partying till the early hours

They say older women love to share their experiences with younger guys, I beg to differ. They just rock your brains out. I’m a 21 year old guy who just got lucky one night and landed in bed with a 30 year with the body of a porn star n the face of an angel. It all started on a night out were me and the lads decided to go to a different town for a night out to change the environment a little bit. While we were out we randomly bumped into Laura and her friends in a pub while they were having their pre drinking session. Laura was a close friend from the town we had visited who i occasionally slept with after a good night out when the mood was right. As usual I greeted her and met some of her friends for the first time just for a brief moment and moved back to the lads so we could continue our night out. Two hours later we bumped into them in a night club and at this point Laura was so horny she did not waste a second and invited me back to her friends house there and then. Before I could give an answer she discreetly grabbed my hand and pulled me outside so her friends could not see and without letting any of her friends know she threw me into a taxi. At this point of the night everything around me was spinning and moving so fast I felt as the the alcohol was starting to take its toll. All I could do was smile as she rubbed her lips against mine slow teasing me while we spoke dirty to each other. As the taxi dropped us off at her friend’s house, Laura dragged me into the house while pulling my belt with a force I had never felt before. This power she had just from craving for me inside made me so rock solid we did not make it past the kitchen door before we had our clothes and were all over each other. When we eventually got up stairs we had the most drunk and reckless sex we’d ever experienced while moving the bed from wall to wall. After some about two hours that part of her night came to a pleasurable end as she fell asleep straight after. I grabbed what was left of my clothes and decided to go round the house in search for more alcohol as the night still felt young for me and I still had energy. As I walked round the house bedroom to bedroom I opened her friends bedroom, only to see her friend changing into the most sexual night dress I had ever seen. It was green with two little strings hanging off her shoulders and reached just below her apple bottom arse. I had not met this friend before but had heard Laura talk about her, Her name was Louise. I did not say anything as I watched her jump into bed while listening to her sexy voice telling me to go back to bed. I did the exact opposite and threw all my morals out the window, I turned off her light and went and sat next to her on her double bed and spoke to her for a couple of minutes while she was facing away from me. As her seductive voice melted in my ears I slowly moved closer and closer to her till I got to her neck. Slowly and gently I began to nibble on her neck till she stopped talking with my hands on the bed. She slowly backed up onto me and started grinding on me slowly back till there was no blood in my head. At this point I started touching her all over while kissing her from the neck going down while listening to her moan n groan. This was not a regular moan, it was so deep and seductive my hands and mind went into cruise control while we both tore each others clothes off. I started going down on her while rubbing her thighs slowly in a circular motion as she repeatedly slowly said, “This feels so wrong but feels to nice to stop.” I began to suck her pussy with my lips like a vacuum while holding my breath and saw her trying to grab a hold of anything that was around her while her body moved like it was having an electric shock. At this point I realised she was coming to her climax and gently stuck my fingers inside her pussy while rubbing upwards towards the G spot. After a while her pussy tightened and she clenched her body while moaning and groaning like a soft teddy bear sending chills up n down my spine. At that point she grabbed my hard African rock and told me to put it inside her. As I was told I slowly put my dick in her wet and moist pussy and she gently screamed as if she was choking. Once I had it all inside her she gave a sigh of relief and tied her legs around my waist n told me to never take it out. At that point I grabbed her legs and put them on my shoulders while I went in and out of her slowly and she moaned. After a while of passionate sex she tied her legs around my waste for the second time and she grabbed my body tightly close to hers while scratching my back and screamed in my ear as she tightened her pussy for the second time and climax violently. I followed her lead and let all my muscles loose and let my body vibrate against hers. This experience scared me for life because Louise was so vibrate and responsive to every touch. The morning we woke up next to each other while Laura was in the next room and all she could say was how amazing it was and how she could never do it again because of her friend.

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