Kitchen Table Sex

it’s a hot summer day and i’m out in a field, working hard. i get so hot, that i have 2 take offmy shirt. the sweat is glistening on my body. u step outside of the house and get a good glance at my sweaty body. the split second that u see me, ur small shorts begin a moisten. u take the
glass of water in ur hand then pour it down ur body 2 cool u off, but with the weather outside and the sight of my glistening chest keeps u burning with passion. i take a look at u standing on the back porch, watching me as the water drips down ur cut up t-shirt. the wetness of ur shirt starts 2 reveal the secret twins u’ve been keeping from me.
the 2 large ripe melons with appetizing chocalety centers made the sight of u more and more pleasing. i started 2 feel a hardening inside my pants as i stared at ur full wet body. trying 2 keep control of my urges, i start working again.

u go back inside the house and bring a glass of water 4 me drink. u walk up to me with ur hips swaying from side 2 side, with a seductive helpless look in ur eyes, the look that i can’t resist.
“here, baby. i no u need this” u tell me in a soft little girl voice as u hand the water.
u run ur hands along the sides of my arms 2 feel my muscles. with 1 single touch, u start licking ur lips with excitement. “come inside. u’vve been working 2 hard 2day.” of course i don’t refuse u.

when we get into the kitchen, u lean upon the table with ur middle finger in ur mouth,
hinting me 2 give u something u’ve been waiting a long time 4. as i drink my water, some falls down the side of my mouth, then down my chest, then into my pants. ur breathing gets heavy. i drop the glass into the sink where i fill it up with water again. u follow behind me with a couple of ice cubes in one hand and the other hand getting ready 2 grope my sweaty

the first thing i felt was ur breasts pressed gently across my back. u start kissing my sholders, then run one of the ice cubes across my chest and on my nipples. u get so excited that u start to dig ur nails into my chest. i grab ur hand then turn u around 2 face me. we both dive in 2kiss each other…

u kiss me for a long ass while making not just the ice melt. u pushed me back into the table and tear my shirt open. you let my chest flow free and stare long @ them and lick ur lips.

u take my hands and guide them to the hard spot. my mouth drops open & the sweat
continues all over me. u come make out w/each twin and i fall back on the wood table. my legs spread wide and ready for what was to come. u get an ice cube and rub it against my stomach and leave it there to sit. streaks of cold water run in all directions. u r 2 busy with my shorts as you pull them off to find a little surprise.

u find no panties which provides easy access for u. stand there admiring my naked body and undo ur pants. standing there in boxers my body aches for pleasure. u finger me in and out profusely. i cry to stop teasing me but u continue 2 and @ a quicker pace.i carress my whole body and girate and squirm and just sit and enjoy the pain. my love comes out as floods and the sweat only makes me worse. u finally stop & take out ur dick and rub that rock all up and down my cat
and touch the tip to the spot.

u ask me if i like it and i scream yes and you ask if i really want it. i scream and over and over again. suddenly u slide and i embrace you inside. u pull me to the edge of the table and ram me harder in. i scream and holla. u keep going giving me no mercy. i try to fight back the tears not of pain but of satisfaction. go in faster and faster and finally cum.
i pant haeavier than b4 and u smile and kiss me. i sit up on the table and we tongue down.
u hold onto me and i push my breast to your face knowing that u always wanted to taste.
you suckthem to the point that i think i felt milk spew out. i rub the back of ur head and the more i do the more you suck. i lay there untill i felt your finger in my cat again.

you go faster i moan more and you suckle even more and i push you in farther. i dig my nails into ur back. when u finally stop suckling,u continume to finger me i moan again and i see u standing straight and tall
and i look at and masage it for you to moan. i look @ there and still fingering we moan loudly.

u get on the table and we 69. i jerk you while finger me. i couldnt take the rock standing there. i licked the head and kissed the tip. u moaned out loud as i went and gave you head like you fucked me. finally a few minutes, you come and spew all of you into my mouth. there was too much to fit in so some came out the sides as you kept cumming. i tried swallowing as much as i could.i pant and turned my body. still on top you put legs on your shoulders and u have my cat on ur face i giggle and and tell u to do what u want. play w/me. and you obey. u lick my cat all on her lips
and played w/my clit sucking on it and makin it sweat. i came and the warm liquid flowed into your mouth…

after u cum in my mouth i swallow as much as i can if i missed any i licked at all up n suck the rest from ur sweet tight little clit i ran my dick around ur pulsating pussy, u breathing hard as if u can’t take much more but u beg me 2 give u the ride of ur life i slowly drive myself into, as u squeeze on my chest. waves of juices flow from us, wildly as i give u the longest, hardest strokes u ever ever had we both scream each others names. sweating, breathing, burning. i start sqeezing n sucking ur tits so hard that milk rushed rite out. i concentrate on swallowing much of it, so a lot just ran down the side of my mouth.

i look at u then u come up 2 kiss me. i give u some of the milk, when u were done drinking it u wiped off ur mouth n u begged me 2 not stop. i take my dick out 2 u. u have a really suprised and digusted look on ur face, until i tell u 2 turn around n bend over the table. i shove it in u from behind n u scream louder than ever. the pressure alone gives u a small orgasm. i pump u harder n harder. shoving it it deeper n
deeper. i fuck u like an animal n u just yell 4 more. u grab my ass with ur nails that u leave scars. but i keep ramming it into u harder n gets so intense that u can hear the
splashes when i drive myself into ur pussy. i slow down a little cuz i wanna prolong our orgasm.i look down at ur sweet round ass, n notice ur anal. i think about taking it out then fucking u up ur ass, but i wanna save that 4 another time.

i put my fingers in ur mouth 4 u 2 suck on,which u do very good. when i take them back, i open up ur small tiny little hole n stick my middle finger inside.u scream out it hurts but it feels so good. then after a few short strokes i take out my finger n lick it clean we both feel our peaks coming closer n closer. i don’t take it out but i roughly turn u back around to the front. u reach up 2 put ur arms around me n wrap ur legs around my back. u embrace me so tightly that i can’t even gve u the last push i need 2 really finish. but after 1 minute which seemed like 4ever, we both let out the
most hottest steamiest, longest wettest orgasms of our lives. u start shaking n i hold u down u down. u start sucking on my neck so hard that i’m all black n blue. we even felt our juices slpashing out of us onto our hips. the table is soaked n we’re both spent. our cum is dripping off of us as i left u up n carry u 2 bed. when i put u down, u squirm n smile becuz that was the best sex u ever had in a long time. ur legs r spread widely across the bed as u rub
ur tummy n fall fast asleep. after a few minutes i get into bed with u in my arms.

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  1. ~~Fairy~~

    That was hard to read, try typing it in English, then maybe I could understand what your story is about.

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  2. sexy_celeste

    I agree too hard to read

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