My Friend and Her Sister 3

I stepped into the bathroom and saw my friend and her sister making out in the shower, lathering each other with soap. My friend was sliding down her sister’s body, rubbing soap all over her especially around her pussy. I stood there grabbing my hard dick watching them play with each other. My friend’s sister grabbed my friend’s tits and started fondling them. They began to moan together.
I stepped into the shower to join them. I stepped behind my friend and after lubing my dick began inserting my dick slowly into her ass as she began sucking on her sister’s tits. After a while of fucking my friend’s ass, I moved between the two of them and began sucking my friend’s tits as her sister bent down and began licking the tip of my dick as she fingered her sister’s wet pussy.
My friend leaned over and started kissing me as her sister began deep throating me. I was in heaven. My friend and I came at the same time. I told them that we should get out of the shower and go to one of their rooms. After stepping out of the shower we dried each other and went to my friend’s room. As we entered I turned her around and began kissing her. Her sister was behind me grinding her body against mine. I picked up my friend and moved her to her bed. I began eating her out as her sister continued with her awesome blowjob. I told them it was time and after cumming inside my friend’s sister’s mouth, I laid my friend’s sister on her back onto the bed. I began teasing the entrance of her pussy with my cock, moving around her tits as I wanted. In the meantime my friend lay next to the bed and began playing with herself watching me tease her sister’s pussy. As I began inserting my dick slowly into her pussy, my friend grabbed my finger, propped it straight up and began riding up and down on it with her pussy. I began going faster and faster until I felt her buckle. I kept going and as she orgasmed, I came inside her. I took out my cock and began moving up her body. I placed my dick between her tits and began boob-fucking her. After cumming on her sister, I told my friend to lick off the cum on her sister. She did so willingly.
I grabbed my friend and made her bend over on her knees. I had her eat out her sister as I came around her from behind and began first playing with her ass, but then positioned her so that I could doggy-fuck her. I rammed my cock hard up her hole and I could feel her bucking almost instantly. She orgasmed, I continued fondling her breasts as her sister sat there watching. I came inside her and then rolled over onto her bed exhausted. Her sister came over to her and began licking off all the remaining juices from my friend’s pussy.
Afterwards, I began fingering them both at the same time as they began kissing and roaming each others bodies with their hands. They began playing with each others breasts at which point I grabbed my dick and began masturbating. They both came towards me and began giving me a blowjob together. I came on each of them in turn and then said that I was fresh out. Just then the phone rang, my friend answered it and said it was my mother, she wanted me to come home. I dressed, got up and left telling them that we would have to do this again soon.

To be continued…

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