I went to her house to stop our affair

After spending most of the year enjoying some of the best sex I ever had, I decided it was time to end it with Sue. I was very much married. She was single but had a boyfriend. Sue and I had come very close to getting caught on a few occasions. We were having sex one or two times per week, mainly at her home. Just a few weeks earlier, she came to visit my wife and I. Sue and my wife were pals in a way. Sue was there because her car was in the shop. Sue needed a ride home that day and so I drove her home without my wife coming along. When I got to Sue’s home, she giggled and asked me if she thought we had enough time to go upstairs for a quickie. We both thought it would be hot so of course we did. I wound up getting home about a half hour later than expected and my wife was filled with all sorts of suspicion. Sue had a reputation for liking sex but my wife thought Sue had a hands off policy when it came to married men. After that day, I chose to not risk losing a wife just for this affair. I knew I had to end it with Sue.
One week later I went to Sue’s house. I knew that in her mind that we would wind up in the bedroom making love as we always did. We used to rationalize that while most people kiss each other goodbye upon departing that we found the best way to say goodbye by having real sex. We also had a very odd thing going on. We found out when we first started having sex with each other that we could only have it at the end of our time together. If we had it at the beginning, we felt just too embarrassed to hang out together afterwards because we were in reality just friends.
When I got to her house this day to tell her we needed to end it due to marital concerns and potential woes, she let me in and jumped immediately into the shower. I was in the living room. We were talking about her sister’s wedding coming up the following month. Sue said “Why don’t you come into the bathroom? I think you’ve seen me naked enough times by now”. With that she laughed because it was so true. She said one of the fringe benefits of having sex with me is that we had such a super level of comfort. She could not believe that today she felt so natural nude in front of me when at one time this comfort level was not even a thought in her mind. She said she felt that being nude in front of me did not make her feel like it was automatic sex for her but she invited into the shower with her anyway. I declined. After all, I was there to end our affair. My intentions were great that day but knowing Sue stood behind this shower curtain weakened me quite a bit. When she whipped open the curtain, she stood there wet and glistening and as entiicing to me as ever. It was going to take every ounce of strength to leave the bathroom and not do something. Sue asked me what I thought of her body now that she was working out more. She did a little bit of a spin so that I got to see it all. She did look better. She asked me to feel how smooth her ass since she was using this Loofah pad. When I hesitated, Sue snapped back by saying, “Don’t worry, I am not trying to sleep with you”. I felt her ass and it was as smooth as silk. We exited the bathroom and she headed completely nude to her bedroom while I went back to the living room. At this point Sue knew I was doing all I could to avoid a sexual encounter. I was being to evasive and too vague for her. She came out into the living room wrapped in a towel and confronted me. I had no choice but to tell her I wanted to end it. I said I knew that by walking into her bedroom that we would make love. I knew that her living room was a safe place. She laughed and allowed the towel to drop. She looked at me and asked me if I really believed we could only have sex in a bedroom. She also asked me if I could turn her down. She said look around you. “I have only one place to fuck you in the bedroom. Look at my living room. A chair, couch and ironically the love seat you are in now”. With that, she sat on my lap, very naked and very hot. She asked me one more time if I really wanted to stop. As she was asking me that question, her hand was already in my pants and stroking my cock, which by now was never harder. Sue said if we were really going to stop that we should have sex at least one more time. She became intensely aggressive. She pulled off my pants and started to suck me as good as she ever had. She did that only breifly and then she mounted me, sliding my hard shaft into her. Jokingly but in a deep moan, she told me she was going to fuck me on every piece of furniture in the living room and then finish up in the bedroom. When we finished on the love seat, I picked her up, my cock still deep inside of her and enjoying every second of it, and got on top of her on her couch. I was being fucked like I never was before. It was the best sex I ever had with her, probably because I thought it was the last time. It was as if both of us let loose and went to a new level. The next day after we spoke on the phone I asked Sue why it was so different. She, in her odd way of dealing with sex and a friend, told me this. She said that she always held back a little with me because we were friends and not really romantically tied. She felt there was two types of sex, Romantic sex and FuckBuddy sex. Since she thought I was going to end it, she chose to intensify it but she found out that there was even a higher level. It was the combo of the two levels. She invited me over later that day to try our new brand of sex. It was even better than the day before. What about my choice to end it so I could stay married without any suspicions? I guess I will keep taking my chances. Sex like this only happens once in a lifetime.

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