My one chance with her came true

One warm summer day this past summer, with little or nothing to do, I decided to pay a visit to my friend MaryJane. I knew her five years and from the moment I set eyes upon her, had a huge crush on her but I was married and she was engaged. It was a fantasy from day one. MaryJane got married 2 years ago and my wife and I attended the wedding. MJ looked so virtuous in her stunning long white gown. How I envied her groom, knowing he would be the lucky bastard who would reap the benefits of being with her later that night. He was a lucky guy and he knew it. MJ was stunning that day. I looked on and just dreamed. She never knew what I felt.

This past May. MJ called me and told me her spouse of less than 2 years just walked away from her. She was crushed. I felt bad for her. I knew deep down that she had wanted this man more than anything in the world and now he was gone. My wife and I tried to console her but to no avail. MJ was deply depressed. I called her daily to help her cope with her loss. My only concern was to help her deal with it all. With each phone call MJ began to open up about her life and with it came the truth as to why her mariage ended. She stunned me when she told me she was having an affair with an ex boyfriend almost since the beginning of her marriage. It stunned me. She ended it with him but by then the damage was done to her marriage.

So now, on this lovely August day, I found myself at MJ’s house, once again trying to console her about her marital woes. She was a mess emotionally. As we spoke she told me her self esteem was at an all time low. She lost her spouse and even her ex boyfriend wanted nothing to do with her. She said she felt ugly, inside and out. I looked at her in her shorts and belly shirt and remembered how hot I was for her at one time. She told me that her ex openly told her he wanted nothing to do with her. I had to finally reveal to her how I felt at one time, hoping it would raise her self esteem. I told her and at first she thought I was just patronizing her. The next few words I said to her changed both of our lives forever. I told her that I thought she was hotter today than when I first met her. I continued by telling her that if I wasn’t married that I would die to be with her in any capacity. The next few seconds were odd. The silence was deafening. MJ looked at me and said that we could make love right now if I was serious. I was shocked, excited, and filled with emotions I never knew I could have. i could not believe MJ was practically propositioning me. She looked at me and wanted to know if she was calling my bluff. I told her that making love to her would be fulfilling a fantasy I had since the day I saw her for the very first time. I just wasn’t sure I could really go through with it now that it is real. She looked at me and boldly said that we could try to do it but either of us could chicken out if we lost the nerve. She told me that she was very turned on by the prospect of us making love too but wasn’t 100% sure now that she said it that she could go through with it. I was eager, to say the least, to see how far either of us would take it.

MJ jumped into the shower and came out wrapped just in a towel. It barely covered anything and it made her look incredibly sexy. I never saw her this undressed before. She told me she was embarrassed but felt it would go away. I jumped into the shower next and came out with my pants on. MJ invited me into her bedroom and we lied down next to each other on her bed. We giggled a lot. We didn’t know what to do. She suggested we just remove all our clothes and in her case just rip the towel off. It was so awkward but with each moment we both got hornier. We removed our clothes under the covers. We were like little kids. For the first time I felt her naked body against mine. I looked under the covers and saw what I wanted so bad to see. We lowered the covers slowly and began a process of trying to find comfort wih each other. We felt so funny. We couldn’t figure out who should start or how to start. MJ took the decision into her own hands, literally. MJ put my cock in her hands and instantly I forgot how awkward it was. She liked how fast I got hard and how responsive I was to her touch. I began playing with her body and her pussy got sooooo wet. She was equally responsive. We couldn’t kiss because we felt so funny yet we felt ready to do something we knew was so delicious. The foreplay lasted a long time. Maybe it was because it was so good or maybe it was a way of a way of avoiding the inevitable. MJ, like no other partner I ever waas with before, got me to the point where I could not stop. I looked at her, deep into her blue eyes and got on top. She positioned my cock at the opening of her pussy where I could feel just how wet it was. If I moved ahead or she moved up, I would be inside. We knew we were at the point of no return and it was where we both wanted to be at that time. One inch or two further and we would be having intercourse. Just the htought was incredible. Simultaneously, almost planned, we did exactly that and I was halfway inside of MJ. MJ was intensely loud and vocal. I coudn’t believe how hot she was. She was every bit the woman I thought she would be in my fantasy. I think we only lasted 5 minutes but it was the hottest five minutes in my life. I never knew sex could be this hot. When we came, together of course, I felt like I was cumming for minutes and not just seconds. How could anything be that hot? I rolled off of her and we both were in total disbelief. MJ, after catching her breath, said “Thanks, I needed that”. So did I, I thought.

I left her house thinking that I started something I could really enjoy now. I was mistaken. MJ told me later that week that what we did was fun but wrong since she was friends with my wife. Was it over?

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