I Love Trains (A Fantasy) – Part Two

I take my hands from your head and run them gently for a few seconds through your hair, and you look up at me with a smile on your face. You know you were amazing. Every time. I reach down and take your hand in mine and guide you back up to standing, and then I take my hands and place them on your hips and turn you around, switching places with you, guiding you back up against the cabin door. While you are standing facing me, I then go down on my knees to return the favor, taking my hands and placing them on your hips. Your body shifts a little in order to accommodate my face against your inner thighs, as I begin to kiss and lick you starting at your stomach, slowly working my way down to your waiting vagina. I tease you gently at first with my mouth and tongue, kissing you everywhere.

I love kissing your pussy, which is now dripping wet with anticipation. I run my tongue teasingly and lovingly around your lips and opening, moving up and down to also lick your clitoris. You are really getting into it now, and because we’re in this awkward standing position I try to move in further for better access to you. I reach down around your knee and hold your leg, lifting it so that your leg is draped over my right shoulder, bent at the knee, allowing me to fully bury my face in you. This position with your single leg up is new to you and it is turning you on even more. While your leg is up over me I take my right hand and move it up to your right hip placing my hand there and gripping it, pulling you onto my face even harder. Now you know it is your turn to release and you start to rock back and forth against the door, taking your hands and clutching at my hair and the back of my head. The harder you drive my face into your pussy, the harder your orgasm waves start to crest and crash against you. Every circular motion that I make with my probing tongue around your clit makes you shake and moan even louder. You cum so forcefully as you pull my face into you that I have to struggle to catch my breath, but I don’t mind because making you cum this hard with my mouth is greatly arousing me, causing me to get hard again.

I continue to lick and tease you with my tongue until all of your waves stop and your body slumps back against the door. I gently move your leg back off of my shoulder and hold my hand out for a few seconds to make sure you get your balance back and are able to stand. When you are steady enough to stand on your own, I take your hand again and we take the few steps across the small cabin until we are standing in front of the big scenic window. I turn you to face the window so that your back is to me and I firmly but gently push you up to the glass where you brace yourself with your hands and arms against the window. I reach down with my left hand and grab your hip, and then take my right hand and guide my cock to you and then slowly and sensuously enter you from behind. This is driving you crazy with how erotic it is getting fucked this way. I am now fully inside of you, slowly pushing further in until I am as deep inside of you as I can go, stopping for a few seconds to savor the absolute pleasure of the act before I begin to rhythmically push in and out of you.

I move my hands up from your hips to your beautiful full breasts, cupping them at first from behind, but then lightly squeezing and playing with your hard nipples. You have this special moan that you let out whenever I touch your tits during our lovemaking, and it always makes me want to fuck you harder and faster when I hear it. You always know what turns me on… The countryside is flying by outside of the window, and that, coupled with the motion of the train is arousing us both even more. I love making love to you in new and exciting places, and I know that you do as well.

I keep my left hand on your breast, but move my right hand all of the way down to your vagina, and while I am pumping in and out of you I am reaching around you starting that familiar circular teasing motion of my fingertips on your clit. You immediately respond by moaning even more loudly, pushing your hips back into mine more forcefully with each and every thrust of my cock. I know that there is only one thing I can do to make you even possibly more turned on right now so I take my left hand away from your breast and reach up to the back of your head and gently grab a handful of your hair, and at first lightly tug on it, pulling your head up and back towards me a little. I am right because you are forcing yourself back onto me so hard with each thrust that I’m afraid we’ll fall backwards if I don’t meet your every thrust with my own, keeping you pushed up towards the window.

I know that you are about to cum again and so my light teasing of your clit increase in intensity and I pull just slightly harder on your hair. And I was right, because as I am pumping in and out of you slowly but very forcefully now, you let yourself go for a second time tonight, cumming so hard that you practically collapse up against the window, and as you do I drive into you even harder pressing you down. You are shaking uncontrollably from the throes of your orgasm, and that is when I let myself go as well, shooting my load into you with each and every thrust, pinning you down harder and harder with each orgasmic thrust from my hips and pulsating cock.

After the waves for both of us fade away, I pull out of you and stand up, reaching out to you to take your hands and help you up, and then we take a few steps over to the pull-down bed. We pull back the covers and then slip inside. Both of our bodies are still tingling from the pleasure and we are euphoric and completely satisfied. You lie down in my arms and I hold you, and you look up at me and kiss me gently again. We have hours to go before our destination, but now we are content to hold each other in our arms and watch the world go by out the picture window. It is the second most beautiful thing that I’ve seen in quite a while. You are always the first.


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