Naughty in the Garage

It had been weeks since we had any time alone together and his birthday was coming up. I had the perfect present for him…

I came by the house and found him in the garage working on one of his cars. He turned around and smiled. I wrapped my arms around him and gave him a long deep kiss. I asked what he was up to… “Just finishing up some work I’ve been wanting to get done. I’ll be right back…gonna wash up.” he said as he headed into the house.
I stripped down to this hot black and red bra and panties that I had picked up the week before…I laid out on the hood of his Camaro and waited for him to return. He came back with a couple drinks, “I thought you might be a little thirsty…” He stopped looking surprised… I said, “Happy Birthday, Why don’t you come over here and get your present” as I motioned for him to come over. He set the drinks down and came over with a big smile on his face, ” You look hot” “You ain’t seen nothin’ yet…” I said as I pulled him closer and kissed him running my hands down his strong back squeezing his hot ass. I could feel his hard cock through his tight jeans as we kissed. I peeled off his t-shirt revealing his nice chest…I leaned him against the car as I started nibbling on his neck then nibbling and kissing my way down his chest and stomach feeling my aching pussy getting wet as I made my way closer to his throbbing member… I undid his belt and pulled off his jeans revealing his hard cock waiting just for me. ” Mmmmmmm I’ve been waiting for this for a while… It’s been too long.” I kissed and nibbled around his package…teasing him. He let out a soft moan. I softly rubbed his cock as I kissed from the base to tip then swirling my tongue around the tip before taking in his whole cock sucking softly at first as I lightly played his with his balls. Hearing him softly moan just turned me on more. I flicked my tongue back and forth over the tip tasting his sweetness…mmmmmm I reached around and grasped his ass and took in his whole cock deep down my throat picking up pace from earlier. His moans got louder as he climaxed. I looked him in the eyes and gave him a naughty grin and kissed my way back up to his lips. I smiled and said, ”Time for you to unwrap your present…”
I sat back on the hood of the car and we started kissing again. He started kissing down my neck as he undid my bra letting my breasts fall free to play with. He kissed down my collarbone and down to my chest swirling and flicking his tongue around my nipples before sucking on them. “Mmmmmm your making me so wet right now…” I moaned. He continued kissing down my stomach running his tongue all the way down to my panty line. By this time my whole body is tingling…and to my surprise he pulls off my panties with his teeth…kissing his way back up my inner thigh to my dripping wet pussy. He starts lightly flicking his tongue across my clit then swirling his tongue lapping up my wetness…just as I was on the brink of orgasm, he stood up and pulled me to the edge of the car and plunged his cock deep in my pussy sending me over the edge as I climaxed. After several thrusts, he pulls out and goes back down to lick and tease my pussy again til I’m ready to climax again. This time he has me lean over the hood of the car as he fucks my pussy from behind. Every thrust deeper than the first he thrusts his hard cock in me making me scream as he thrusts faster…sending us both into orgasm.

He smiles at me as we get dressed, ”I think that has to be the best birthday I’ve ever had.”

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