How could she or would she stop

Sue, after allowing 15 years of our friendship to remain tranquil, awoke a sleeping beast by fucking my brains out the past Thanksgiving. We were together 2 more times in the four months after Thanksgiving, each time hotter than the previous time. The funny thing was the space between each session. Between session one and two it was close to 100 days. From sessions two and 3 there were only 25 days. Sue was driving me crazy and making me want her pussy more and more. I didn’t want to wait another 25 days to get down with her again. I wanted to fuck her as soon as possible after our Good Friday fuckfest. Over the weekend we spoke of having fucked for the third time and in my home this time. She said she felt kind of weird having fucked me in the same bed my wife slept in but at the same time she was very aroused by it. She made a very starnge request. She asked me to fuck my wife that weekend and see how it felt now that I fucked her in the same bed. On Saturday night I did exactly as Sue did and realized that all it did was make me want Sue’s pussy that much more. I called Sue and told her how things went the night before. I heard her give off a nervous laugh. She said I think we need to talk. Why, I asked. She said that she just was having fun fucking me and never intended for it to become the situation it was so fast. She said when we fucked for Thanksgiving it was curiosity that motivated her. She said the last thing she wanted was her married friend wanting to have an affair with her. She said she also had a boyfriend as well. I don’t mind us fucking once in a great while but anything regular is out of the question. We then both confessed to loving the sex we had much more than the sex we had with our current partners. She invited me over to her house the next night because talking about such a sensitive and potentially marriage ending topic was impossible to do while at my home. She was blunt about setting guidelines about any future sex for us. She invited me over for dinner but I told her that I had to home by six. We agreed to meet at 4 PM since she was leaving work early that day. I got there exactly at 4 and she was not there yet. She showed up 5 minutes later, apologizing for the subway being so slow. She was dressed up in a business outfit. I was so used to seeing her in jeans or cutoffs that seeing her this way was so cute. We went into her apartment and immediately she slipped off her shoes and took off her skirt, leaving her there dressed in a slip and a blouse. I thought this was so cool. She was starting a striptease for me. She now felt comfortable in front of me, though being in a blouse and slip wasn’t like being in just a bra and panties. She went into her bedroom and two minutes later came out in her typical jeans and tee shirt. Wow! She really did just want to curtail fucking me. She gave me a tour of her house. Since I was there last, which had been a few years, she redecorated. We wound up the tour in her bedroom and sitting on her bed. She lit some candles and incense. Okay, what’s up, I asked. She said, didn’t you feel the littlest bit guilty after we fucked in your bed Friday? I said I did but enjoyed the sex more than I felt the guilt. “fucking your married friend just seems so uncool” she said. She looked at me said she thought we should leave the bedroom. I asked why. She said because it was very apparent to her that beds and flat surfaces were not places we should be on anymore. I knew what she meant. I bent over and kissed her and said I understood. She leaned over and kissed me back, slipping her tongue deep in my mouth. We began to make out. She said I can’t believe this is happening. We’re gonna do it again she said. I asked what she meant. She then said, quite unlike her, to make sure that this time we forget we are friends and fuck each other like we were really lovers. She said that she wanted to set up guidlines for any future fucking, should there be any. I didn’t want to give her a chance to take that thought any further. I kissed her back and at the same time, put my hand up her blouse, only to feel her very braless and erect nipples just waiting to be squeezed, rubbed and played with. I then pulled my hand out and she pushed it back begging me to please don’t stop. She began to rub my crotch as if my cock was already out there. She unbuttoned and unzippered my pants as fast as she could. Teasingly I said I thought you wanted to stop Sue. She Oh God, I just want to fuck you so bad now. I was so glad to hear those words come out. I pulled her shirt off and began to suck her very happy tits. She removed my pants and underwear so she could get my cock in her mouth. Not 100% hard yet, Sue took care of that chore with the best deep throating a man could ever want. With one hand she manipulated my cock in her mouth and with the other she undid her pants and pulled off her undies. Please fuck me Please fuck me she repeated. Teasingly I asked her if she was sure. She said nothing more and jumped on my cock like she was putting a nail in the wall. She seemed so turned on by the fact that I was being coy with her. Maybe we should stop? I asked. With a very loud moan, she begged for more and more. She was fucking me harder than ever before and kept saying don’t stop. I want your cock so bad. The build up was intense. We were riding each other like crazy. Our bods were in perfect rhythym. We started to cum. We couldn’t stop. In less than 10 minutes she went from ending our brief affair to fucking me harder and better than she ever thought she could. As I dismounted her she looked into my eyes and said I loved fucking you today. Can you ever forgive me for thinking about stopping? I looked back and said only if you can keep fucking me like this. She said it would only get better. Stay tuned because it did.

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