I Love Trains (A Fantasy) – Part One

I love trains, and always have… We decided that instead of our usual reservations at a hotel for the infrequent playful weekends that we are able to spend together, that this time we wanted to take a little trip. So I bought two tickets for a train ride for us, but more importantly reserving us a private room in the passenger car. We arrive at the train station in separate cars and meet in front of the entrance. I see you before you see me. I so enjoy these moments, watching you walk towards me, a big knowing smile on your face as you are happy with the anticipation of what will transpire on our trip. You are so beautiful, and I am so lucky to be the one that you lavish your affections upon. You can hardly wait until I wrap my arms around you, because you long for my touch and to be held and loved, the things that you no longer get in your home life.

Then our eyes meet and your smile grows even wider. I walk towards you and then reach out to you to pull you into my arms for a long warm embrace. I’ve missed your touch and the smell of your perfume. When we’re not together you are all that I think about, and that makes our visits, although spread out, all the more enjoyable and intense with our passion. You kiss me gently at first, but the second meeting of our lips bares our very souls to each other. Words are unspoken between us, but often unnecessary. Just the happiness in our initial contact reveals all.

I hold your hand as we walk into the station and across to the platform, boarding and giving our tickets to the attendant. When we first board the train it seems very casual and yet somehow elegant. The hallway leading to the private rooms is narrow, and once we arrive at the right room, we slide the door open and enter. It is small, yet cozy with a large window giving us a view of the outside of the station. This is perfect and exactly what I had in mind.

We close and lock the door behind us and before I can even get my jacket off you are pulling me into your arms, running your hands all over me, as if you’ve greatly missed the familiar feel of my body. You are on fire with passion and the most amazing lover. I return the act of your exploring hands by firmly placing my own hands first on your waist and then begin running them up and down your sides and then up over your breasts. You are usually not this fast with me, but you seem to want me with an urgency now that only makes this moment that much more sexy and hot. Our lips meet again for long, hard, passionate kisses, and you bare your neck to me. It has always been your favorite place that I kiss, especially around your ears.

It doesn’t take long for the clothes to come off, rough and quick. Both of us are eager and ready for this night. As I help remove the last of your clothing and we are standing face to face, completely naked, I look into your eyes. One of the sexiest things that you do is that you give me a certain look when you gaze deeply into my eyes, a look that says without words that you want me and are absolutely ready for me to take you in any way that I want. In fact, one of your biggest turn-ons is that you look forward to the element of surprise, never knowing what I am going to do to you or how we are going to perform the act. It’s that erotic and loving spontaneity that that drives you wild and makes you ache for me when we’re apart.

The train is starting to pull slowly out of the station now, but we are not wasting any time. I take two small steps backward until my back is up against the locked cabin door. I am also sensing that tonight you secretly want me to be a little more aggressive than usual. It is always a turn on for both of us when I let you know how I want you or tell you what to do.

Still looking into your eyes, I tell you, “I want you to suck my cock.”

You kneel down onto the carpeted floor in front of me, placing one hand on my hip and grasp me in your other hand and guide me to your sensuous mouth. I become fully erect almost instantly because you are very skilled at this, and you are fully aware of the power over me that you control when you satisfy me orally. It amuses and arouses you to know that I am completely powerless to your mouth and hands, but you also know that you are so good that I never last that long. I place both of my hands on your head, firmly guiding you up and down on me. You increase your speed slightly while I slide in and out of your mouth, as you take your fingertips and gently cup my testicles in your hand, playfully caressing them while you take me into your mouth over and over. I am struggling to hold back, and my hips start to push forward into you, and you sense that it won’t be much longer before I explode. You increase the intensity and pressure that you are using on me, and your hand on my hip is now taking a firm grip on my ass, pulling me even closer to your face, and that is when I feel myself starting to let go.

I let out in a breathless grunt, “I am cumming…” But you know that already because you have been feeling me get even harder in your mouth.

When I release you take me even further into your mouth accepting every pulse of my penis, swallowing every drop. You know that I am delirious with pleasure, but you don’t stop, determined to squeeze every bit out of me. And after a few more seconds of spasms, I am finished. You are amazing, and it makes me wonder only to myself how you got to be so good at that, becoming a little envious of those that you had practiced on before me. God, what I would have given to have known you years earlier in life.


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