My friend and neighbor gives meaning to Great Sex

I met Kim when I was 10 years old and she was all of 8 years old. Our first encounter was a verbal fight. She called me some bad things. As we grew older, Kim and I became close friends. When she was 13, she dated my best friend and that lasted like 5 years. Kim was a very sexual person yet never did we share anything more than a juvenile feel of each other’s private parts when we were in our late teens. By the time I was 22 I got married and with it probably lost more golden opportunities to sleep with Kim than I want to think about. Kim, now living with her boyfriend on the other side of town, constantly toyed with me about what I missed out on by not sleeping with her. At the least, she offered up, I would have given you some awesome blowjobs. This only made my desire for her start to increase. I decided to figure a way to at least get her to blow me. After all, today getting a BJ was no longer considered cheating, was it? One night we met up and I brought up the subject of how I wish I had the chance to get a BJ from her before I married. Kim’s reply, to my toatl surprise, was to have me pull my car over by this deserted bread factory so she could make my wish come true. What was once a fantasy was about to come true and I was scared to death. I pulled over, Kim told me to drop my pants and within seconds, her mouth was bobbing on my cock like a sweet lollipop. Nothing mattered at that point. She was incredibly good and I doubt if the whole thing lasted 2 minutes before I began to pump my juices into her. To my total surprise, she swallowed every drop, came up and just smiled at me. I was in heaven. Nothing that wonderful had ever happened to me before. Kim sat there and told me she wished we could have fucked instead. I told her I did not think I could ever go that far. She smiled and maybe one day we will. I knew deep down I would never do that but smiled and wallowed in my moment of incredible ecstasy.

One year passed. During the year, while driving Kim home in what seemed like a terrible snow storm at the time, once again I was treated to one of her BJ’s. Once again, she thought it would be fun to fuck me. The summer was here now and my two BJ’s from Kim were just pleasant and hot memories. One night I decided to take a stroll since it was one of those beautiful summer nights. My wife was sleeping for over 2 hours and I found it difficult getting to sleep that night. I ran into Kim who had just left her best friend’s house up the street. It was a pleasant surprise. She was wearing a really sexy summer outfit and the top left little to the imagination. Inquring to what I was doing, Kim asked me if I would escort her to her car since it pretty late out. I obliged only to get an offer I could not refuse. She told me should would be glad to give me yet another BJ that night. I leaned over to give her what I thought was a friendly kiss to seal the deal. Instead, Kim planted this huge kiss upon me and it was hot. I never kissed her before so this was really cool. We got into her car and she took charge. We began by making out really heavily as she unzipped my pants. Kim, a tiny girl, climbed on to me as if to ride my bare cock. As she climbed on top of my lap, instead of feeling material from her clothes, I felt skin and before I ever knew it, Kim slid my very hard shaft into her. It felt like nothing I really ever felt before. It was hotter, wetter and smoother than any pussy I ever had. I wanted to stop because I always promised myself the one thing I would never do is fuck anyone other than my wife. Kim, as if she knew what I was thinking, said you can’t stop now honey. You’re fucking me babe, she added. Let’s hop into the back of the car she moaned. My conscience told me to stop but my passion for Kim helped me leap over the seat, climb on top of her and fuck her like I never knew I could. We both came within minutes and moved back to the front seat. I sat there in total silence as I tried to collect myself from what was the wildest sex I ever had. I looked at Kim and said “Do you realize that without even touching your tits, pussy or ass, without seeing you naked or for that fact, did nothing more than kiss you?” She turned red and laughed. Just imagine if we did do all those things just how much better it could have been she added. I couldn’t imagine that level of pleasure, not in a million years I told her. Total embarrassment replaced the pleasure we shared moments earlier and we quickly went our separate ways.

The next day I called Kim at work, hoping to find out what it would really be like if we had the chance to do it all. To my surprise, Kim wanted no part of it ever again. She got angry with me. She hung up on me. I was crushed. My dream of a full session with Kim was not in the future I thought. Life changed. So did Kim and I.

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