Sara and Cindy ch.1

Sara and Cindy have been friends for about a year now. They met each other in sociology class inn their first year in college. Let me tell you a little bit about them. Cindy has curves that drives any man crazy with 36dd tits and an ass that you can bounce pennies off of. Sara wasn’t as curvy as Cindy but her 38E tits made you wanna suck hem for days.
It was a typical southern California day( 99 degrees in the Inland Empire). Cindy and Sara decided to go swimming at Cindy’s house to cool down. When they got to Cindy’s house, her Brother was getting ready for work, but being as cool as he was he went and bought her some beer before he went to work. By the time that he was ready to head off to work they were already tipsy. The girls decided o sunbathe for a while. Cindy decided to sunbathe topless cause she hated tan lines. It took Cindy a bit to convince Sara but she manages to do it. Cindy helped Sara take her top off. But both having big tits their tits were rubbing against each other. As Cindy untied the top part of the bikini she slowly dragged it down her chest and over her breast and slowly caressed her nipples. When the top came off it was nipple to nipple . Sara looked up at Cindy6 and gave her a little smirk
Sara was always fascinated with Cindy’s body. Cindy had noticed Sara’s smirk but ignored it and thought nothing of it. They both laid a side the pool taking in the sun, but sara could not keep her mind off of her tits.
The girls talking about the newest gossip and the new transfers and freshman coming in. A God ten minutes and their conversation had died down and Sara had fallen asleep….

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