as Zoe was laid naked on my bed. So I opened it only to see Neil and the poor young man was togging at his cock through his pyjamas which was straining high. I quickly pulled him in and said it was late he can’t stay. He said he needed more titties and was caressing my breast. I felt I couldn’t take another dicking as my pussy was exhausted. He saw Zoe lying there and Neil went over to whisper to Zoe and offered to teach her pleasure, which she eagerly agreed.

He asked that he and Zoe suck at my nipples but Zoe’s eyes were fix on his thick long dick and while he was sucking my hard nipples and finger fucking me she guided his cock inside her and so Zoe and I laid on the bed and he was fucking Zoe really hard while sucking and finger fucking me. We swapped places with him on the bed his cock in my hungry cunt and Zoe’s hard nipples in his mouth and both he and I had finger play in Zoe’s pussy. She was like a fountain when she came and he offers to lick her out while I was still straddling his cock. Zoe went for my nipples and the pleasure of his tongue fucking made her suck my nipples harder and we all had frenzy fuck that was totally indescribable.  This pleasure was repeated several nights and I became accustomed to Neil sneaking quick sucks of my nipples throughout the day when no one else is around.

Neil and Zoe were later caught fucking in the laundry room several weeks later, which meant that they were both sent to different centre and my splendid fuck session with that lovely cock ended. My nipples are hard at the thought now and I need to get release.

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    wow this is a great one. Im surely going to rub one off after reading this.

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