Me and my best friends girl

It was a Saturday morning the day after a major party full of beer drinking and shots taken, it was a party to celebrate the return of my best friend from active military duty in Iraq. He was granted 15 days of leave and we decided to get a keg and plenty of liquor for the night. Well we all got drunk enough and my friend passed out at 12 midnight and I fell asleep at 2 am. It was probably 7 am that morning when I begin to here someone calling my name, “mike” and again I heard it “Mike” as I began to wake up the voice said, “Mike I’m completely naked and in bed with you! At this point I realized it was my best friends girl and thought it was a cue for me to get out of bed because I thought they wanted to use it so I shuffled off the end of the bed and began to look for a place to crash when I heard the voice again, “Where are you going?” I looked back at the bed in time to see her move to a spread eagle position so I could see her pink, wet pussy. I looked around for my friend and saw him standing away from the bed, he then gave me a small nod of his head toward her so I jumped into bed. She was on her side again facing me and my friend Seth was in the bed already behind her licking and sucking on her neck and rubbing her pussy. As for me I was kissing her deeply pushing my tongue in her mouth and at one time she held my tongue and sucked on it while she jerked on my already raging hard dick while Seth fingered her.
After about ten minutes of all this we switched positions, Seth put his head between her legs and starting licking, sucking and biting at her hot twat and I stood up and straddled her head then dropped down to my knees and put my 8 inch dick in her mouth, per her request, she sucked me while Seth ate her for about 5 to 6 minutes after that Seth was doing such a good job that she could no longer concentrate on my cock that was occupying her mouth so she took it out and began to stroke it to the best of her ability while Seth lick her clit so hard she shook and orgasmed right there but me and Seth weren’t done yet at all. He sat against the beds headboard while she got in the doggy style position and sucked his dick while I crept up under her in what I call the mechanic position and began to eat her dripping wet pussy I ate her pussy roughly periodically sucking on it and nipping at it with me teeth because I know how she likes it rough because they had been letting me watch them in the past few days after I got her all worked up again I popped up and stuck my long hard rod in her very wet and hot pussy and began to fuck as hard and as fast as I could she was moaning with Seth’s dick in her mouth and he told her he was about to come and so was I! So I said that I was about to blow as well and she quickly turned her head towards me and said ok go ahead she went back to Seth’s dick and I began to actually go faster and harder all three of us were moaning and me and Seth nearly blew our load in her at the same time I popped first squirting a good shot of my come into her welcoming pussy and Seth filled her mouth full just after. She swallowed and we all collapsed on the bed and had a smoke!

Hope u enjoyed that …I did!

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