New Job Offer

I’m between jobs at the moment my last job was at a local care home for the sick and elderly, due to cut backs I had left.

Fancying a change I had applied for a job in home care, I’m just waiting for the usual job checks before starting, I will be visiting clients in their own home caring for them in their own environment which I think I’m going to enjoy as it’s would be more satisfying as it will be more one on one care with the individual – little did I know it would turn out to be more satisfying than ever I thought it would be.

Out shopping one day I bump into an old friend Bill and his wife Carol a couple I know from my local naturists club. I had not seen them for a while. What a shock I had when we bumped into each other, Bill had a stroke which had left him partially paralysed down one side he was now in a wheel chair, Omg he as such an active man before to see him in this condition was such a shock.

Carol was looking after Bill as best as she could but admitted she was not coping to well, she was thinking of getting someone in to help. I say  “I’m about to start work with a company who is very good I’m starting work doing what is called live-in care the carer actually lives in the clients home looking after all their needs, why don’t you contact them maybe I could come and look after Bill”. Carol and Bill seemed interested especially with the live-in care idea especially as they knew me they said they would be happier with someone they knew  rather than complete strangers” I said “well I would be working 1 week on 1 week off they would have another carer four the other 2 weeks when I was off, Would you be ok with a female carer for Bill I asked because Francis from the naturist club also worked for the company if you want someone you know she might also be able to look after Bill”. Carol smiled “this sounds good Bill likes her, he would always flirt with her at the club, she is very good looking girl and has a very fit body umm I would love her to come look after Bill and maybe me also she chuckles she is Bisexual you know”.  “I did not know this” I said “that’s probably why June my wife likes her so much, they do spend time together when at the club, they often sauna and have a massage sessions together what they call their girls Pamper day Umm I wonder?”

I start work with the new company.  My new boss David calls me to the office to give me my work.   “I’m starting you with a new client called Bill Johnson apparently he knows you and has actually asked for you and Francis who they also know”.  “We don’t normally encourage this as to close a relationship with client’s breed’s familiarity – which we found in the past causes problems. The client in this case said they did not want complete strangers in their home; it’s for this reason we are allocating you and Francis as Bill’s main cares. We will be monitoring you both, any sign of problem and we will have no option other than terminate your contract.”  David explained “You will be shadowing Francis for 4 days the last 2 days of her week and she will be with you for the first2 days of your week” ,  just so I could familiarise myself with this type of work apparently.

It seemed that from day 1 with Bill and his wife my job as David explained could be on the line as things started to happen almost straight away.

Only having the 1 guest room with a double bed as the second guest room had been converted to Bills work room office and with both Francis and me stopping over, I being a gentleman would be sleeping on the couch in bills work room.

I could not sleep the couch was not one of the comfiest places to sleep, I lay there thinking how much comfier that double bed would be, the door to my room opens the light from the passage being on I see only the silhouette of a woman in the door. It was Francis she says “John Bill needs help getting to the toilet don’t bother dressing he needs to go quickly he has stomach pains” – “But I only have my boxer shorts on” I reply “That’s ok I only have my baby doll nightie on – Bill and Carol could not care don’t forget they are members of the naturists club.

I stand outside the bathroom talking to Francis as we give Bill some privacy and time to do what he needs to do. Francis’s baby doll outfit is very revealing through the thin silky material I see her breast so round and firm her nipples are sticking out making little lumps in the material resting on them, Umm how tempting they are I would love to be sucking on them right now. Her panties were just as revealing I could see her pussy quite clearly it was as bold and smooth as the day she was born her lips were slightly raised and looked a little wet they glistened with her dampness OMG I could hard concentrate on what she was saying I just wanted to suck on those tits and eat that pussy so much.

I feel a stirring in my pants I’m starting to get a hard on, Francis notices and gave me a smile as the tip of my cock it showing through the front of my shorts.

Having put bill back to bed I walk with Francis back to her room, ”come in if you like” she says “I can’t sleep I have tea made in my room if you want a chat” “that sounds good” I reply “I don’t think I could sleep right now” from nowhere it seemed Carol appears saying “did I hear someone say tea umm that sounds good to me” she had actually followed us from her bedroom on her way to the toilet. “Give me a second I’ll join you  – I just need to pee first”, this struck me as a little odd as all bed rooms have an on suite bathroom/toilet even the one that has been turned into bills office.

Carol brushes against me as she carries on walking down the corridor her shorty silky dressing gown is open slightly and I notice she is naked underneath ooh she has such a beautiful body. I watch as she enters the bathroom door she lifts he gown slightly a giggles as she wiggles her quite firm ass.

I comment to Francis “ I’ve seen you Carol and Bill naked many a time at the club and never thought anything of it, maybe it’s because of environment but I think I going to find it very hard working here and keeping my job – I keep getting aroused at the sight of all this naked flesh and well I can’t control myself something is going to happen I just know it” !!

Umm I can see you’re finding it a little hard that’s the second time tonight something has popped out of your shorts to say hello”. I look down my cock is poking out of the front of my shorts again but this time its fully stiff and all the way out – I try to cover myself up but carol who is now returning from the bathroom says “Don’t be shy babes I’ve seen you before at the club no need to be shy, umm I must admit I’ve never seen you as stiff as this before only limp” she licks her lips stokes my erect cock and says “let’s go get that cup of tea – we need to have a little chat”.

I’m sat on a seat next to the dressing table opposite the 2 women sat on a shazlong we are busy drinking tea and chatting about Bill and his care.

Carol moves over to where I’m sitting she nudges me over so that we can share the stool and says “The care you and Francis are providing is fantastic for bill but we have some needs that at the moment you can’t help him/us with  I have a proposal to put to you, Francis has already agreed”. Carol puts her hand inside the front of my shorts and starts to rub my cock gently “Bill and I have some need as I said – Sexual needs that with you present company you are not allowed to help us fulfill”.  Rubbing my cock harder now she adds “I would like to ask you to come work for Bill and I, with Francis as Bills personal carers but employed by us privately we would pay you more than what you get now, the savings we are making by not paying your company would allow for this, and I think you will find the personal benefits will be agreeable.

Francis moves over to us she is standing in front of us both she removes he panties and moves in close her pussy is directly in front of my face she gently puts her hands on the back of  my head and trusts he pussy forward.

Carol from my side pulls the waistband of my shorts down and lowers her head to my groin and starts sucking my cock, not wanting her to miss out on the pleasure I slip my hand under her dressing gown and start to rub her sex bud and finger her pussy. We all climax at around the same time with Francis’s cum running down my face I lick my finger to taste Carols juices umm she is so sweet ! Carol and Francis are kissing, I think they are sharing my cum.

After very little thought I accept Carols offer of employment “great let’s go tell Bill and you can help me give him a special treat tonight it’s been so long since we have had sex can you help position him sat up in bed I’m going to fuck him senseless tonight ha-ha-ha”.

Francis and I leave the room, Carol is sat straddling Bill riding his stiff cock for all she is worth, while Bill with his good hand fondles her breast and sucks hard on her nipples. “Look like Bill’s in for a good night” I comment – “Umm and so are you come on back to my room I need some Cock myself right now”


I think I’m going to like my new Job as Carol said the personal benefits are fantastic

Well more about this will follow soon.

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